Hello it took a while but I am finally working on my new story. This story is a crossover of Doctor Who and Alien vs. Predator, This includes the new Predators movie. This is apart of my Doctor Who multi crossover series. This is the third in the series so far and I plan on continuing after this I plan on a continuous crossover.

READ THIS BEFORE YOU READ THE STORY: Ok for everyone out there I know it's probably not mentioning because if you clicked on this you more than likely know about the workings of the TARDIS, It will translate the Predators speach so if anyone is wondering how they are talking one word TARDIS.

Chapter 1 Fang

The Doctor put on his coat. He smiled as he walked to the door. He opened it and saw that outside his TARDIS, he was in a ship in space..

"Well, at least I'm back in my universe", said the Doctor.

He looked around the ship examining the interior.

"Let's see, dence matals, ceramonial symbols, top notch no", said the Doctor.

He was about to head to his TARDIS when he heard a Static sound as a tall armored creature came into view right before his eyes. It wore a metal mask, had fleshy tendrils hanging from it's head. Several distorted clicks came from it's as it slowly examined the Doctor.

"Yautja", said the Doctor fearfully as he slowly raised his hands.

The creature examined the Doctor.

"Time Lord, you are suposed to be dead", said the Yautja.

"Yeah, hello. I'm the Doctor, and", said the Doctor before the creature interupted.

"Doctor, the Doctor", asked the Yautja.

The Doctor slowly nodded his head.

"Follow me", said the creature.

The Doctor lowered his arms and followed the creature as he walked down a long hallway. They walked past rooms filled with skulls of creatures from allovwe the galaxy. The Doctor even seen several Domes of a Dalek with the stalk attached all around the dome of an Emporer Dalek. There were Dinosaur skulls, Cybermen heads, and even a room filled with a dozen skulls of Sontarans. They then pasted a room where several Yautja were equipting now just there hunting gear but there rarely used military equipment.

"Are you going to war", asked the Doctor.

"You may ask the Clan leader when we get to him, he's told us much about you", said the Yautja.

"Wait, your leader knows me", asked the Doctor.

"You have met him before", said the Yautja.

"Whats his name", asked the Doctor.

"Why not ask him yourself", said the Yautja.

They stopped in a room where many Predators were looking at holograpphic maps and all discussing different tactics. One of the creatures stood unmasked speaking to several others over upcoming tactics. The Doctor walked over to this unmasked Yautja.

"Excuse me", said the Doctor.

The leader turned around. The Doctor looked at his face, and recognized him almost immediatly.

"Fang, is that you", said the Doctor excited.

"What is this thing doing here", asked Fang.

"He is a Time Lord, Clan leader" said the masked Yautja with honor.

Fang looked at the Doctor.

"Time Lord, but the only Time Lord left is, the Doctor", said Fang as he slowly looked at The Doctor.

"Hello Fang, miss me", said the Doctor with a smile on his face.

"Doctor, well you have changed again, no more scarf I see", said fang as he patted the Doctor on his back.

"Nevermind me, since when are you a Can Leader, last I saw you we were caught fighting against a Sontaran war", said the Doctor.

"Much has changed, after you left to stop there skirmish I took back the skull of a Sontaran Comander, I was made a Clan Leader of this ship, our goal is to find and destroy a large force of bad blood mutant Yautja who are kidnapping many species for the purpose of making better weoponry, we are at war with them, so far our next assignment is the most dangerous we ever have had to face", said Fang.

"What is is", asked the Doctor.

"They've taken a Queen Serpent and have put her on a planet along with other species to be used as hosts, the ammount of sub starins of these serpens is great, every kind you can immagine", said Fang.

"There taking Xenomophs to this planet to create different variants of those things", asked the Doctor.

"Yes, they plan on hunting them to see if there weoponry is ready to take us on, but the reason we are here is that they have taken over a dozen of our clan to create Abominations", said Fang.

"you mean the Xenomoprh-Yautja strain", asked the Doctor.

"Yes", said Fang.

"Is there anything I can do to help", asked the Doctor.

Fang crossed his arms.

"Acctually, there is something you can do", said Fang.

"Anything for an old friend", said the Doctor.

"How good are you at serpent hunting Doctor", asked Fang.

Well there you go, I hope that this chapter has alerted your interest. Now for those of you who say that "The Doctor doesn't kill", trust me I know and have a plan for that as well, the Black Super Predators will also make an apperance and many Xenomorphs from both the movies and Comics, I hope that you enjoy my story as it goes along. please do write a review, if you have complaints I will try to fix them or say why they are that way, but do know that this story may take longer to finish than any of my previous ones. That is all, but since I am very egotistical, please check out my youtube channel at user/Beastrider9?feature=mhsn check out my videos or just look at it and do something awesome like leaving s comment on one of them, well so long I'm out.