Chapter 9 The Missions End

The Bad Blood looked at the Doctor and as if amused at his words shook his head. He swung his wrist blade at the Doctor, but The Doctor Quickly ducked. He reached in his coat pocket and threw his last Christmas ornament. The ornament exploded releasing a gas aroung the Yautjs obscuring his Infared vision. The Doctor ran up to him with Sonic Screwdriver in hand and pointed it at the Bad Bloods mask, blinding him. As he tried to remove his mask the Doctor ran behind him. He ran past the cryopods to a large room. once inside he closed the mechanical door. He made his way to a large sarcophagas like device with a clan elder etched in metal. There was a computer on the device. The Doctor quickly began tying as he heard the Bad Blood beating on the door. He then waved his sonic screwdriver across it's screen. He heard the door smash to the ground as the unmasked mutant Bad Blood walked in. The Doctor ran as plasma bolts fired at him, nearly missing. He continued to a small scrap heap where he could hear air coming from a vent. He undid the vent and ran through the grates. The Yautja crawled inside with his blade drawn and followed the Doctor. He slowly examined the area watching for any sign of the Doctor. He could hear another grate ahead fall and quickly ran toward the sound. He could hear the whirling sound of the Doctors sonic screwdriver. The Doctor was reattaching the grate. He quickly ran back to the sarcophagas.

"Come on Come on", said the Doctor as he typed on the screen.

Then he heard the pad beap. He stood calmly with his sonic scewdriver aimed at the sarcophagas. As he stood he could hear the others fighting in the next room. As the seconds ticked and the fighting continued the Doctor bacame even more distressed. He turned to see the Bad Blood standing. Blades drawn.

"I could have saved you, all of you, yet you choose to fight, you see this Sarcophagas", asked the Doctor.

"What of it", said the Bad Blood.

"It's a clan leader, and every one has an explosive device attached to it, one press from this sonic screwdriver, and there won't be any thing left for miles, you've tested my patiece enough, don't make a mistake", said the Doctor.

The Doctors face showed anger.

"I don't fear death", said the Bad Blood.

"I'm worse than Death", said the Doctor.

The Bad Blood retracted his blades.

"You think this would stop us", asked the Bad Blood.

"If I have to, I will", said the Doctor.

"Why should I fear a human", asked the Bad Blood.

"I'm not a human, a human would hesitate to take it's own life, I'm Time Lord", said the Doctor.

The Bad Blood stopped. He stood up hesitant. He looked at the Doctor in disbelief, but the Doctors eyes showed no mercy.

"What do you want", asked the Bad Blood.

"Call the others, no fighting", said the Doctor.

The Bad Blood slowly pressed a button on his wrist bracer. After a few second the sound of fighting stopped. The others walked through the door, holding an injuerd Fang and Reaper hostage. There were only 3 Bad Bloods left, the leader who the Doctor was talking to, the one with tusks on his mask, and the one with the bulky mask.

"Let the go", said the Doctor.

They tightened there grip on them.

"Do as he says", said the Bad Blood hesitant.

As they did Fang and Reaper fell to the ground, both looked tired and wounded. They slowly stood and walked over to the Doctor.

"This is our chance Doctor, we can finish them", said Fang.

"No, no more death, no more fighting", said the Doctor.
"What then", asked the Bad Blood angrily.

"Leave", said the Doctor.

"What", said Fang.

"Leave", repeted the Doctor.

They didn't move.

"NOW", screamed the Doctor!

They all turned and walked away, toward an escape hatch. The Doctor droped his arm, his sonic screwdriver fell to the ground. He fell to his knees. His head lowered to the ground. Fang walked up and placed his hand on his shoulder. Reaper did the same.

"I am sorry I asked your help Doctor", said Fang.

"Why because now you cant kill", asked the Doctor angrily.

"No because I forgot so much about you, you haven't changed as much as I thought", said Fang.

Fang helped the Doctor to his feet, grabbing his sonic screwdriver and putting it in his coat pocket. Reaper walked to the far corner of the room, to another escape hatch. The Doctor and Fang made there way to a tube with a closed door. Reaper began typing on his wrist bracer revealing a ship behind the door. and a hatch above it.

"There are many doors above, but if we can open them all, we can escape this planet easy, leave it to the serpents", said Fang.

"Good", said the Doctor.

He pressed a button by the ship as the dozns of doors abov there head opened. They could see xenomorphs crawling down. They quickly made there way to the ship, Reaper piolated. They lifted off and headed up the shaft. As they exited some Xenos jumped on there ship. They becan attacking at it. Reaper flew in a circle flinging some off. He turned his head to Fang and motioned him to stear. Reaper walked to the back of the ship, he opened it and clung to the side. He began slashing at xenos with his scythe. They ran around his attacks. He managed to hit one. The Doctor watched. There was only one xeno left, the Raxacoricofallapatorian varient with the missing arm. Using its tail it hit Reapers hand causing him to drop his scythe. Reaper juped toward it grabbing it. He flung himself and the Xeno and him began to fall to the ground.
"NO", screamed the Doctor.

He quickly made his way to the controls pushing Fang out th way. He flew straight down.

"OPEN THE SIDE DOOR", said the Doctor.

Fang ran to the back opening the door.

"Not one more, not one more death today", said the Doctor as h flew down. He made it past them falling, he was getting closer to the ground.

"Doctor your going to kill us", said Fang.

"Trust m", said the Doctor.

He quickly turned the ship on its side. Reaper fell into the open door, bracing himself as he hit the wall. The Doctor steadied the ship as Fang closed the Door. He looked down and saw as the falling xeno clenched to a tree before it hit the ground. The Doctor fell into his seat exhaling in relief.

"Like I said, trust me", said the Doctor.

Reaper walked up to the doctor. He removed his mask, Reapers face showed many scars, and a missing lower left mandable. He hands the mask to the Doctor.

"You sure", asked the Doctor.

Reaper nodded.

"Thank you", said the Doctor as he took the mask.

He got up out th seat. Reaper went back to the controls.

As they neared th Yautja ship the Doctor looked at Rapers intracate mask. He layed back with the mask in his lap. He bagan to breathe deeply falling asleep. Fang walked up to Reaper. He placed his hand on his shoulder.

"That mask it holds te mark of your family on it, it has been in your family for many generations has it not", asked Fang.

Reaper nodded.

Fang patted his shoulder.

"That man there has sacrafised alot in his life, he has more honor than any Yautja of any clan, lett us hope we can achieve honor like his one day", said Fang.

Reaper tured his head to the Doctor, then looked back out the window. He bagan to dock the ship. The Doctor woke.

"Oh, we're here, good", said the Doctor.

They left the vessal.

Later the Doctor Fang and Reaer met in front of the Doctors TARDIS.

"I hope the next time we meet, it will be under much pleasurable circumstances", said Fang.

The Doctor smiled.

"Me to Fang, now remember to broadcast a signal waring any other ships to stay away from that planet", said the Doctor.

"A probe is being sent to all nearby moons and planets to broadcast the signal now", said Fang.

"Till next time Fang, stay otu of trouble. You to Reaper", said the Doctor as he opened his TARDIS door.

Raper bowed. The Doctor closed the Doors behind him and made his way to the center console, he bagan messing with it's controls as the TARDIS disapeared. When he was finished he walked to a grate in the floor. He opened it and pulled out a chest. He opened the chest and looked inside. He carefully placed Reapers mask inside the chest. He took one last look at the items of his memories before closing the chest and puting it back. As he finished he walked back to the console.

"Ok, where to next", said the Doctor.


Well, it's finally finishd. I don't know what the next story is going to be in this multi crossover exent with Doctor Who but if you have any ideas shoot me an email, it's on my profile, or leave it in a review. I hoped you enjoyed this story and I cant wait until I figure out what is next for the Doctor. I've alredy did 2 anime series for this event so perferibally no anime. However if you have an idea that peaks my intrest I just may use it, who knows. Thats all readers.