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New Beginnings

Quinn smiled as she stood at the edge of the water. She was now in her senior year and things have been good so far. Yesterday, with her at the helm of the team, the Cheerios once again won the Nationals, this year held in Los Angeles, California. Her GPA puts her in the top 5% of her graduating class, ensuring that she'd have her pick of schools to further her studies. At the moment, she was toying between Yale and Harvard. She didn't think that she'd want to go to a school where non academic activities such as cheer would take up most of her time. She was also in a wonderful, committed relationship for the last year and half with Sam Evans, the starting quarterback for the WMHS football team. At that thought, her smile slipped a little. She loved Sam and she knew he loved her but she had temporarily forgotten that for the last three months, they had been separated by an ocean. Sam's family had relocated to Australia. Though Sam resisted the move, there really wasn't much he could do about it; his father was being posted there to handle the Austrasia division of the multi national company he was attached to. Daily Skype chats, though wonderful, just wasn't the same…though Quinn still loved him with all her heart, she was gearing herself to letting him go. If she were honest, or more pragmatic, even if Sam were still in the States, the likelihood that they'd go to different university's was highly probable. Sam would definitely get a football scholarship but his academic results, though acceptable were nowhere near Quinn's, due to his dyslexia. Quinn purposely put away that thought from her mind…soon enough she'd have to dwell on those sad emotions.

Now, standing here today, it was time for her to feel at peace and dwell in the sense of accomplishment. Thanks to the win, Coach Sylvester had announced a mini holiday of three days for the Cheerios in LA starting immediately. While Santana, Brittany and a few others had opted to make a day trip to Disneyworld; and Kurt was going on an all out shopping spree, and the rest had opted for sightseeing in LA itself, Quinn had decided a day by the beach on her own is what she wanted. She was familiar with LA, thanks to her family's vacations there and knew that what she loved the most about LA was the beach. Standing at the sea front, she was reminded of the first ever time she and Sam had sung together, the Jason Mraz song "Lucky". If she was truly lucky, they too would end up together again as the song lyrics indicated.

"Oh wow" Jesse St James heard his friend, Josh exclaim. He slowed down his pace and turned to look at his friend. "What's up Josh?"

"Look at that vision by the beach"

Jesse turned to the direction Josh was looking and felt his heart skip a beat. He saw a slim girl with a sexy body and beautiful blond hair, clad in white shorts and in the process of extracting herself from her red and white WMHS hoodie. She was using a super sexy red bikini top. Jesse knew very well that if he could see the girl's face, he'd see flawless features, a perfectly oval face framed by a pair of enchanting hazel eyes, an aristocratic nose and lips naturally pink and shaped in a rosebud.

"She must be Helen...Helen who launched a thousand ships," enthused Josh, who was a sucker for romance exclaimed

"Quinn. She's Quinn Fabray," Jesse said in wonderment and he felts his feet moving on its own volition towards her.

"Hey!" said Josh "I saw her first"

"I knew her first" chuckled Jesse "See you later, Josh" and with that he left his indignant housemate behind.

Jesse had always felt attracted to Quinn. Even during her pregnancy and during his Rachel/ Vocal Adrenalin debacle, he'd always been curious about her. But his loyalties towards Shelby and in a way, Rachel, had stilled his impulse to get to know Quinn. As he made his way towards Quinn, who was still facing the sea, he wondered whether she still harboured resentment towards him for betraying New Directions. He desperately hoped not.

The sound of the waves dashing to shore effectively masked his approach. Jesse was able to admire Quinn's beauty without her noticing. "Quinn's definitely looking hotter than ever" Jesse thought.

"Quinn..." Jesse said when he stood by her and she swirled around, caught by surprise.

'Jesse? What are you doing here?"

"I think I should be the one asking you that question, Quinn. I'm at UCLA, but what is a small town girl from Lima, Ohio doing here during the school term?" Jesse teased her

Quinn felt her shackles draw up, "And what business is it of yours what I do or where I do it, Jesse St James?"

"I'm sorry Quinn," Jesse said placatingly "I'm just surprised and happy to see you'. "Friends?"

'Friends? Were we ever friends, Jesse? All I remember is you betraying us" Quinn said sarcastically

Jesse St James could be a diva when he wanted, but today, he decided that an apology was in deed necessary and he had more to gain from getting Quinn to like him.

"Shelby told you why I did what I did, didn't she, Quinn?" Jesse knew that Quinn still kept in touch with Shelby because of Beth "It wasn't done the right way but it was done with the best of intentions. I'm only human and I was a kid then, I made mistakes. Can you give me another chance, a new beginning?" he said and extended his hand towards her.

Quinn looked down at his hand and for a moment, Jesse though she was going to ignore it.

"Friends…God knows, I too have made my share of stupid mistakes, "Quinn said wryly and she placed her hand in to his extended hand.

Jesse felt himself shiver with desire? Anticipation? Goosebumps were starting to form on his arms He wondered what this meant and whether Quinn felt the same.