Chapter 3

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Alex Newton stood outside the sprawling suburban mansion in Dallas and double checked the address. He took a few pictures, walked back to his car and drove in to the compound of the house, thinking that the people here must be rather laidback to just leave their gates open. Things like this would never happen in New York. He was rethinking his approach, as obviously, money would not be a consideration here. Barely a minute after he rang the doorbell, it was opened to reveal a gorgeous blonde dressed simply in a short white linen sundress. Alex figured that this must be the daughter, but he didn't remember there being mention of a daughter in any of the reports, as she looked too young to be 38 years old.

"Hi, could I please speak to Ms Quinn Fabray?"

"It's Mrs. Evans now. It's been many years since I've been Ms Fabray, "the blonde said with a smile" How can I help you?"

"I'm Alex Newton from the New York Times. I was wondering if it'd be all right for me to ask you a few questions?"

"About my husband?" Quinn asked, in confusion

For a while Alex was equally befuddled, "Your husband? Ohh…Sam Evans of the Dallas Cowboys. No…no? It's about Jesse St James."

"I haven't seen or spoken to Jesse in the last 20 years. I last saw him in person when I was 18." Quinn had a sad smile on her face

"That's just it. Jesse's just had an autobiography published. Have you read it?" He saw Quinn give a small head shake in the negative." I'd like to show you something and would like to hear your opinion of it."

Alex opened the book to the page he has earlier marked and showed the paragraph to Quinn: Of all the relationships I've ever had, and well…there were many. Some ended well, some ended, to say badly, would be a mild way to put it and yet, only one till today, I regret its end. I wish I had persevered then. If I could go back, I'd scream, shout, plead, beg, cry, grovel, cajole and ask her to choose me. But I was 19, so…so stupid and arrogant and impatient, so I lost her. I don't know whether if we'd actually got together, I'd write the songs which have made me famous…all the songs I've ever written are in one way or another because of her, but I sure as hell know, I'd be a lot happier. And that's also why all my albums are dedicated to QF, they're her initials. I sometimes wonder how she's doing and whether she's ever listened to my songs, and know that I've written them all for her.

Quinn was dumbfounded. She was truly baffled. She'd assumed, based on the nuggets she's gleamed in the gossip rags when she was at the hair salon, Jesse was living the high life, achieving all and more of what he's always dreamed about. He was always pictured with beautiful girls hanging on his arm. She'd purposely avoided buying his albums or watching his movies or Broadway performances as she didn't want to be reminded of him, so she never knew what his songs were about or even that he'd made a dedication to her.

She remembered the day that led to the end of their relationship so clearly. She was happy with her choice, she'd made a good life but she'd be lying if she didn't admit to a twinge of curiosity, maybe even a slight regret, of what might have been. It was a choice between the tried and true and an exciting but enigmatic future.

As soon as Sam got out of the cab, he'd had a huge goofy grin plastered on his face, the kind of smile only Sam Evans can have. It made her heart skip a beat…she hadn't realized she'd missed him so much. He did a mini jog towards her and like a cliché; she's ran towards him, meeting him halfway. He enveloped her in a hug and swung her around, while she actually squeled...yup, squealed with happiness. She knew then that Sam would always be able to make her happy…he's proven it time and time again. At the same moment, she saw Jesse's face as he stood rooted to the spot. There was a flicker of some emotion she couldn't define, and then he curled his lips in derision and walked straight to his car. Quinn felt herself torn in two, but before she could decide what to do, Jesse'd left When Jesse left, Quinn felt her heart break. She felt at a lost to understand her feelings. Here she was feeling extremely happy to see Sam and yet, her heart was breaking.

Just then, for the second time since she'd known him, Sam got down on his knee, and brought out another ring. She realized something else, that she'd never ever taken off the promise ring he gave her two years ago.

"Quinn, two years ago, I got down on my knees and told you that I want to marry you, someday…but until then, I gave you a ring that symbolized my promise to you to be true. Now, that day has arrived, and I give you a new ring, a fulfillment of my promise, to be all I can be for you, to love you for the rest of my days and to always, always make you proud. "

"Quinn Fabray, will you do me the honour of being my wife?" Sam said softly and what else could the answer be but yes.

Sam had literally worked his back off while in Australia to buy Quinn the engagement ring, he'd also got a full football scholarship to Harvard, the same university Quinn had applied for and been accepted to. And, he'd made the necessary enquiries and arrangements for marital housing. Quinn was actually quite impressed with his resourcefulness. He'd even got the necessary marriage license, as he trusted his luck that Quinn would accept his proposal. Everything seemed to steamroll after that…but, in a good way. Quinn would have been extremely happy with all that was happening…if it wasn't because of Jesse.

That night, after the mini celebration with Kurt, Mercedes, her mum and of course, Sam, she'd driven to Jesse's house and waited outside. She'd called him and asked him to meet her.

'So, you came here to tell me the good news?" Jesse said cuttingly

"Jesse…"Quinn pleaded, "Please..." She didn't know what else to say

Jesse just glared at her and suddenly, he pulled her into his arms and kissed her…he put all his emotions, his love and his frustrations in to the kiss, which left Quinn breathless. And just as suddenly, he turned on his heel and walked back in to his house. Quinn touched her tingling lips and felt the tears fall silently down her cheeks. As she walked to her car, she knew that this was now a closed door, a closed chapter in her life.

Quinn lived a charmed life with Sam. They were happy. Happier than Quinn ever expected to be. After Harvard, Sam played football professionally for the Dallas Cowboys and as they were expecting their first child, Quinn opted to be a stay at home mum…she used to joke with her friends that she'd ended becoming a Stepford Wife. Three years later they got their second boy, and he completed their family.

Quinn was satisfied with her life. Sam, her husband Sam never disappointed her. He was the best husband and father anybody could wish for. He wasn't a Puck or a Russell Fabray. Sam made her feel safe and loved. Subconsciously, perhaps that was the reason why she chose Sam as Jesse would have been a risk. He was tempestuous and impulsive, a risk she just wasn't willing to take.

This year would have marked her 20th year of marriage with Sam. The benefit of marrying young was yet even after so many years of marriage, she was just 38. The same age Sam would have been if he hadn't suddenly collapsed two years ago and died due to cerebral edema. The pathologist said that this could have been caused due to an old injury sustained during his top flight football career. Quinn and her boys were financially secure as Sam had ensured that the boys had their trust funds and his investments had easily doubled his income. Though it could be said that she was worry free, Quinn was lonely as Sam was the light of her life, the one who brought the laughter and sunshine in to the house. Well meaning friends had tried to introduce her to other men but Quinn felt she just wasn't ready. Quinn didn't even feel like socializing much except with her old friends, namely Mercedes and Kurt, who had been with her through the good times and the worst of times.

Her sons laughing shouts brought her out of her reverie. "I'm sorry Mr. Newton," Quinn said, "I don't think there's anything for me to comment. As Jesse wrote, this is all in the past"

Alex looked at the beautiful woman standing in front of him and an idea for an exclusive clicked in his head. "Its all right Mrs. Evans, I'm sorry to have bothered you."

"Jesse…there's this reporter that says he's got a scoop for you," said Simon Winslow, Jesse St James's personal assistant

"Don't you find that odd Simon? A reporter having a scoop FOR me and not OF me? "was Jesse's sarcastic answer.

Jesse was bored. After 20 years at the top of his game, he was feeling burned out. Nothing excited him anymore: not new songs, TV deals, Broadway shows or even the most beautiful women. He needed something new but he didn't know what. He'd yet to find it." Well, bring him in then. Maybe he'll surprise me"

Jesse stood outside of the house feeling nervous. It had been so long, he wondered if she still had any feelings for him. He wondered whether the feelings he felt he still had for her were just a figment of his over active imagination. At first he'd dismissed the reporter's suggestion for him to reunite with Quinn. But each and every day, the need to see her again became stronger. He knew he could have looked for Quinn years ago but he was afraid of how he'd react if he found her, and he was still honorable enough to not want to wreck a happy marriage. Now that he'd made the decision to reconnect with her, his people had prepared a file on Quinn. Jesse wouldn't be Jesse if he wasn't prepared.

The door opened, and he heard a sharp intake of breath from the woman who was…and still is, the love of his life. Quinn. He couldn't say anything, he did the same thing he did the last time he saw her. Jesse stepped forward and gathered Quinn into his arms and kissed her, putting all his love in to it. As he felt her responding, his lips curved into a smile and felt that this was a start to the rest of his life, a new beginning with Quinn.