Was rereading the Guyver comics, and then this awesome idea occurred to me.

Unfortunately, I tend to run out of inspiration after posting a few chapters.

So if you find this interesting, and are a prolific storyteller, please adopt it and continue it :)

DO IT ! The future of Mankind depends on it ! :O

( About the title: Guyver: Out of Control is one of the animes based on the Guyver manga )

Note: in this x-over, the Emperor's backstory before the Dark Age of Technology is different from WH40k canon.

Emperor : Out of Control

Ten thousand years I have sat immobile on this … Throne, no this … prison. Ten thousand years of agony and horror.

Of course, I ordered its construction myself, but I did not expect to be chained to it for so long !

Only when I fully integrated my being into the Astronomican, did I realize the immensity of the tasks I had set for myself.

Can you imagine, having your consciousness expanded to cover every one of the countless worlds inhabited by Man, and then stretching the very limits of your concentration to watch over and guide every path of transit between those worlds, and enduring the sight of hundreds of men and women sacrificing their lives every day so that you may complete this task, knowing that should you fail then all would be lost ?

And all the while pushing your psychic awareness even further to search the entire galaxy for the one thing that might end all this suffering.

No, you cannot imagine. No fault of yours. You have suffered much through these millennia as well. You have faced horrors that no other man has ever seen, and you have brought back the precious relic that I have sent you to find.

What is its significance, you ask ?

Well, this one is older than any other relic you have heard of. It predates the Dark Age of Technology … far earlier than that … earlier than the First Great Stellar Exodus … even earlier … when Humanity was but a species of cave dwellers, who knew nothing of civilisation.

That was when the Uranus came to Gaia ( the pre-historic name for Terra ). They were an ancient space-faring people, who genetically and culturally engineered many younger sentient species to serve as soldiers in their fight against their enemies. The Eldar are one of the races descended from their early creations. You may have heard of their "myths" in your encounters with refer to the Creators as the Old Ones.

They saw a great potential in humans as well, and proceeded to uplift our ancestors as they did the Eldar. I was born then, bestowed with great power and charged with commanding the fledgling human Army.

And then out of curiosity we made the mistake of allowing one human to wear a suit of armour usually worn only by the Creators themselves. It gave the human incredible powers, but also allowed him, the first Guyver ("The Uncontrollable One" ), to defy the Creators' will !

Eventually, I defeated the Guyver, but the damage was done. The Creators fled from our world and declared Humanity as a failed experiment. They were about to destroy us by crashing a moon into Gaia, but I stopped it, at a great cost to my health. Since then, I had been watching over my fellow humans, guiding our development so that we may take to the stars and rule the galaxy, thus proving to the Creators that we are not the failure they considered us to be !

Back then I did not care if I perished in the process of accomplishing that goal, but now …

I might have succumbed to despair, if not for you. You have stayed by my side all this time, carrying out my requests to the best of your ability. Thank you.

Haha, my noble sacrifice, eh ?

Were you there at the scene of my final battle with Horus ? I think you were.

From what you have told me, everyone nowadays believes that I refused to strike back at Horus out of benevolence and love. That is partly right, but surely, you know of the other reason why he was able to mortally wound me with his attacks.

For a long time, my health had been deteriorating. If I still had the strength that I possessed in my prime, I would not have needed to create the Primarchs, nor the Zoalords.

In retrospect, I should have prepared myself for the Heresy. I created the Primarchs to be the spiritual successors to the Zoalords. Some of the latter had conspired against me in their day, so how could I expect all the Primarchs to always obey my will ? Yet, I was too focused on my own projects, and never once considered the possibility that one of my own sons might turn on me, and so history repeated itself.

Yes, all that is history now. We cannot change the past, but we can make the future better … as long as I make it past this a critical moment …

You hold in your hands, a bio-boost armour, of the same kind as those worn by the Uranus and later stolen by the Guyvers,

And the very key to my rejuvenation !

Now, bring it closer to the Throne. Closer …

Thank you, just leave it there, and stand back, a little further.

Valdon, whatever happens next, do not be alarmed. Stay where you are, do not intervene unless I tell you to …


arrrhghhh …

Ah, yes …

It is exhilarating to be able to move my limbs again !

This energy ! I have not felt it for a million years !

What are you doing ? On your feet, Valdon ! You have nothing to fear from me. A Custodian does not cower before anyone, not even me !

Do you not recognize your Lord ?

Hmm, perhaps I need to suppress my aura a bit …

There, you can see me clearly now.

That's better.

Come, let us leave this place. We have work to do.

Yes, I know, without the Astronomican' guiding light, the Imperium cannot function.

Let it fall ! I had intended for humanity to dominate the galaxy, but not in this way !

This … this … tyranny must end, Valdon.

These ten thousand years of corruption, oppression, paranoia … all the evils that our empire has wrought upon this galaxy … even by ancient standards they have gone too far.

While I was paralysed and near death, it was the only way to protect the mass of humanity from dangers of this cruel universe, but now that I walk again, I intend to undo all this madness and rebuild the Imperium as it should have been, a realm of peace, fellowship and progress !

Today, a new age dawns on Terra … on all of Mankind … on all sentient life in this galaxy !

And to mark this momentous occasion, let me tell you … of my true name ! That name which I have not used since 30000 years ago, when I started adopting the guise of a mortal.

Again with that kneeling ? Stand up, Valdon ! There is no such thing as "unworthy to hear" anyone's name.

Valdon, listen ! I am no God, nor Emperor.

My name … is Archanfel.