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Archanfel a.k.a The Emperor

Constantin Valdor, Chief Custodian.

Farseer Neha of Ulthwe, ( recycled from one of my scrapped stories … ), hazel eyes, raven black hair with barely visible hints of translucent red.

Pathfinder Ronahn, ( the same Ronahn from the DoW: Retribution Eldar campaign )

Setting: At night, in a forest clearing somewhere on a faraway world …

( Neha approaches the inactive Webway Gate in the centre of the clearing. She brushes her fingers over the Runes covering the gate's surface , admiring their detail and beauty. )

Ronahn: ( breaks camouflage ) It is better to leave that gate alone, Honoured Seer. It leads to a long abandoned section of the Webway. Who knows what horrors lie within ?

Neha: Who knows indeed, ranger. Do not worry, I have come fully prepared. I apologize if I am disturbing the tranquility of your grove.

( An Eldar warlock wearing the colours of Craftworld Ulthwe silently approaches Ronahn from behind. Neha raises a finger gently. The warlock stops, then nods and quickly but noiselessly steps back, disappearing behind a tree. )

Ronahn: Not at all, Honoured Seer, and this is not my grove. I am but an explorer who has made this my temporary sanctuary. I am curious though, what has brought you ( looks around at the forest surrounding the clearing and smiles ), and your warhost, to this remote place ?

Neha: ( Chuckles ) Not much can be concealed from the master of stealth I see. ( Looks to the sky ) A being of great power has awoken among the humans. His telepathic voice has reached far across their Imperium, calling for their Navigators to suspend travel through the Warp. The message was intended mainly for human psykers, but still it was hard to ignore for a Seer like me.

I've heard of no human with such psychic might, except for one.

Ronahn: What might do the Mon'Keigh have, but the brutish kind ?

Neha: 'Mon'Keigh'. Do you know the whole history of that word ?

Ronahn: It … was but a myth.

Neha: Do not underestimate the power of belief. This being I spoke of, he is likely the human equivalent of Asuryan.

Ronahn: Equivalent ? Surely not !

Neha: Perhaps not. The Phoenix King is dead … but the one I've seen in my glimpses of the future … he is very much alive, and he will bring great change to this galaxy, and to all our lives. For better or for worse, we shall see.

Ronahn: Then, where is he ?

Neha: If my prescience has not failed me, then you will see him …

( Neha walks away from the Webway Gate. Ronahn follows her with his gaze, slightly puzzled. Then, Neha stops and turns to face the gate again and snaps her fingers. )

Neha: … now.

( The gate activates. Shocked, Ronahn dashes away from the gate and kneels behind a bush at the edge of the clearing, aiming his rifle instinctively at the gate. )

( Through the gate, Archanfel, Valdor, and a small entourage of Custodians and Grey Knights materialise into the centre of the clearing. Archanfel's face is hidden by the stylized helm of his bio-boost armour, giving him the countenance of a Tyranid Swarmlord, complete with horn and sinister eyes but minus the mouth. )

Valdor: It appears we have found another Webway portal, Father ...

( They see Neha standing before them, and immediately point their weapons in her direction. In response, several groups of warlocks, Wraithguard, Guardians and Dark Reapers emerge into the clearing from the surrounding forest and point their own weapons at the group of Terrans. )

( Random Custodian ): A trap ! ( Settles into battle-ready stance. He peers forward at the nearest group of warlocks and mentally plans the most efficient way to incapacitate them. )

Archanfel: ( in a calm tone, keeping his gaze upon Neha ) Lower your weapons. There is no need to fight. Since the Eldar are so kind as to send a welcoming party to receive us, let us make the most of this encounter. ( Spreads his arms in a seemingly generous gesture, but his index fingers twitch imperceptibly, and an invisible shield forms around the party ).

( Neha waves a hand casually. A moment of silence, then the elder squads seem to lower their weapons as well, except that if one looked hard enough, one could see a flickering in the air between and behind them. Not all the Eldar present have revealed themselves. From his hiding place, Ronahn continues to aim his rifle at Archanfel. )

Neha: ( stares Archanfel in the eyes, and then grins ) You are him.

( A brief flash of mental images pass between the two before they both close off their minds to protect their own secrets. Their companions look on, tense but restrained. )

Archanfel: ( laugh ) It is pointless then, to feign surprise. We both foresaw this meeting to a certain degree, and we both have our own agendas to fulfill. Let us cut straight to the chase. Will you hear my proposal, Farseer of Ulthwe ?

Neha: Hm, no harm in it. What do you propose ?

Archanfel: ( steps forward ) A mutually beneficial agreement, no … an Alliance, between our two species.

( Valdor raises his eyebrows and glances at Archanfel, then glances back at Neha. )

Neha: Alliance ? I have not heard that word for centuries. Its meaning has become quite … nebulous to me. You must be more specific.

Archanfel: Has it been that long ? Well then, let me state the basic terms: you will grant us access to your Webway, and in return, we will allow you safe passage through Imperial space.

Neha: ( smile vanishes ) And if we refuse ?

Archanfel: ( gestures towards the Webway gate behind him ) We already possess the technology to explore the Webway with or without your consent. Should you refuse, you will eventually end up losing both your monopoly of the Webway and the chance to live in peace with us. You have little to lose, and much to gain by accepting my offer.

Neha: Peace ? Yet another word whose meaning has almost faded from my memory. ( Sighs … then peers at where Ronahn is kneeling ). Then again, maybe not.

Know that I can only speak for a small portion of my Craftworld.

( Smiles ) If you will follow me back to Ulthwe, we can carry out more formal negotiations, with a larger audience.

Valdor: ( Laughs ) So much for Eldar cunning. Do you truly expect us to fall for that trick ?

Neha: ( smirk ) Your level of awareness is irrelevant.

( Neha raises a hand in the direction of the Webway Gate, lowers her head, closes her eyes and mutters something inaudible. The gate shuts down. The Grey Knights, their expressions hidden under their helms, look quickly at the gate, and then at each other. Valdor peers back at the gate as well, then narrows his eyes at Neha. The rest of the Custodians continue to keep their eyes on their potential kill targets. )

Neha: My ship is your only way off this world. You have no other alternative.

( In a superhuman burst of speed, Valdor disappears from his position in a blur, and reappears on Neha's left, the blade of his Guardian Spear gliding swiftly towards the Farseer's throat. Another Custodian appears behind Neha's right, the tip of his spear pointed at the back of the Farseer's neck.

At the same time, Neha catches the upper shaft of Valdor's spear, stopping the latter's blade just a hair's width from her throat, while the flat of her Witchblade blocks the spear from behind.

Everyone present start raising their weapons again. )

Valdor: ( menacing ) We have one more alternative ...

Neha: ( sardonically at Archanfel ) Is this the meaning of your 'alliance', human ?

Archanfel: Stand down, all of you ! ( At Neha ) I will follow your fleet back to your Craftworld, but you have to allow Valdor and the rest of my men to return to Terra. As is the proper protocol for hostage exchange, you will follow them back to Terra. There, you will provide whatever information that they require of you, just as I cooperate with your kin when I reach your Craftworld.

Neha: Exchange ? You ask too much of us, human.

Archanfel: You have no other alternative. And don't bother with mind tricks. The Custodes and Grey Knights have trained for generations against psychic attacks. Everyone, stand down ! The Farseer and I will each walk towards the other group.

Neha: Before we do that … I ask that you remove your helm. I want to see and remember your face.

( Archanfel complies. With a thought, the biomechanical helm retracts from over his head. It then folds in on itself and disappears into the back of the armour. At the sight of his true visage, loud gasps of astonishment can be heard from both the Terran and Eldar group. )

Archanfel: Now that I have revealed myself, is it not time for you to come out of hiding, Eldar ?

( Archanfel suddenly glances right into Ronahn's eyes. Archanfel's own slit-like pupils narrow, transmitting a focused beam of killer intent. Ronahn's rifle sparks and cracks. The ranger drops it and hops back in shock with a loud curse.

Around the clearing, previously concealed Eldar warriors and warlocks walk into view. )

( Random Grey Knight ): ( dismissive chuckle ) Sorcery will only bring you this far, witches ...

( Neha laughs and proceeds to walk towards the Terrans, escorted by Valdor and his fellow Custodian. She passes Archanfel, who is walking towards the Eldar line. )

Valdor: Father, are you sure about this ?

Archanfel: Yes. Do not worry. I will keep in touch with you through the astropaths.

And remember, the Farseer must not be harmed, though you may restrain her any way you want … ( thinks for a while ). Also, once you get back, have the AdMech, the Navigators, and the Imperial Navy involved in Webway exploration. End hostilities with the Eldar as far as possible. Lastly, start the excavation of the Ark.

Valdor: ( nods ) They will be done. ... The Ark ?

Archanfel: Remember where you found the G-Unit ?

Valdor: Ah yes. Was that not supposed to remain secret ?

Archanfel: Sooner or later it will be discovered. ( deep thought again … ) However, if you find any more G-Units, you must keep those a secret. If you accidentally put them on … well, that is fine as well, but try not to, unless you have found a way to duplicate them. There are a few more persons I wish to … revive.

Valdor: ( nods ) I understand.

Archanfel: As for the rest of the technology the Ark contains … let the learned men analyze it as much as they can. It is time humanity learns of their own true potential, and the true origins of their greatest heroes. It is time that the Imperium breaks free from its reliance on Dark Age SCTs …

( Meanwhile, Neha eavesdrops with keen interest … )

Valdor: ( To Neha ) Eldar, does the ... agreement between our two sides still stand if I ask one of my brothers to accompany Father to your Craftworld ?

Neha: ( sigh ) Of course, but as your Father put it, this is an exchange ... ( claps )

( Random Warp Spider Exarch ): ( materialises behind Neha ) You called, Honoured Seer.

Neha: ( in the Eldar language ) Will you follow me to the human homeworld, the heart of a savage empire ?

WS Exarch: I have braved the terrors of the Warp countless times, Honoured Seer. The Mon'Keigh have more reason to fear me, than I do them.

Neha: ( in the Eldar language ) Good. I could use your skills in getting away from certain tight situations.

Valdor: ( thought ) The teleporting Eldar warrior could have intervened at any moment. The witch was not as vulnerable as we thought.

( Valdor nods to the other Custodian escorting Neha. Said Custodian nods back and follows Archanfel to the Eldar line )

Valdor: Open the gate, witch.

( Neha complies )


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