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The next day the girls left a little after noon. We ate breakfast, watched a movie and talked mostly throughout the movie. Then when it was time to leave, the girls went their separate ways and hugged me goodbye. When the girls had gone home I was left to clean up the living room, put the couches back in their spot, vacuum the living room and clean up my room. It wasn't difficult but it was tiring since I did not sleep well the night before.

When I finally thought I was done cleaning, I collapse onto my bed. I rubbed my fingers onto the sheets, and felt something unusual. I sat up and noticed that one of Courtney's tiny diamond earrings was laying in my bed from our conversation last night. She must be totally freaking out, I'll just call her now and tell her I'll drop it off for her. I checked my dresser for my phone, not there. My night stand, wasn't there either. The floor, under the bed, my pockets, back downstairs, inside the couch cushions. No, no, no, no, and no. Where could it be? I never lose anything, especially my cell phone.

I rubbed my forehead, racking my brain for an answer. When was the last time I had my phone? I snapped my eyes opened, bingo! In my old dresser draw. I raced up the stairs back to my bedroom, and pulled the drawer open to find my little cell phone sitting content by itself in the hollow draw. Relief washed over me, and I clicked my phone to see if I had had any missed messages.

Nineteen missed alerts. I counted how many were from Geoff; Five. Two texts, and three voice mails. He really wanted to talk to me I guess. I read the text messages quietly to myself and walked back to my bed to rest down upon it.

Text message number one read: Babe, please, please, please call me when you read this.

I clicked delete, and read the second message: I hope you listen to the messages I left you before you go and delete them. I didn't mean what I said in the first one, I swear.

Whatever that meant could not be good. I dialed 1 for voice mail, and punched in my pass code to access it. "First new voice mail." The automatic female voice said mechanically. Geoff's voice came on.

"Bridgette. It's me. Geoff. Well, you probably knew that. Just. Call me when you get this. Seriously, babe I don't know what your issue is-it's just that you're freaking out over nothing. If anyone has a right to be mad...well...well. It. Should. Be. Me-

I deleted that message before I listened to the rest, and dropped my phone onto my bed. I crossed my arms, my heart pounding with anger, my pulses running high. I needed to scream, I needed to hit someone, I needed to...get out. Times like these I wish I could drive to the beach.

I heard someone walking up my stairs, and push my door open, it was mom.

"Hi sweetie, I'm going into work now, I'll be back at four." She walked over to me, and kissed my forehead. "Oh, is everything all right? Didn't you have fun last night with your friends?" Mom sat down next to me.

"Yes. I had a lot of fun, it was great. I'm fine, just overtired." I lied a little uneasily. Mom looked at me not so sure, and gave me a quick hug. "Call me if you need me, the work number is on the fridge." With that she left my room, leaving the door open for me.

I laid back on my bed, my feet dangling over. I suddenly remembered to call Courtney and let her know that her earring is here.

"Hey Bridgette." She greeted a little eager.

"Hey Court, sorry to disturb you, but you left your earring here in my room. Want me to walk over and drop it off?" I ask.

I heard Courtney mumbling to herself, and then gasp. "My earring is missing! I guess you can drop it off for me at anytime. Thank you so much." She said.

I smiled. "Anytime. See you in a few, I'm just going to take a shower and then I'll walk on over."

I hung my phone up, and put Courtney's earring on my night stand and went to the bathroom to take my shower.

Courtney's house was just a hop, a skip, a good ten minute walk away from my house. After my shower I pulled my multi-colored floral skirt and a white v-neck shirt. My hair was wet from my shower and hung over my shoulders. I slipped on a pair of sandals and grabbed Courtney's earring by placing it in the small pocket of my skirt and started on my walk. My dad was working another late shift tonight, so he didn't mind me going for a little walk in the nice, warm weather. There was no humidity, which was pretty amazing and made me really happy. The little things always seem to make me really happy.

Arriving at Courtney's front door, I realized how nice her house and yard really was. She had bright green grass, that may or may not have been chemically induced. She had a flower garden all around the front of her house, but I noticed she had no trees anywhere in her yard. Her house was the nicest and biggest one on the street.

I knocked a few times on her brown door, and behind the door I heard a couple of feet trampling around, and hushed voices. Do I have the right house? I thought a little nervously, not sure what would be on the other side of the door. The door swung open, and a rushed looking Courtney answered the door.

"Bridgette!" She greeted with a small smile. "Thanks so much for coming by and dropping off my earring. Want to come in, come in!" Courtney seized me by my wrist and pulled me into her house, I stumbled in klutzily. Courtney dropped my wrist and shut the door, I was suddenly feeling uncomfortable.

"Um, Court? What's going on." I ask.

"Not much, I'm just working on some posters for my re-election with some friends of mine." She says, her voice sounding a little more upbeat than usual. This is beyond weird. It's almost like there's a small piece of sarcasm in her voice, and that makes me suspicious of why she's so cheerful and giddy.

"Um...okay? Do you want help with that or something? Otherwise I just want to go home." I reached into the small pocket of my skirt, and pulled out Courtney's diamond earring, and placed it in her palm.

"Thanks for this." Courtney said, putting it in her ear, I noticed she left the left earring in her ear all this time. "So I sort of have a surprise for you." Courtney says sheepishly, balancing on her feet back and forth.

I wrinkled my nose. Courtney hates surprises, why she would plan one herself is way beyond me. "What kind of surprise?" I ask skeptically.

"Geoff's here!" She says with false excitement in her voice, but she still sounds upbeat. I know Courtney. And I know she would rather be working on her campaign. Why would she let Geoff in her house when she knows I'm beyond angry at him, and she doesn't like him for beating her out for class president last year.

I narrowed my eyes. "What do you mean Geoff's here?"

"Nothing. He's" She shrugs. She shrugged. I want to grasp Courtney by the shoulders and shake her, demanding to know why she would bring Geoff here.

I heard footsteps come from behind Courtney, and it was Geoff.

I held my breath for a moment. It felt like an eternity since I had last saw him, but what has it been in reality? Twenty-four hours? Maybe less. Geoff wore jean shorts and a green and blue plaid button up shirt. He looks absolutely beautiful. I suddenly felt self-conscious with my hair all matted and wet and I didn't put any moisturizer on, for all I know my skin could be totally disgusting and dry right now. It doesn't feel like it is-but now I'm just rambling in my head.

"Bye." I said directly to Courtney and turned on my heel slamming the door behind me. I started down her cement walkway between the rows of multi-colored flowers. The sound of the door shutting again sounded, and the rush of feet. "Bridge." Geoff's soft voice called, he held my wrist and slowly turned me around, willingly I turned.

"Can we at" He asks softly again.

"What's there to say?"

Geoff didn't respond, he just stared at me, the breeze filled in our awkward silence. I waited and when he didn't say anything I brushed a lock of hair behind my ear. "That's what I thought." and started walking on my way home again.

"I'm not so good at this, alright?" He called after me. I stood underneath the white arch placed at the end of Courtney's sidewalk. There were flowers and vines wrapped around the hole shaped diamonds, it looked so beautiful. Almost like it were from a movie or a fairytale.

"You can still try." I didn't turn around. I focused on the pavement in front of me.

"Can't you see I am? I am trying, Bridge." We were so distant, literally and figuratively.

"Geoff, I don't know how to deal with this. This is our first big fight. I just want to be able to skip pass this and get to the good part again."

"We can," he says a little eagerly. "Why don't we?"

I turn and he was right in front of me under the arch.

"We can't." I whispered. "We need to talk about it."

"So let's talk." He says.

Geoff and I were sitting on a wooden park bench on a gray path set in front of green grass. Mom's were walking with their friends pushing their strollers with little babies, while their other kids were running down the path squealing with excitement and giggles. How beautiful it is to be a child.

"So." Geoff says.

"So." I turned my head. "Where do we begin?"

Geoff drummed his fingers on his knee. "Were you scared when things got intense?" He asked.

Whoa. Okay, totally didn't expect him to ask that.

"Sort of." I admit. "I was scared because I didn't know what was going to happen, and I was scared that you would be mad at me. In a way you were. But mostly, I was scared that I wasn't safe."

Geoff didn't say anything, he just slid over closer to me and wrapped his arms around me and hugged me close. "It hurts that you said that you don't feel safe with me. Just for that moment, it-it's too much for me. I couldn't sleep last night. My thoughts kept me awake all night. Thoughts are dangerous," He chuckled. I immediately perked up. "That's what I always say!" I tell him.

He smirked. "No way?"

I nodded.

"Anyway, I just...I couldn't sleep without my girl." he hugged me tighter. "Courtney called me over this morning when she said you called. She told me that she actually planned leaving her earring in you room, or something." Geoff says.

I choked out a laugh. "Ha! Are you kidding? She's

"Courtney?" He guesses. "Yeah she gets like that." and we laughed together like nothing was wrong at all.

"I've thought it over. And I was acting really, really insensitive. I guess the hormones got the better of me." he admits sheepishly.

"I'll say." I bite back as soon as I let the harsh words escape, but to my surprise Geoff chuckled a little. "I deserved that." he says.

I rest my head on his shoulder. "Today is a beautiful day." I say quietly.

Geoff kissed the top of my head. "Sure is." he agrees. "It sure is."

"So we're okay, right? Just to clarify." I say.

"I'm good, as long as you're good. You're the best thing I've got going for me, period." He says. "And I can't afford to lose you, like actually lose you."

I lift my head up, and smile at Geoff. He smiled back and my heart started fluttering again, like it has so many times whenever I'm around him. I leaned in and kissed him, and he smiled against my lips.

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