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Biology was interesting. My teacher was this little old man, who could be my grandfather. He had a good head of white hair, and olive-toned skin. He rambled a lot and told our class stories about all kinds of students he dealt with, and to him we're either students, here to learn, or "non-students", here because we have to be.

I have a very strong feeling very little learning will be going on in that class.

After the period one bell I returned to my locker, we were all distributed biology textbooks even though our teacher instructed us to leave it at home; it will be given little use.

I open my locker once again, and throw my book inside. Out of the corner of my eye I saw him again, that guy. The blonde one. For some reason, and I can't explain why, my stomach twisted with nervousness. Butterflies, even.

"Hey again." He said, to me, with a weird smile on his face. Like he looked smug. Almost like he knew how I felt inside, was it really that obvious? Or did he expect this from girls all of the time.

"Hey." I don't know what else to say; we just met about an hour ago for about three seconds.

"So by the way, I never caught your name." He says to me casually. I close my locker and as I was locking it up, he had said "Geoff." While tipping his cowboy hat.

"How's that spelled?" I ask without thinking, I'm not even sure why I asked; I just did.

He chuckled, "G-e-o-f-f."

"That's unusual." I remark.

"Well, what's your name miss normal? And how is it spelled?" He says a little rudely.

"Bridgette. B-r-i-d-g-e-t-t-e."

"That's different."

I put a hand on my hip, not realizing how much of a hypocrite I'll sound in the next few seconds, I say, "Well how is it suppose to be spelled?"

"I dunno," He shrugs looking around. "Just a little more normal, I guess."

I scoff, "Okay, really?"

"Uh, really."

The bell rang, "Oh thank God." I mumbled as he said, "Saved by the bell." at the same time.

As I tried to walk forward, he stepped in front of me, so I tried going left, and so did he. It was one of those try-to-walk-but-someone-is-going-the-same-way-as you thing. Super awkward. I waited, and he brushed past me hurriedly. Great, I finally realized that the bell signaled me for being late. I kick myself, and head to room three hundred for English.

My teacher didn't say anything about me being late. She had thick curly hair in a pony tail that sprang and bounced as she walked. Most of the seats were filled, except for the one in the front of the room. I made my way to the front of the room, taking the desk next to the window on the left.

I drop my bag on the floor, waiting for something to happen. "Can you pass these out?" my teacher asked a girl with dark, hair and blue highlights. She had light, fare skin too. All I could think was vampire. But, I shook those thoughts immediately.

Wordlessly, the girl stood and took the pile of papers and began distributing them to each student.

"You must be Bridgette Benson." A feminine voice says casually to me. The girl next to me looked highly interested in speaking with me, her dark eyes glimmered just a little.

"Uh, yeah…" I pause. "How did you-"

"I'm Courtney, by the way." She put her hand out for me to take. I slowly accept.

"I worked part time for the school department as an assistant to the head chairman this summer, and I had to access to the new registered students admitted here," She says like it's so common. "And we rarely get new students, so when I found you file, frankly I couldn't help myself." She says blushing a little.

"Isn't that like, illegal, or something?"

The brunette looks annoyed.

"No." She huffed.

"Committing crimes, Princess? Wow, you're becoming more like me each day." Says a voice that is semi-familiar to me. When I turn to see who is talking to Courtney, I recognize the boy as the person talking to Geoff about me this morning.

Courtney rolled her eyes. "You are so immature. I am nothing like you!" The guy chuckled and face me.

"Hey, new girl."

"Uh, hi." That's a big line for me today. But, I guess I didn't expect people to actually be talking to me.

"Ignore him, Bridgette. He's a criminal." Courtney advises as he rolled his eyes, and ran a hand through his green Mohawk. Well, it resembled a Mohawk, it was kind of slanted to the side, and the sides of his head were black, assuming his natural hair color.

"I'm Duncan, and I use to have a hamster named Bridget."

"Oh yeah? What happened to her, did she escape?" Courtney asks annoyed.

"Ma says he ran away, but we all know what that's code for." He smirks, and leans back in the seat behind Courtney's. She angrily fumed.

The girl who was passing out the papers left one on my desk and started walking down the row.

"You're such a jerk, sometimes." The goth girl says keeping her voice light.

"Nah, everyone here is just weak."

"Whatever you say." She says unsure, passing down more papers before sitting back in her seat.

Courtney leaned over next to me. "See that girl over there?" She pointed her pen backward. My eye followed the tip of her pen and I nodded my head.

"That girl is Gwen. Now I don't personally have a problem with her, but I would suggest staying away from her." Courtney says in a whisper.

"Why? Is she like…bad?" I whisper back.

Courtney leans back in her seat. "Well, no." she admits. "But, come on. Look at her. She's like a female…him." She glared at Duncan, who was trying to balance a pencil on the bridge of his nose.

I snort, and turn back to Courtney. Normally, I would say something to defend Gwen. It isn't fair to be judged so easily by others. But, I don't know Gwen at all, so I could be totally wrong on this one. And I don't want to tick off the one person here who could potentially be my friend. So I say nothing.

"Okay, class. Hopefully you all noticed the forms on your desk. Those are policy sheets for my class, and your guidelines for the rest of the year." Our teacher says, walking to the front of the room, and sitting on top of her desk.

"For those of you who don't know me, my name is Mrs. Helaire, and I am your English grade eleven teacher. If you flip the sheet over to the front side, we can go over the guide lines together." Mrs. Helaire says, taking out her copy of the guideline sheet.

We do as we're told, and for the next half hour we went over the sheet together, and discussed what the class requires and what we'll be doing for the next semester, and what novels we'll be reading.

Mrs. Helaire is a bubbly teacher, she told us that she has three young children; two boys and a girl, and she's married. She told us she has been teaching here for four years, and she seems really fun. I guess this class won't be so bad.

With the remaining twenty-five minutes, Mrs. Helaire let us talk with our peers. I sort of wish she gave us something to work on, or kept talking with us. I didn't exactly feel comfortable with talking to Courtney right now, she's sort of intimidating. But, she seemed to take a liking to me, because she turned to me and began asking questions about my old school.

"So you're from Malibu? That sounds pretty cool!" Again, I was still getting use to the idea that she knew this from looking through my file. What else does she know?

"Yeah I am, and yeah it was. I miss it." I tell her.

"I grew up here, I'm pretty use to it by now, I guess." She shrugs carelessly.

"Yeah, and now I figure I need to get use to living in some kind of party city like this one." I say rolling my eyes.

"Are you kidding, babe?" Duncan leans forward, and turns his head to me. "This town is so dull." He says.

"But, this is Sacramento. Isn't it suppose to be like…big, and party central?"

Duncan started laughing this huge obnoxious laugh, almost like a cackle. Even Courtney started snickering a little. "Okay, Malibu, I don't know what you heard, but this town is as boring as shit." Duncan tells me.

"I have to agree with Duncan's crude language," Courtney says dryly. "Maybe out in the city or down town it's, what you would call 'party central' but here it's really laid back." Courtney explains, using air quotes as well.

"Unless you've been to one of the killer house parties my boy Geoff throws." Duncan says.

Courtney rolls her eyes. "House parties are so cliché."

"Yeah, but they're fun." Duncan adds.

"And full of socially drunk fools." Gwen chirps in.

I turn my head to look at her, she has a sketchpad in her lap, and she did not look up once.

Now Duncan rolls his eyes, "Not everyone gets drunk."

"Right, they get high too." Gwen smirks looking up.

I look to Courtney who looks annoyed. "I'm a little scared." I whisper.

"Don't be, they're both ridiculous.""Have you ever been to one of those parties?" I ask her.

She scoffs, and before she answers Duncan butts in, "Princess, over here never gets invited."

"Not true!" She cries angrily.

"Princess?" I raise my eyebrow.

She grimaces and says, "It's just some stupid-I don't even know! But, I have been invited to a couple of parties before. I just don't go. I'd rather spend my valuable time studying or working on my skills and talents." She says stiffly.

"Name two people who have invited you to a par-"

"Trent and Lindsay." Courtney cut Duncan off in his sentence, and smile triumphantly when he was silenced.

"Anyway, it isn't so bad here all of the time." Courtney tells me as the bell rings.

"I'm sure it's not," I tell her gathering my stuff together. "I don't do parties anyway."

After English I had my art class, pottery 101 and then I went to Algebra two. Art wasn't so bad. I was never good in art though. I can't paint or draw; when I was younger I couldn't color inside the lines. But, pottery seems…easier. I mean our teacher sort of explained what the class will be doing over the year and how to be careful near the pottery oven. But, otherwise it shouldn't be so bad.

This might sound weird, but Algebra has been my favorite class so far. I love math, I've always really liked math. It's like a secret or a guilty pleasure of mine. I know that sounds extremely weird for a girl like me to like math, but it's so fun; it's just a big puzzle. I'm good at puzzles.

But, something that was weird during Algebra was that Geoff was in my class, and he kept looking at me. He sat down right beside me, and every so often he would turn his head; to say something or to just…look at me. I didn't blush, I didn't say anything about him looking at me. But, seriously I wanted to know what his deal was.

I headed over to my locker and put away the single notebook I carried around for the first half of the day, and the algebra two book I was given. I put my bag in my locker, hoping to waste as much time as I can to avoid sitting alone at lunch.

Although, I could always sit in the girls bathroom stall and play a game of Tetris on my cell phone to pass the time.

When I shut my locker Geoff was standing there again, "Hi again." I greet, pretty use to him by now.

"New girl." he nods his head.

"Geoff, you can stop that. You know my name."


"So you can call me Bridgette from now on, right?"

"False." he smirks.

"Oh, okay." I say sarcastically. "What do you want, Geoff?"

Geoff walked around me, and draped his arm over my shoulders. "I just thought that it would be nice of me to walk you to lunch, since you're new here and all. Maybe we could get to know each other."

I heard most of what he had said, but didn't really listen. I was more focused on the arm on my shoulder. I stopped walking, and used my hand to pick up his arm and drop it ."Look, Geoff I think you're getting a little ahead of yourself. I mean I don't even know you."

"Sure you do!" He insists.

"Okay, just because I know who you are, doesn't mean I actually know you, get it?"

"Sure I do." He nods his head.

I furrowed my brow, unsure why he was still so enthusiastic. "But, that doesn't mean we can't have lunch together." he says.

"I guess you're right but-

"But nothing, baby. Why fight it?"

Okay, this guy was seriously weird. I can't see why or how he is so forward about everything. It's almost embarrassing, I feel the need to blush every time he comes around me. I mean I don't blush, I've snapped out of it by now. But, that's probably because no one else is around when he gets like this with me.

And what's weirder is, last time I saw him before class I was so annoyed with him. But, when he sat down next to me in math those feelings of annoyance left me. I'm not one to hold a grudge at all, but I mean I do have the capability to stay annoyed with someone for more than an a few hours; just ask my mom.

When it comes to Geoff, I guess you could say he's different.

But, Bridge, get a hold of yourself. He's probably like this with every girl. You're no one special.

Again, Geoff put his arm around my shoulders and we walked down to the cafeteria together. I liked it, for a second. Just a second. I pushed his arm off again, and he chuckled a little bit, and I did too; so I wouldn't seem so harsh. And he understood that.

The cafeteria was pretty big. The walls were painted white all around, and there were a lot of large windows and doors. I guess we were allowed to eat outside too. The tables were round, and on the right side there were six rows of long tables to sit at.

I awkwardly stood by Geoff as we crossed the cafeteria together, he was smiling at people, and slapping high fives, like he was famous. He was dropping comments like 'Hey man' or 'Haven't seen you in forever!' whoever he was talking to would quickly look at me, and nod quickly before moving on.

"So, where do you want to sit?" I was caught off guard when he asked me. Frankly, I was surprised he still wanted to sit with me at all. I had no idea he was so…so popular. But, I probably should have known.

I mean all of the signs are there. Brimming confidence, dresses so…differently. He's pretty gorgeous and everyone seems to love him. Sometimes I wonder if I'm really dense or if today I'm just out of it. I guess being immediately labeled as 'new girl' can do that to you.

"Bridgette, hello?" Geoff snapped his fingers in front of my face.

"Oh! Uh, here's fine." I pointed to the round table beside me, and he shrugged pulling the chair out and falling into it. I sat down next to him, and tore open my brown paper bag; I'm suddenly so hungry I could eat a cow. But, I wouldn't. Vegetarian, remember?

I first pulled out an apple, and Geoff began drumming his fingers on the table and watched me. "What?" I felt the urge to blush again.

"You're not like other girls here, are you?" He says to me, a little quietly too.

"I guess not." I shrug and take a bite out of my apple. The edges of his lips tug up into a smile, and when I swallow my apple I say to him, "What makes you say that?"

"Well, you're eating." He points to my apple.

"And you're sitting. I can point out the obvious too, Geoff." I say laughing half-heartedly.

"Well, yeah." Geoff rolls his eyes jokingly, and pushes his cowboy hat up with his index finger. "But, what I mean is, most chicks are too self-conscious and girly about what they eat."

I take another bite of my apple, and consider this. "Well, I guess I see what you mean." I say after swallow. I pull out a water bottle from my bag and twist the cap off. "Lots of girls these days are overly concerned with their weight, even when they're like, ninety pounds, soaking wet." He starts laugh, and for some reason I do too, even though what I had said wasn't that funny. But, that was the thing about Geoff, I just met him and he had such an infectious laugh. It was contagious.

"Are you hungry, Geoff? I have some cookies in here, or something you can take." I rip my bag open more, and chuckles. "Cookies, cute."

I blush lightly, sort of embarrassed. "But, no I'm good. I'll be right back, new girl. Hang tight." I roll my eyes. "Stop calling me that!" I shout after him as he walks away.

Have you ever gotten that feeling that people were just staring at you? The feeling where you were so oblivious to your surroundings, and when you realize where you are, someone was just looking at you. Because, I swear the tables near me were staring at me the entire time.

Stupid, they were probably looking at Geoff. Not you. Unless they were looking at us.

I gulp, and take a sip of my water again.

"Oh hey, it's Malibu Barbie!" Duncan's voice says from behind me, making his way around the table and sitting across from me, along with another boy with dark black hair and really nice green eyes.

"Do you give everyone really weird nicknames, Duncan?" I ask drinking my water.

"Nah, just the girls who I feel like giving the time of day to." He says shrugging, as the other guy chuckles.

"What's up, I'm Trent." The boy with the long dark hair says, extending his arm to shake my hand. I put my small hand into his and shake it quickly, he leans back, and pushes his hair back with his hand.

"Hi, Trent." I smile. He's was really cute, actually. "I'm Bridgette."

"Yeah, you're the new girl, right?"

"That would be me." I nod my head and take another bite out of my apple.

Geoff came back a minute later with a lunch tray with a hamburger on it. I wrinkled my nose for a minute as he sat beside me and started eating it right away. I chewed my apple and tried to ignore the smell of meat.

I guess my nose is sensitive to the smell of red meat and hamburger, because I couldn't turn my head to face Geoff.

"Somethin' wrong?" Duncan asked me weirdly.

"Huh?" I turn my head to face the guys, Geoff swallowed. "Yeah, what's wrong?"

I eyed his burger which was more than half devoured. "Nothing it's just I'm a vegetarian. And I can't stand the smell of your stanky burger." I say quickly, cupping my hands over my nose.

"Weak." Geoff chuckles, and shoves the rest of the burger in his mouth.

"Better?" He asks with his mouth full.

The guys laugh, and I drop my hands. "A little."

Geoff smiles at me and swallows. "You're something else, you know that?"

"So I've been told." I say slyly.

After watching the three guys talking and bantering together casually and putting small inputs into their conversations, I grew comfortable with the three of them. The three of them are all on the football team, something I should have easily deduced. Trent plays the guitar, and Duncan struggles to stay on the team because of his record. Yes, he has a record and he isn't even seventeen. I'm not quite sure if I want to know what any of that is about. But, if Trent and Geoff seem to be good friends with him, then he can't be too bad.

But, I'm trying not to get ahead of myself. I mean I don't even know these guys.

But again at the same time, it feels like I've known Geoff for a really long time. Even though he's kind of a player, I can connect with him. Part of me really wonders if he feels the same connection with me. Do guys like him feel anything at all?

I'm an idiot for feeling this for him. I just met him today.

"Hey look, it's the worlds dumbest girl ever." Duncan says gesturing his head, for me to turn around, and see a gorgeous blonde, looking totally confused standing in the middle of the cafeteria with one hand on her hip.

She had on a blue bandanna for some reason, a really tiny miniskirt, cowgirl boots, and her shirts looked extremely tight, because her uh, chest area, looked huge. I can imagine she has attracted a lot of lame guys like that.

Poor girl, I mean even though I don't know her but the confused look on her face she's probably been used more than once.

"Okay, I am like, so confused." Her high pitched girly voice says facing our table. She looked at me for a second. "Do I know you?"

"No, I'm new here-

"And even if she wasn't new, you wouldn't remember her anyway." Duncan cuts in. The guys laugh and the blonde doesn't seem affected whatsoever.

"Ohmigosh, you have like the prettiest eyes, and I love your hair! It's the exact shade I want for mine! But my hairdresser, Janet, says colors like that require really natural and healthy hair. So I've tried every trick in the book, and I experimented with a bunch of dyes and colors, but nothing worked!" The girl explained, babbling a little bit. I just nod my head.

"Have any of you guys seen Tyson?" She asks looking over at the boys.

Duncan rolled his eyes annoyed, and Geoff looked like he was trying to stiffle some laughter.

"I think I saw Tyler this morning. He might be taking a different lunch, Linds." Trent tells her.

She still looks confused but nods her head, and waves her fingers at us as she walks away.

"That's Lindsey. She's not so bad once you get to know her." Trent tells me.

"She's possibly the dumbest girl you will ever meet." Duncan deadpans.

I raise my eyebrow and look at Geoff who nodded his head. "Yeah, Lindsey isn't so bright. The chick can't even remember her own boyfriend's name. That's gotta be rough on Tyler."

"Wow, that's pretty sad." I comment.

"No, it's not just Tyler, it's pretty much everyone." Trent says.

"Except for Beth." Geoff reminds him. "That's her best friend, or something." Geoff shrugs.

"Wannabe." Duncan mumbles.

"She could be worse." Trent leans back in his chair.

The bell rang and everyone had started moving from their seats and started exiting the cafeteria to move onto their next period class. I instinctively reached for my back pocket for my schedule to see what I had next.

The white piece of paper had so many creases and folds in it from today, it looked like it could rip easily now. I glanced up, Trent and Duncan were saying by to Geoff, patting him on the back and saying by to me as well. I smiled quickly and looked down to my schedule.

"Whatdoya got next, girl?" Geoff asks me, peering over my shoulder.

"World history, looks like." I say dully.

"No way! Me too!" Geoff says enthusiastically.


"Well, no. I'm pretty sure I got Spanish or something, but I thought that having another class with you would be a nice thought." He says smiling again, like nothing was wrong with the world.

"That's really sweet." I giggle a little. "I guess I'll see you around?"

"Guess so." He tipped his cowboy hat at me again, while he walked out.

And again I started getting those stupid butterflies.

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