Where's The Girl?

A tree branch slapped John Craig across the face scraping his skin. But he kept on running and ignored the stabbing of pine needles on his bare feet. He could hear the man's footsteps behind him. Echoing his own.

The man was getting closer.

A fallen branch grabbed john's ankle and he fell forward. Time slowed to a crawl as his face neard the leaf-covered ground. Cold air whipped across his skin. His heart drummed in his ears the man's pace quickened. And just as John's cheek Smacked against the earth. The stranger grabbed a fistful of John's hair and pulled his head back. John screeched "What do you want from me?" but his attacker didn't answer.

John swung his arms behind him to knock the man down. But his hands were caught effortlessly in the air and bound behind him. A hand, gloved in shiny black leather, entered his field of vision. Clutching a torn page from the Bathory Gazette. John's head jerked back as the man gave his hair a violent tug and growled "where is she?"

At the center of the paper was the grainy image of a Thirteen year old girl John knew well. The girl was surrounded by several of his peer's and a teacher, but looked nervous and awkward. At the bottom of the photo a caption read: Left to Right Kelly Anbrock, Carrie Anderson, Henry McMillan, Teacher John Craig, Vladoma Tod, Edger Poe, and Mike Brennan. At the top was a bold title

Debate Team Sure to Win at Regional's!

Tears coated John's cheeks and he shook his head refusing to answer.

Something warm and slick ran down John's forehead. Though red-tinted glass he looked at the forest around them. He screamed for help until his lungs burned but help wouldn't come

"Where's the girl? Where is Val?"

John wriggled. The man's face was near him. Cold breath beat down on the back of his neck and something sharp grazed his skin.

"Tell me or die"

"John opened his mouth to speak but it was too late for lies the man bit down. Fangs popped though John's skin cutting deep into his neck.

***Authours Corner***

What do you think about me making Vlad a girl?

Do you want me to continue?

I have a bunch of fun stuff planned out like Vlad's love life as a girl!

On some chapter's i'm going to let you decide what will happen like i will give you optians that i can work with while still staying on book

Gender switch = potraying charater's as the opisit gender Example Vladimir +Vladoma

Charater switch = switching charater's possitions Example If Henry was the vampire and Vlad was the human slave

any questions?