A/N: So I know I have several stories going but this idea just wouldn't leave me and I know better than to try to ignore an idea because about the time I ignore it I can't sleep because I have the character pop into my dreams... With that being said this is an Ethan and Theresa story... It will be AU in a lot of places...

Disclaimer: I don't own Passions... If I did Ethan and Theresa would have ended up together way before they did!

Theresa looked over at her son and sighed. She knew that this was going to be hard for him because it was hard for her. This was their first time returning to Harmony in a little over eight years. She looked down and smiled as she saw her daughter looking out of the plane window. She knew that her daughter was going to be a shock to all of her family and friends but she had a reason for keeping her daughter a secret from everyone.

She sighed and then smiled at her son who asked "Mom will we see everybody while we're here? You never did say how long we were staying for."

Theresa chuckled a little and then sighed again. "I'm not sure how long we'll be staying for honey but we'll more than likely see everyone. If you want to see Ethan while we're here I won't stop you but I don't want to see him."

At his Dad's name little Ethan sighed. "I'm not sure I want to see him Mom. After all he didn't believe that I was his son when you told him I was so why would I want to see him now? I would like to see Grandpa Sam though."

Theresa smiled at that and ruffled her son's hair. "Of course you'll see Grandpa Sam honey. After all I need to introduce him to Samantha. I also need to let him know of my situation."

At that little Ethan sat straight up and looked over at his Mom who still had bruises on her. "We'll be safe here Mom. Nathan won't find us and if he does Grandpa will keep us safe so will Uncle Luis and Uncle Miguel and Uncle Antonio."

Theresa couldn't help but smile a genuine smile at the names of her brother's. She knew that she should have said something to them about what she was going through but she also knew how they would react. She knew that they would have been on the first flight out to Washington D.C. As the plane started its descent into Harmony, Maine.

After disembarking from the plane Theresa held onto her seven year old daughters hand while her son held Samantha's other hand and led the way to the baggage claim. After getting their bags she led the way to the information desk and then out to the car lot where their car would be waiting. She didn't want anyone knowing she was coming back so she had bought a car and had it delivered to the airport today so that it would be there for them. She helped her son put their bags in the trunk and then unlocked the car and got in after making sure that Samantha was buckled in.

As she started the car she adjusted the rear view mirror and saw Samantha looking around wide eyed and she said "Sam sweetie are you alright?"

Samantha looked up and caught her Mom's eyes and gave her a smile and a nod. "Yes, Mommy I am. I'm ready to meet Grandma and my Uncles."

Theresa chuckled and nodded and then looked over at little Ethan as he said "Come on Mom lets go shock everyone."

Theresa fully laughed then and nodded and put her car into drive and drove out of the airport. As she drove towards where her house was her heart started beating faster and faster. She knew that she had the right to live in the Mansion if that is what she chose but right now she didn't want that. Instead she chose a nice house that had four bedrooms and had bought it. She knew that she could stay with her Mother but she needed her own space as did her son and daughter. She smiled as she thought about the fact that the house she had bought was actually next door to her Mom's house. She knew that her Mom was going to be shocked as soon as she saw who was moving in next door.

She pulled into the driveway and looked at Ethan and Samantha and took in a deep breath. "This is it kids. Let's grab our bags from the trunk and take them in and then we'll go see your Grandmother."

Little Ethan grinned at this and looked at his sister "Come on sis. You'll love Grandma just like she'll love you!"

With that Little Ethan pushed open his car door and hopped out and went around and helped his sister out of the car. Theresa had to smile at that because it just showed how much of a gentlemen he was and that was one of the traits he got from his father. When she thought about Ethan she had to fight to keep the memories at bay because the pain was still as fresh today as it was eight years ago. With a sigh she opened up her car door and got out and joined her seven year old daughter and thirteen year old son at the trunk.


Pilar was in the kitchen washing some dishes up when she heard a car pull into the driveway next door. She couldn't contain her curiousity and she peeked out her kitchen window to see who her new neighbors were. She hoped that it was a quiet couple. When she saw a boy get out of the passenger seat she couldn't help but think he looked familiar. Then when a woman got out of the driver's seat her mouth dropped open and she let out a scream making her three sons who were in the living room with their wives run in to see what was the matter.

"Mama what is it? What's wrong?" Luis asked his Mom frantically as his eyes went over her making sure she didn't injure herself some how.

Pilar turned to looked at Luis and then at Antonio and then finally Miguel as she said quickly "Your sister."

At that Antonio's, Luis's and Miguel's mouths dropped open and Antonio demanded "What about Theresa Mama? I take it you're talking about Theresa since Paloma is in the living room with the women."

Pilar nodded but before she could say anything the doorbell peeled and before anyone could say anything she was running to the front door and pulling it open. As soon as she saw who was standing on her front porch she let out a cry of joy before pulling the woman into her arms and obstructing everyone's view of the woman that she was hugging.

Theresa smile as she embraced her Mom back and she felt the tears prick at her eyes and she whispered "I have missed you Mama."