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Once they were all in the surgical waiting room and sitting down Ethan demanded "Just what in the hell is wrong with Theresa? What do you all know about Gwen that I don't? What has Gwen done that makes you all hate her like you all seem to?"

Julian saw that the others were all exchanging looks and sighed. He looked Ethan straight in the eyes. "First off Theresa flew here with broken ribs, a concussion, and a broken wrist. One of her ribs shifted and punctured her lung so they are going to have to go in a re-inflate it. The guy she was with apparently has been beating her and this wasn't the first time he has done this. From what I have gathered a year ago he beat her so bad that he cost her the baby she was pregnant with. He beat her severely last night and then sexually assaulted her and she went to the doctor's today to make sure she was alright and ended up finding out that she is three months pregnant. She knew that if she stayed she would end up losing her baby again so she grabbed Little Ethan and Samantha and came home finally. As for the Gwen thing it is more like what hasn't Gwen done, Ethan. It was Gwen and Rebecca who sent your paternity to the tabloids. We have all tried to tell you that multiple times over the last eight to nine years but you would not listen to any of us. Gwen knew that Little Ethan was yours and not mine but she threatened Theresa so that Theresa wouldn't tell you. Every man that Gwen told you that Theresa had slept with were actually the men that Gwen herself had been sleeping with or slept with. Gwen made it hard for Theresa to even show herself in public because of the lies that she was spreading around about Theresa. Gwen is the one who sent those men after Theresa nine years ago. Gwen was the one who had someone tamper with the breaks on Theresa's car. Lets not forget that it was Gwen who ran Theresa out of Harmony eight years ago by telling Theresa that she either get rid of the baby she was carrying on her own or that she would make sure that Theresa lost the baby in the most painful and hurtful way that she could. Then there is also the fact you were a first class asshole to Theresa when she finally did tell you that Little Ethan was your son. You threw everything Gwen told you that Theresa had supposedly done in her face. By the time Theresa came to see me she was completely heartbroken, sick, and scared and begged for me to help her leave Harmony. Not a day has went by that I didn't know where Theresa was at. You seem to forget, Ethan, that my father left everything to Theresa when he died. He also left proof about everything both Gwen and Rebecca has done to Theresa over the years. He tried to make up for everything he did to Theresa when he met his end. He made sure that she had complete control of Crane Industries and the Crane money so that Rebecca and Gwen couldn't get their hands on it no matter what they tried. When I was able to divorce Rebecca it was Theresa who made sure that Rebecca didn't get a cent of the Crane money. It is only right that you know this because come tomorrow it will be in the papers and I will be having charges pressed again Gwen like they should have been years ago."

Ethan was pale by the time Julian finished talking and his heart was breaking in his chest. "My God. How did I not see any of us this? How did I not know any of this?"

Pilar sighed and put her hand on Ethan's shoulder from where she was sitting next to him. "Ethan, Gwen always made sure to make you leave whenever she thought we were about to bring up her misdeeds. You saw how she was before she left the hospital earlier. She tried her hardest to get you to go with her because she knew we were going to tell you everything that you should have known years ago. She knew that once you found out that nothing she said would make you stay. Now we are going to have to keep an eye on Theresa because Gwen will be gunning for her again. She will blame us telling you on Theresa. She is going to be more dangerous now than she was in the past."

Luis nodded and rubbed a hand down his face. "One of us stays here at the hospital with Theresa at all times. We do not leave her alone for any reason. As soon as it is possible we move her to the Crane mansion where Eve can look after her and we can all stay in the house with her."

Julian nodded. "I'll have the maids make up some rooms for everyone. She will be more protected in the mansion then she would be anywhere else. The security guards at the gate knows not to let Rebecca or Gwen in or anyone else unless we tell them before hand that someone is okayed to come in. Little Ethan and Samantha will also have one of us with them at all hours of the day. We need to lessen up the burden on Theresa's shoulders as much as we can. She is going to have enough on her plate with healing and making sure the baby that she is carrying continues to grow."

Ethan nodded and ran a hand through his hair as he locked eyes with Little Ethan. "I have a lot to make up to you, your mother, and your sister. I am sorry for everything I have ever done to you guys. It kills me knowing that if it wasn't for me that Theresa wouldn't be like she is right now."

Little Ethan sighed and shook his head. "You will have the chance to make it up to us but you had better not hurt my mom again. I don't care if you are my dad or not if you hurt her I will kick you where it hurts. Mom has missed you every single day for the last eight years and I just want her to be happy again. We can start over but you have to earn our trust."

Ethan smiled slightly and nodded as he sat back in the chair he was on and leaned his head back against the wall as he closed his eyes. "There hasn't been a day in the last eight years that I haven't missed Theresa. It just about killed me when she left. It killed me to say the things I said to her all those years ago but I thought I had to give my marriage a chance regardless of how much I didn't want to. If anyone is to blame for the shit Gwen has done to Theresa it is me because she probably knew how I felt and still feel about Theresa."

Ivy shook her head. "You can't blame yourself for what Gwen has done, Ethan. Everything that Gwen has done is her own fault. Nothing that she has done can be laid at your feet and you don't need to be blaming yourself."

Pilar nodded. "Ivy is right, Ethan. Nothing that Gwen has done to Theresa is your fault. She chose to do what she did to Theresa because she was jealous and insecure. She knew that if you were given the choice that you would choose Theresa over her and she wasn't about to let that happen. The only thing you can do now is work on getting Theresa to forgive you and moving forward."

Ethan nodded and just kept his eyes closed as he thought about everything he had learned in the last thirty minutes or so. He could only hope that Theresa would eventually forgive him and give him another chance eventually.

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