The Iwa Shinobi

Female Naruto + Sasuke Romance AU where Minato and Kushina survive the Kyuubi attack on Konoha

Summary: a female Naruto has just had the Kyuubi sealed into her when she is kidnapped by Iwa ninja and taken back with them. What will happen to her while being raised by the enemy?

Akahana: Red rose


The Kyuubi was attacking Konoha, and the leaf Shinobi arrayed against it were powerless to stop it. Until the Yondaime Hokage arrived that is. He was standing on top of Gamabunta, the toad boss summon, the chief toad. His wife had just given birth to a baby girl. She had beautiful violet eyes and a small tuft of red hair, just like her mother. They named her Akahana. However their time together was short-lived as the Nine-tailed Fox continued its assault on Konoha.

Madara was laughing maniacally at how smoothly his plan was progressing. But before the Nine-tails could get any further Minato Namikaze, Yondaime Hokage, appeared with his newborn daughter and sealed the demon fox inside of her, ending the threat against his village. But while performing the seal, he was weakened considerably, and fell unconscious, his new-born child crying in his arm.

A couple of Iwa Shinobi were trying to make their way thru the forest when they heard crying. The two ninja exchanged glances and headed in the direction of the noise. When they arrived at the source what they saw shocked them. There, lying on the ground, was Iwa's number one enemy, Minato Namikaze. And what was even more shocking was that in his arms was a baby girl.

The two Iwa nins had evil smile playing on both of their faces. What better way to get back at their greatest enemy than to steal his new child away from him. Stealthily they crept up on the exhausted Yellow Flash and pried the crying child from his arms. They swiftly retreated from the area. They placed a sleeping jutsu on the child to hide their presence from Konoha's Shinobi.

When Minato woke up he was lying in a hospital bed. He looked around in a daze, his eyes eventually rested upon the form of his wife in the bed next to him. He couldn't help but smile. But then he remembered the events of the previous night and looked around frantically. His heartbeat went erratic, which sent a message to then nurses who charged into the room to see what was wrong. He looked up at them with a pained look on his face.

"Where is Akahana?"

The nurses exchanged nervous glances. Minato saw this and repeated his question with authority. The head nurse gulped, "Um, lord Hokage, when you were brought in there wasn't anyone with you."She hurriedly rushed out of the room as he threw anything he could get his hands on at the wall. When he couldn't find anything else, he collapsed on the ground, crying his eyes out.

Kushina woke up to the sound of her husband crying. Then suddenly she remembered last night's events as well (Well, up to the part where she gave birth and Minato took her kid away from her) and looked around frantically like Minato did moments before.

"Minato? Where is my Akahana?" She asked in a worried voice.

He brought his head up with a pained look in his eyes, tears flowing down his face. "I am so sorry Kushina."

Now she knew something was wrong. She narrowed her eyes at him. "Where is my daughter Minato?"

He couldn't hold her gaze. He looked down ashamed. "I don't know." He whimpered.

Kushina's eyes widened. Tears started to form in her eyes. Minato ran over to her and they held each

other crying their hearts out.

Back with the Iwa Shinobi, they were traveling fast as they made their return to their home village. The one holding the baby Akahana was doing his best to keep his long blond hair out of his eyes. Deidara was quite pleased with himself for thinking up such a brilliant plan, at first anyways. Now he was wishing that he had simply killed the brat and been done with it. Too bad he come too far and it would have meant that he had wasted all those hours with nothing to show for it. So he kept marching onward.

Eventually he crossed back into Iwa territory and picked up the pace, sprinting the final stretch as the baby needed to have a wet-nurse soon or it could die. He ran thru the streets with the little bundle in his arms which drew glances from the passersby.

He rushed thru the village until he was in front of the Tsuchikage's office. And then without a moment's hesitation threw the doors open and marched right in, startling the men talking to Onoki, the Sandaime Tsuchikage, and his sensei.

The most powerful ninja in Iwa rose to his feet in anger, "What the hell do you think you are doing Deidara? When I made you my apprentice I do not remember giving you permission to come and go as you please," he yelled, his eyes blazing. "You better have a good explanation for this." It was at that moment that he noticed a small bundle in said-blonde's arms. "Why is there a baby in your arms? Don't tell me you got someone pregnant."

Deidara waved his free hand in the air frantically, "No master Onoki, that is not the case. But what WILL interest you is who the child's father is." That seemed to get his attention, as he was suddenly walked over and peered inside the blanket to get a good look at the child, who looked up at him with her big blue eyes.

Hm, red hair, violet eyes, a face shaped like a tomato… wait! That's not possible! Onoki looked up from the baby girl and looked at Deidara, curiosity evident on his face, "Is this child who I think she is? And if she is, please tell me how you captured her. "

"Onoki-sensei, I know you want answers right now but I have to get this kid to a wet-nurse right now or she will die. And then it won't matter who she is."

The Sandaime Tsuchikage nodded in understanding. He snapped his fingers and a Tremor (Iwa equivalent of Anbu) wearing a dragon mask appeared in a swirl of flames. "Yes, Lord Tsuchikage?" the Tremor said kneeling on the floor.

Onoki loved it when people used his title, it made him feel more important, and powerful, "Dragon, I need you to find me a wet-nurse immediately. I don't care who she is as long as she is not a member of the Kamizuru clan. The ninja in the room notably shivered. The Kamizuru clan were known for having strange things in their bodies and as such when they got pregnant their milk was, oh how should I put it, lethal to anyone not of their clan. "Oh, and make sure she has blond hair."

"Hai, Tsuchikage-sama. It will be done." And with that he left as quickly as he had come.

Only to appear seconds later with a woman clearly from the hospital who had just had a stillborn. She tried to cover up her legs to no avail. The hospital gown she was wearing wasn't exactly suited for walking around. She would have bowed but that would have exposed her backside and that was not something a young woman did when in the presence of the opposite (and occasionally the same) gender.

"L-l-lord Tsuchikage, to what do I owe this honor?" she said as strongly as she could, seeing as how she was still for all intents and purposes naked and was still weak from the childbirth.

Deidara walked up to her and handed Akahana to her. She held the child awkwardly, unsure what to do with the baby girl. She looked up with a confused look on her face. Deidara looked at her pointedly and said, "We need you to breastfeed this child."

"Wh-wh-what?" She spluttered, "Are you serious?"

Onoki took this moment to take control of the situation, before Deidara mucked it up, "I need your services concerning this baby girl. Deidara got a girl pregnant some time ago and kept it secret from us, but now the girl is dead and we need you to take care of her for him." he said, coming up with a convincing story, and it would have been even more believable had the girl had blond hair and blue eyes, but alas, that was not the case.

Well, it would have been had Onoki not cast a genjutsu over the girl right before the woman arrived. Funny how no one noticed him doing it.

Deidara looked at his sensei with newfound respect in his visible eye. He hadn't thought about changing her appearance.

Onoki looked her dead in the eye (well as close as he could get what with him being the shortest person in the room), "Does this look like a joking face to you?"

She shook her head quickly, "N-no Tsuchikage-sama."

He smiled, sending a shiver down her spine, "Good, then I want you to begin immediately."

She gaped at him, "R-right n-now? But there are men here."

Onoki lifted an eyebrow, clearly amused, "Do you want the child to die?" she shook her head, "Then I suggest that you start now."

Not wanting to have the men around her force her to, she opened her gown and brought the baby up to her exposed nipple, and said baby immediately latched onto it, sucking the milk up greedily. Deidara gave a sigh in relief, happy that his efforts weren't in vain. And in a (rare) moment of clarity, he looked at his sensei and asked, "What are we going to do now?"

Onoki opened his mouth but closed it quickly. He hadn't thought that far ahead yet. Obviously they would have to keep the child under surveillance, what with it being a Jinjuuriki and all; the seal is rather obvious, or it was, before he cast the genjutsu on the girl that now looked like a boy.

Onoki looked at the woman and asked, "What is your name, young lady?"

The woman looked up from the suckling baby and said, "Akira, my lord."

Onoki smiled, "Well Akira, from now on this little blossom will be known as… oh perfect! Naruto! Yes, that's it, Naruto. From now on this child's name will be Naruto."

Akira looked up at him blankly, "Blossom? But he's a boy isn't he?"

Onoki shook his head, "No, my dear, she is not. Deidara has many enemies, and as such him having a baby will attract attention, and with it being a girl will cause even more trouble. When this child leaves the house and is in the company of others she shall be under the genjutsu, but when she is alone with you or one of us present here she shall be as she was born. When sufficient time has passed and we deem that she is strong enough to protect herself we shall allow the jutsu to be dropped, but until then it will be used is that clear?" a quick nod is his answer, "Good, now do you have a husband?"

"Yes my lord Tsuchikage, his name is Minoru."

"Minoru, eh? He is an academy teacher is he not?" She nodded, "Well, at least I know she will have protection when we are not around. You will take care of this child as if she were your own. Because of your hair color and his eyes being blue it won't be hard for him to believe that it is his child. After all, he is not in the village at the moment so he could not possibly know about the death of your real baby. And that is how it will stay, understand?" She nodded furiously, "Good, and also while she is at home with your husband I want that henge up, only when she is alone with you is she allowed to have it dropped, understood?" She kept nodding. He smiled, well alright then, I will have my Tremor escort you back to your hospital room now, until we meet again, Akira-san."

And with that Dragon reached over, grabbed her shoulder gently so as to not disturb the still suckling child, and poofed back to the hospital, where he laid her gently onto the, now much more comfortable bed, saluted, and left. Well, left as in went to his guard post outside her room, where he proceeded to sulk at having being degraded to a simple bodyguard to a civilian no less.

Back inside the room Akira was holding a now sleeping Naruto (coughAkahanacough) who had just had her fill of milk for the day. Akira couldn't help but marvel at how beautiful the sleeping girl was. She had dispelled the henge like she had been taught. Apparently civilians have a minor capacity for transformation ninjutsu, not that that was widely known of course. The little tuft of red hair caught her attention as soon as the henge was dropped. Or it would have if red hair wasn't so common in Iwa and the now defunct Whirlpool, where it was only common in Uzumaki females. Still she was a very beautiful baby girl, and she was happy to take care of her.

_The Iwa Shinobi_

Back in Konoha, Minato and Kushina stood at the front at the newly constructed memorial for those that gave their lives to defend their village from the Kyuubi and wept openly. Later that day they had a separate funeral for their baby girl whose body was never recovered so all they could do was erect a headstone and cry over it. Little did they know she was not only alive, but also being cared for by their greatest enemy: Iwagakure no Sato, the village hidden in the stone.