Minor Deathly Hallows spoilers in the first paragraph just to warn you.

Voldemort had everything he could desire. The Ministry of Magic was under his command, Albus Dumbledore was rotting away in his tomb, Hogwarts was his and the elder wand was in his hands. Yes, he had everything. The Dark Lord ruled the country, the land was all his. Every plant, twig, stone and living mammal in Lord Voldemort's newly founded kingdom was controlled by his followers, Death Eaters. There was one patch of land in England that wasn't controlled by the Dark Lord and the Death Eaters, wizards and muggles would have been hiding here if it was safe. That was the only problem, this place wasn't a safe haven.

It was rare for muggles to appear in the Daily Prophet, it was even rarer that they made the front page. There was a muggle school in the English country side that had always made the impossible possible. They had survived so much and lost so little, it was only natural that they frightened the wizard and muggle world. St Trinians School for Young Ladies were always ready to fight for what they believed in even if that meant sacrifices, these muggle students were ready at a moments noticed to give up there lives and save there home. Rita Skeeter had once visited the infamous school, it was an experience that she would never report.

Lord Voldemort was aware that muggles feared the school, he pitied them for it. The Dark Lord knew that a mere muggle school would be no match even for a filthy mudblood. He never believed that the school would be a threat to his newly found power, that was before he picked up the book on Albus Dumbledore. He took a quick glance at the contents page and he saw a name that sounded familiar to him, after a few minutes of rummaging through his memory he remembered. It was that school that the feeble muggles feared, wanting to find out more he flicked through the book until he reached the desired page. It read,

St Trinians school

A muggle boarding school for young ladies aged from eleven to seventeen, this school has an extensive history. The day that will stand out would be the day that Albus Dumbledore walked upon their ground and graced them with his presence. From what sources have revealed, Dumbledore was meeting with Miss Camilla Fritton to discus a plan. What the plan was is unknown but what is known is that Fritton is a skilful witch who had a romantic involvement with He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. St Trinians is also home to another powerful witch and Fritton's squib niece, the second witch was expelled from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It is believed that said witch caught the eye of Mr Draco Malfoy while she was sat in the Slytherin common room while she still attended Hogwarts.

Voldemort's eyes fell upon the picture at the bottom, he traced a finger over a very familiar toothy grin. It had been years since he saw that woman, years since his blood thirsty heart was almost innocent. The Dark Lord never expected to be crushed by a pure blood who's family were an improved version of the Malfoys. The picture was labelled 'Camilla Fritton, headmistress to St Trinians', next her picture was another. The girl in this picture looked young but her eye's twinkled with wisdom, Voldemort had only seen a twinkle like that once in life. Just by the look of her eyes he saw the immediate threat that this young girl posed, Dumbledore had that same sparkle. Her hair was in a neat black bob and she wore blue and white tie with a green and silver Slytherin scarf. Lord Voldemort re-read the short paragraph and drank every letter of every word, that's when he summoned Draco.

"Do you recognise this girl?" Voldemort said, not wanting to beat around the bush,

"Yes," The youngest Malfoy whispered,

"What is her name?"

"Kelly Jones, she was thought to be the most talented student at Hogwarts when I was in my first year. She was Dumbledore's favourite before Potter,"

"What was she ex-spelled for?"

"I'm sorry my lord but no-one but her and Dumbledore know the true reason." Draco said as he bowed his head in respect, having had enough information Voldemort sent Draco away.

Kelly Jones had left St Trinians almost a year ago yet she still found herself staying there on her holidays from her muggle job. Recently she found herself spending almost all of her time at her old school with her friends that were her family. The previous head girl was still up to date with the wizard world and she knew that Voldemort had gained control over the muggle government, that was why she couldn't return to the job she loved. If Voldemort discovered who she was and what power she held, she knew he would come after her. As crazy as it sounds, Kelly knew that St Trinians was safer then Hogwarts. The muggle school wasn't protected by complex spells and enchantments, it was simply protected by flour and paint bombs.

"Hello girlie," Kelly looked towards the owner of the voice and smiled,

"Yes Miss?" she asked politely,

"Have you read what Rita Skeeter has wrote about Dumbledore?"

"No Miss, I stopped reading anything written by Skeeter when she made up rumours about Granger and Potter during the Triwizard Tournament, why do you ask?"

"Because we are mentioned my dear and I think if a certain idiotic man reads it we may have to prepare for a fight,"

"What lies has that weasel written?"

"She writes that you were ex-spelled from Hogwarts and 'caught the eye of Mr Draco Malfoy',"

"Draco Malfoy? That mini Snape but with the Malfoy hair and snottiness?" Miss Fritton nodded, "I suppose we're getting ready to fight a bunch of Death Eaters?"

"Remember to find your wand." Miss Fritton smiled before she left Kelly alone in her room. Rolling her eye's at the old woman, Kelly crawled under her bed and pulled out a box. 'Beware' the label on the box read, the girl took a deep breath before attempting to pull the lid of the box off. She tried with all her strength to pry the lid off but it wouldn't bug, that's when she remembered the permanent sticking charm she placed on it to stop prying eyes.

"Specialis revelio(1)," Kelly muttered, hoping that she could still do magic without her wand, to her relief the box opened and revealed it's content. Books, sweets, moving photos and other objects littered the little box that had an extension spell placed upon it, resting on top of the objects was Kelly's wand.

(1) Specialis revelio- Causes an object to show it's hidden secrets or magical properties (wikipedia)

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