Bellatrix and Rodolphus followed Kelly out of the dorm only for Bellatrix to poke her head around the door and pull Draco out by his collar. Kelly followed her parents and her cousin down the halls of her home, she knew this could be dangerous but she felt at ease. Something in Bella's tone told her that her Mother really did want to talk and the word wasn't going to be a horrific spell. Rodolphus stopped at a door and gently opened and Bellatrix, still dragging Draco, strode in. Kelly mumbled her thanks before stepping into the room, she sighed at the sight. "You brought me here for a family reunion? We're about to go to war and you want a flaming family reunion?" Kelly said in disbelief as she looked at the Malfoys,

"That's not what we're here for," A voice said icily, shivers ran down her spine. It was him,

"Then what do you want?"

"Roll up your sleeve," Voldemort commanded,

"I refuse to carry your mark," Kelly spat. The Dark Lord sighed and pointed his wand at her sleeve, it instantly rolled up and revealed a snake and a sword dancing on her skin, all of the Death Eaters grinned, "I forgot about that," Kelly mumbled,

"Perfect," He smiled evilly, "You may go back to your thoughts." Kelly sent him one last glare before she strutted out of the room. The ex head girl practically sprinted to the dorm, she wanted to be as far from Voldemort as possible. She was too wrap up in her thoughts earlier to think about checking the mark, she could feel it moving.

All heads turned when a panting Kelly stood in the doorway to the dorm, her face looked drained and her body looked fragile. The fearless leader looked broken. Gasps filled the dorm when they saw, what they thought was a tattoo, dance on her skin. "Kelly, that's not a tattoo is it?" Annabelle asked her, Kelly shook her head. The black haired girl gritted her teeth as she felt the sword on her skin press its into her veins,

"Where's Miss Fritton?" Kelly said through her clenched jaw,

"She's not been seen since you two confronted the Death Eaters, why?"

"Tonks, you're an auror. Do you know the spell that Dumbledore used to freeze this?" Kelly panted, time was running out. Tonks came running to Kelly's side and took her arm, she carefully examined it. Fumbling, the auror pulled out her wand and muttered some words, the snake and the sword froze. Kelly smiled, "It won't hold for long,"

"What is that thing?" Fred asked,

"The beginning of a dark mark. It is given to any worthy child when they show signs of dark magic, when The Dark Lord requires their services it activates. The snake begins to dance around the sword, then the sword presses into and goes underneath the skin to create a passage for the snake. The snake travels through the passage and forms the dark mark when it reaches the wrist. Dumbledore knew how to stop it, he was suppose to contact me before he died and give me the treatment," Kelly explained,

"So you are a Death Eater?" Annabelle asked in shock,

"No, I was going to be but that was a long time ago,"

"A leopard cannot change it's spots,"

"A what?" Tonks, Fred and George asked,

"I am no leopard 'Belle, I'm a St Trinian,"

"You're not a St Trinian, you're a Slytherin and a Death Eater," Annabelle said in a deathly voice,

"Half of the students here would be placed in Slytherin if they were magical, you know that. Believe me when I say that I am no Death Eater, if I was everyone would be dead by now. When have I ever threatened a girl? When have I ever harmed a girl?" Kelly reasoned, "I am no Death Eater,"

"You were ex-spelled from Hogwarts for using an unforgivable curse!" Annabelle yelled,

"That was a long time ago," Kelly repeated,

"You fired one at Bellatrix and that was in this hour!"

"I lost self control, I have never been a threat to this school or it's students. Why are you making this a big deal?"

"Because it is a big deal, you should know what Death Eaters do to muggle-borns! They are murderers, you have to be a killer to get their mark!" Then Annabelles eyes widened in shock, "Who?" Was all she said,

"An AD1 member," she whispered, suddenly Kelly felt small,

"Does Miss Fritton know?"

"Dumbledore and her had a meeting about it," Kelly didn't finish her sentence as she dropped to her needs and clutched the top of her arm. "Sorry," Was all she say as she gasped in pain. The sword started to bury its self into her skin and carve out a route for the snake, then the snake followed and you could see it wriggle through the freshly made passage. Kelly looked up from her arm and caught Annabelles gaze, her eyes looked blood thristy.

Umm... VOLDEMORT DID IT! He turned Kelly like that not me! Ok... I may have been apart of it... Who cares about that detail anyway? According to Google Gemma Arterton has a tattoo of a snake and sword on her arm, you can see it in St Trinians.

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