Little crossover of McFly & Harry Potter.
Just enjoy!

Tom and Giovanna were walking in the streets of London. Today was their fifth anniversary. Five years of true love. They had the perfect evening ever. Restaurant, then cinema and now, walking in the empty streets holding each other's hands talking about anything and everything. They walked in total silence a few minutes, then Giovanna broke the silence.

''Can we go back home? My feet hurts me and I don't like this part of the town.'' She asked to Tom, tightening his hands a bit more.

''Sure.'' He replied, kissing Giovanna on her cheek.

They turned back and a green jet of light struck the building to their right.

''LAY DOWN!'' They heard behind them.

They just had the time to do it, than the voice behind them yelled:


A red jet of light passed over them and knocked someone off the other side of the street.

''We can't stay here, stand up and follow me!''

Tom and Giovanna stood up and turned to see the person behind them; it was a girl. She walked in the nearest alley without checking if the young couple was following her.

''W-What should we do?'' Giovanna asked.

''I guess we should follow her.'' Tom answered.

He took Giovanna's hand and followed the mysterious girl in the alley. Everything's was dark, they couldn't see if the girl was there or not.


A light appeared and the girl was standing in front of them, smiling. She wasn't really tall; she had brown long hair and beautiful green eyes. She was holding a wand in her hands were light was. A wand?

''You are lucky that I found you in time.'' She sighed. ''We can't stay here any longer, we need to find a place to hide.''

''Who are you? Why did you-''

''We can't stay here any longer!'' She repeated. ''I'll answer to all your questions when we will be in a safe place. Now, just trust me.''

She walked away. Tom and Giovanna followed her, still in shock about what happened few minutes earlier and scared of what would happen next.