Fresh Starts- Author's Note

Brace yourself. I have bad news... I'd like to say that I'm putting Fresh Starts on hiatus... but I've lost some notes that I needed to continue the story. And I've forgotten most things on it, so I have to admit- even to myself- that Fresh Starts is over for good. For a brief second, I considered deleting it, since it's so old, it's nothing like my writing today, but... I figured to let it stay. It's a numb feeling, really, every time I'm going to see it now, I'm going to be thinking about what a hopeless updater I was for it, and after all the long, hard author's blocks I had on it, and yet still kept writing it, it seems like such a pity just giving up.

So, I'm sorry. Though, I should mention that; the last time I edited Fresh Starts, there wasn't anything major I changed: just a bit of story added here and there, and maybe some taken out. But nothing to stop the story line currently. What's changed that you should know is; dates have been improved and added on the story. The dates were completely messed up and wrong before the last edit. The dates are now in sync with the story-line, and it has been changed to 2011 dates since that was what majority of the story had been going on at the time. Also, well, I don't know if I've mentioned this until now...

But, thank you to everybody who has read and reviewed my story. For the last few months... probably, for the last year, I've hardly gotten one review for Fresh Starts, which was hard to swallow after I used to get so much positive feedback for the first year of me updating this story. But people still added it to their favourites list and I was being too irrational before. So I just want to say thank you to everybody whose come all this way with me!

I just feel... really disappointed in myself. But this story was written so many, many, many months ago. My writing style and my writing in general, has completely changed. I have so much to explain- but if I do, I'll probably get emotional. So, I'll just say that... hopefully, in the future I'll have time to read the Harry Potter Series again and then make another chaptered fanfic on it. Cause Harry Potter is still close to my heart, and always will be- so there's no reason for me to stop writing fics on it, just because... I cannot complete this one.

~Lightning And Blossoms