Hey, folks! BrenRome here again, taking my first fanfiction stab at everyone's favorite wall-crawling, Broadway-Staring, Clone-Frenzy, (and of course,) devil-deal-making Marvel hero, Spider-Man. Unlike my attempts on my current Star Wars story, I am no stranger to Spider-Man as I have followed the books since I first saw Sam Raimi's first masterpiece. Now, when I actually picked up my first issue of Spider-Man, it was during the 'Back in Black' arc, so I had no idea what the hell was going on with Aunt May being shot. Then Quesadda made One More Day, and I was left even more confused, as I hounded down all trade-paperbacks on Civil War, and Back in Black, realizing that Quesadda screwed us over, and I was forced to read comics up until this year's Summer event, One Moment In Time. There, everything suddenly made sense as to what Mephisto changed in the past. But at the end, did Peter and Mary Jane get back together? No. In the words of William Dafoe in the first film, "That just really ****es me off!"

So, then I played Shattered Dimensions, and I got the idea for this story. Expect to see not only the diffrent universes in here, but also almost all of your favorite Marvel heroes and villians. Some that are still around, some that you may have forgotten about.

Oh, and one last thing; I don't own Marvel or Spider-Man. This is for fan purpopses only, so please don't sue!

Spider-Man swung happily through the air as he landed on a flagpole. Spinning around it, he leapt up and began walking alongside the wall of another building. He felt great relief since his long-overdue talk with Mary Jane. Sure Kraven the Hunter was still on the loose after being reborn, but it didn't matter. The talk with MJ had convinced him to move on in life and find someone else who he could spend the rest of his life with.

As he landed on a rooftop, he was suddenly met with a ghostly image of Stephen Strage, former Sorcerer Supreme.

"What's up, doc?" Peter asked, jokingly.

"Peter," Strange said, in a serious tone, "I need you to meet me at my house."

"Sure, doc," Peter said, "What's up."

"I will tell you when you get there." Strange said, disappearing.

"He sounded kinda grim," Peter said to himself out loud, "I wonder what it is."

Spinning a web-line, Peter started his journey to Stephen Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum, to figure out what the hell was going on.


"Doctors!" Wong said, as Peter followed him down the stairs, "He's here!"

When Peter reached the bottom, he saw Strange with Brother Voodoo, the new Sorcerer Supreme, and three familiar faces from his past.

"Hey," A man wearing a futuristic red-and-blue suit announced, "Look who's here."

Underneath his mask, Peter smiled at the three Spider-Men from different dimensions that he had met during one of his reality-saving adventures in the past. The one who had spoke was Miguel O' Hara, the Spider-Man of a dimension set in the year 2099, whom the 616 Peter had the pleasure of teaming-up with more than once. Standing next to him, was a Spider-Man dressed in a black trench coat, with goggles, who was from a dimension set in the 1930's during the great depression. Finally, the last Spider-Man there was dressed exactly like the 616 Spider-Man, only he was shorter, (mainly because he was 16,) and his eyes on his mask were much bigger than the 616's. He was the Peter Parker from the so-called 'Ultimate' Universe, where according to him, all the Super Heroes like The Fantastic Four, and The X-Men had been born around the year 2000.

"Very well," Brother Voodoo said, as he raised his arms and a blue fog appeared, "Have a seat, Spider-Men, and we shall begin."

The Spider-Men did as they were told, as Strange stood next to Voodoo, looking at the group solemnly.

"Can any of you gentlemen tell me about Satan?" He asked, seriously.

Instantly, 616 Peter's hand shot up, and Strange pointed his finger at him.

"Basically, he's the ruler of hell and all," 616 Peter explained, "Meaning he's a real badass, yeah, but I guess it's okay since he gave us Ghost Rider, and all."

"And how was Ghost Rider, created originally?" Strange asked, not changing the tone in his voice.

"Well," 616 Peter said, "Basically, for you guys from other dimensions, short story is that Johnny Blaze was compelled into making a deal with Satan to sell his soul, so that Mephisto could save the life of Crash Simpson who's cancer was killing him. Basically, Mephisto did so, but killed Crash anyway, transforming Blaze into Ghost Rider."

"Huh," Ultimate Peter said amazed, "That's not how it happened on my world. See, thing from what I hear was..."

"Gentlemen, please," Voodoo said, as the fog grew even brighter, "This is serious."

Ultimate Peter knew it was time to keep his mouth shut and Voodo's eyes began to glow as he placed his hands around the eye of Agamotto. The mist flew upwards and turned into a square, in the ceiling which began to glow brightly.

"I must ask the four of you to be prepared for what you are about to see," Strange said, turning to 616 Peter, "Especially you, Peter. This might be the hardest on you."

"What?" 616 Peter asked, "Why?"

"You'll see," Strange said as the light dimmed.

The Spider-Men looked up and saw 616 Peter with his Mary Jane and Aunt May. The thing that bothered 616 Peter though was that he and Mary Jane had a wedding ring on. But that was impossible! 616 Peter could never marry Mary Jane because he was kept knocked out so long that he practically missed his own wedding.

"What you four are seeing," Strange said, "Is how OUR Universe SHOULD'VE been kept. Something has disrupted the space/time continuum and is threatening all of reality. This is how the events occurred in our reality originally.

The Peter in the flashback image suddenly looked away towards a window, and pushed Mary Jane down which took them out of the way of a bullet. Before the three other Spider-Men (excluding 616 Peter,) could give a sigh of relief, they looked in horror as they saw that the bullet had hit Aunt May instead.

The flashback continued with 616 Peter, sitting outside the Sanctorum, looking at the ground sadly.

"It is at this point now," Strange said, "That we thought our Peter returned to the hospital, saved Aunt May, and then had Reed Richards, Tony Stark and myself help create a magical techno-virus that erased everyone's memories of his secret identity."

"But recently we learned that is NOT the way things hd originally happened?" Voodoo said.

"So what happened?" 616 Peter asked.

"You were manipulated." Strange answered, as the Spider-Men returned their attention to the screen.

616 Peter then saw something he hadn't the day he saved Aunt May's life. A little redhead girl appeared, and he began to follow her in the flashback. The images then showed Peter talking to a chubby man with oversized glasses and then talking with an old man with graying light-brown hair. Finally, it showed 616 Peter standing before a woman who looked like Aunt May, dressed completely in red.

"But who would do this?" 616 Peter asked.

"Who do you think?" Voodoo asked, as the woman transformed into a figure 616 Spider-Man was more than familiar with.

"Mephisto!" He roared.

"Mephisto?" Noir Peter asked, shocked, "As in..."

"The Devil?" Strange finished, "Yes."

The images then showed Mary Jane whispering something to Mephisto.

"What is she doing?" 616 Spider-Man demanded, "Is she..."

Then it hit him.

"Oh. Oh no. We...we didn't!"

"Peter," Strange said trying to calm him down as the final image showed 616 Peter and Mary Jane kissing as the whole world went black, and then the smog disappeared completely, "Nobody is blaming you for what you did. You must understand: You were under great pressure. But now, you have to fix what you did wrong."


With that, he literally dashed up the stairs faster than any of the other men in the room had seen him move at.

"Peter!" Noir Spider-Man called.

"Do not follow!" Strange ordered, "Only Miguel O' Hara may be allowed to follow.

"Why?" Ultimate Peter asked, "How come?"

"Because the Mary Jane's of your universes are in danger." Voodoo explained as Strange nodded.

"You see," Strange continued, "He plans to not only imprison my Peter's Mary Jane, but yours as well."

He pointed a finger at Ultimate Spidey.

"You, Peter Parker of Earth-1610, why do you think you and your Mary Jane broke up after the events of your so-called 'Ultimatium?' It was Mephisto's work. You, Spider-Man of Earth-7207," Strange continued pointing a finger at Noir Peter, "Why do you think that you and your Mary Jane never fell in love? Mephisto guided you away from it!"

Both of the two Peter's tried to come up with a better explanation, but it was no use. There was no denying it at all.

"Go now!" Strange ordered as Voodoo opened a portal and the two Spdier-Men returned to their own respective universes. 2099 Spider-Man rushed out the door of the Sanctorum, as he heard Strange call one last piece of advice.

"I will find you allies!" He called, "But you must find our Peter!"

"Don't get worked up, Grandpa!" Miguel called, "I'm on it!"


Mary Jane Watson left the photo-shoot as she walked down what appeared to be a un-populated New York City. It was just so strange. But then again, strange things did happen in New York, be that it was the creations of new superhumans, Civil Wars, Secret Invasions, or Dark Reigns, New York was always active. When Frank Sinatra called it 'The City that Never Sleeps,' he never imagined that it would one day become a reality.

Frowning, Mary Jane suddenly remembered the talk she had with Peter. For some reason, she felt as though something DID go wrong on the day of her wedding. But that was it, right? Peter had too much of a responsibility for being Spider-Man that he simply could not, by any definitions, commit time to her if he had missed her wedding.

Then why did Mary Jane feel as if there was more to it. WAS that the case? WERE there some force that didn't want her to know.

"Hey Miss!" She heard a young voice call.

Spinning around, Mary Jane found herself looking at a young toddler with long red hair. She looked really cute.

"Yes?" Mary Jane asked, leaning down so that way, she was eye-to-eye with the kid.

"Could you help me?" The girl asked, shyly, "I lost my Mommy and Daddy."

Mary Jane looked at the kid sadly. She was no stranger to parent problems. With the life of her Mom, Dad, and sister, Gail, she knew how bad it was for kids to have problems with their parents.

"Sure I can help you." Mary Jane smiled, reaching her arm out to put on the kid's shoulder, "Do you remember their names?"

But when Mary Jane placed her arm on the girl's shoulder, the child seemingly shattered into a million pieces almost as if she were made of glass. Mary Jane screamed as she stumbled backwards, only to see that now she was not alone.

Standing far behind where the girl had once stood, Mary Jane saw a woman with red skin with horns on her head, backed by flying demons that almost seemed to come right out of the movie End of Days. The woman was wearing a dark-red swimsuit, but also wore red pants over that, with what appeared to be buffalo fur at the bottom of the pants. She pointed at Mary Jane with one figure.


Not wanting to meet the 'others,' Mary Jane ran for her life as fast as her feet would carry her. Taking a quick glance back, she saw the demons were flying above her. Not obviously one who would fight demons, Mary Jane quickly turned on her cell phone and quickly dialed the number for Avengers Tower that Peter had shown her recently during her last visit. After four rings, she only got through to the answering machine. Cursing, Mary Jane quickly tried dialing the number for the Baxter Building, only to get no response there either. Frustrated, Mary Jane finally dialed the last number she knew to ONE person who could help her.


Peter's cell phone rang as he quickly picked up, realizing that the ring tone meant that it was Mary Jane who was calling.

"Hello?" He asked.

"PETER!" He heard Mary Jane scream, "I NEED YOU OVER HERE, NOW!"

"What?" Peter asked, not liking where this was going, "Why?"

"I'm being chased by these flying demons and...WOAH!"

"MARY JANE!" Peter screamed.

"It's all right..." Mary Jane assured, almost out of breath, "I just dodged one of them. I gave them the slip, but I don't have much time before they find me. Peter, I'm at the remains of the Bugle. Please, Peter. Find me."

"I will Mary Jane." Peter said, as he hung up, and continued web-slinging.


The Daily Bugle building once was probably one of the greatest structures in New York. It was founded in 1897, and lasted all the way up until 2009. In that time, many people had taken control of it from William Walter Goodman, all the way up until Dexter Bennet. However, that was all for naught when Bennet took control of the Bugle. After renaming it to The 'DB,' Bennet preformed harsh activities when he was in charge, firing workers who didn't march with him, printing flat-out lies about stories, supporting Norman Osborn, (even though he hadn't attempted his Siege of Asgard yet, he was still doing plots behind the scenes,) and even bashing stars in there. So it would come as no surprise when Dexter Bennet would pay for his crimes when the super villain known as Electro came for him. In the end, while Electro was stopped by Spider-Man, it was not without a cost. Max Dillon brought ten floors of the bugle down on Bennet, crushing his legs, which in turn, brought down the Daily Bugle building itself, ending the history of one of New York's finest newspapers.

Now, Mary Jane was using the remains of the building as a hideout to wait for Peter at. Since nobody was working on the repairs there to stop her, Mary Jane was hiding underneath the rubble so that way, the crazy broad and her boys wouldn't find her.

"C'mon, Peter," Mary Jane said, quietly, "Where are you..."

At that moment, the rubble she was hiding under was lifted, but not by Peter. Instead, Mary Jane screamed as she was now face-to-face with the recently-disfigured Doctor Otto Octavious, known better to the world as Doc Ock.

"I FOUND HER!" Octavious announced.

"Well," Mary Jane joked, remembering the training that Captain America had showed her when she, Peter and May were living in Avengers Tower, "I know that when Kristen Dunst played me, she got it wrong, so here's for that:"

And Mary Jane kicked Ock in between the knees, making him fall in pain. Taking a little pride for what she did, Mary Jane ran, looking back at the poor doctor who was grasping his groin, only to run right into the fist of Mephista, knocking her out cold.

Mephista handed Mary Jane to the winged demons, only to have that demon's face suddenly sprayed by a web-like substance.

"HEY, EDWARD!" A voice roared, before Spider-Man kicked one of the other demons with his foot, "ROBERT PATTERSON CAN HOOK UP WITH THE HUMAN INTELLIGENCE IF HE WANTS TO, BUT NOT THIS LADY!"

Just then, Spider-Man was knocked on the back of the head, by an arm he was more than familiar with.

"Well if it isn't my good buddy, Doc Ock," Spidey said, as the deranged scientist approached him, "What on earth are you doing here helping these guys out. Shouldn't you be...I don't know, kidnaping a child, or trying to lead a Sinister Six team of guys like Sandman and Kraven?"

"No, insect," Ock simply replied smacking him with another tentacle, "THIS time, these demons are offering me something more suitable; a chance for me to cheat death itself."

"Yeah," Spidey said, dodging the next tentacle, "I can see you trying to cheat death with that ugly face you've got on. Say, have you ever considered starring in a Lady Gagga music video? Or how about a Ke$ha one?"

"DIE!" Doctor Octupus ordered, slamming another tentacle which Spidey barely dodged, "Even if you defeat me, you'd never be able to reach Miss Watson in time."

Just then, Ock suddenly felt a fist connect with his jaw knocking him back.

616 Spidey smiled as he was now joined by The Spider-Man of 2099. Otto looked at him amazed at the sight of a Spider-Man with technology that seemed so far ahead of this time.

"Who the hell is this interloper?" Otto demanded.

"You fool!" Mephista demanded, "He is one of 'The Other' Spider-Men my father warned you about! Now stop them now!"

"Ready for a team-up 2010 style?" 616 Spidey asked, as he and Miguel stood back-to-back.

"Yup!" The future Spider-Man exclaimed, "As you guys like to say in this time; 'It's Clobbering Time!'"

With that, 616 Spidey took on the two demons and Mephista while 2099 Spidey took on Ock. Miguel was reminded of the last time he was involved with this universe's Spider-Man and he had fought the Ock of his world on his own turf.

"You know," Miguel joked as he kept dodging the Doctor's tentacles faster than Otto could register, "I shouldn't probably mention this, but you know, in the future, you get to be replaced by a smoking-hot, french-named lady. I guess between her and you, she's better by far."


"Or not." Miguel said, as Otto found he could no longer stretch his tentacle any further than it already was.

Looking back, Otto found that he had made a BIG mistake. He had been so intent on squashing his enemy that he hadn't bothered to check in which direction his tentacles had been moving. Miguel had been playing on the doctor for so long, that in his rage, Otto had accidentally tied his own tentacles up.

"Oh no." Ock said, softly.

"Oh yes." Miguel replied smiling underneath his mask.

With that, he was able to lunge at Doctor Octopus quickly and successfully slug him in the jaw just as the Spider-Man of this world had done all those years ago. The punch sent Otto flying backwards, as he fell to the ground, defeated.

Meanwhile, 616 Spider-Man had taken care of the two creatures and was now preparing to strike the one holding, Mary Jane. Reaching one arm out, Spider-Man was about to grab Mary Jane and leave, but when he touched her, she suddenly disappeared in a puff of smoke, leaving 616 Spidey to punch out the demon only.

"NO!" He exclaimed, turning to Mephista, "What did you do to her?"

Moving with inhuman speed, Mephista simply grabbed 616 Spidey by the neck, and began choking the life out of him.

"She is with my father now," Mephista said, simply, "I have a message for you, Spider-Man: Follow her, and you die. Understood?"

"How..." Spidey wheezed, "Are you this strong? I didn't expect this from...a 90's reject..."

"Father dearest gave me more," Mephista said, as she grasped Peter's neck further, "In a way, you did too, when you decided to save the life of your 'beloved' Aunt May."

She was ready to snap the neck of this miserable person, when a foot kicked her in the back of the head, causing her to slump to the ground, defeated and release Peter.

Looking up, Peter saw Miguel, who had his arm outstretched to him.

"Need a hand?" He joked as Peter took it.

Just then, A ghostly image of Strange appeared between them.

"Doc!" Spidey exclaimed.

"There is no time, Peter!" Strange announced, "While Mary Jane is a problem, you must go to the so-called Ultimate Universe and help that version of himself! I sent him to retrieve his Mary Jane, but he's under attack by one of his enemies! Go, now!"

With that, a portal opened up between them as the two Spider-Men instantly felt themselves being pulled into there.

"Yep," Peter said, "I have a very bad feeling about !"

With that, He and Miguel were sucked into the portal which then closed behind them.

Next Chapter: Miguel and Peter enter the Ultimate Universe to team-up with Ultimate Peter and Ultimate Nick Fury against one of Ultimate Spider-Man's greatest foes! Who is it? Find out next time! Reviews appreciated!