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Peter and Mary Jane walked down the empty streets in Forest Hills. Both of them were glad to be back in the universe they belonged in, but both knew what was on each other's minds.

"Peter..." Mary Jane said, "About the thing with Mephisto...I..."

"Shh." Peter whispered, as they both stopped outside Peter's house, "It's okay, Mary Jane. I felt the same way. That monster blinded both of us..."

He sighed before speaking again.

"I'm going to tell you something," Peter admitted, "Despite what Mephisto did, I still loved you. Now that everything's back the way it should be...I love you even more now."

He cleared his throat.

"I know this is weird saying this despite everything that just happened in the last 24 hours, but...when the time comes...Mary Jane...will you marry me?"

Mary Jane looked at him as if she had just been socked hard in the face. Peter was worried that he might've done it wrong, but she smiled at him.

"Yes, Peter!" She exclaimed, "Of course I will!"

The two kissed and then continued up the stairs to Peter's front door.

"There's a reason you want me to come in here, isn't there?" Mary Jane asked.

Peter just smiled. As soon as he opened the door, the lights came on, and Mary Jane was met with a collective number of voices yelling 'Surprise!'

After the shock, Mary Jane realized that it was Peter's Aunt May, Johnny Storm, Bobby Drake, Kitty Pryde, Gwen Stacey and Liz Allen.

"Welcome home, Mary Jane." Peter smiled.



"Miguel!" a familiar voice said, "You're late again!"

"Sorry sir!" Miguel apologized to his supervisor, "I was just..."

"Never mind..." The supervisor interrupted, "I want to introduce you to your new partner, Miguel O'Hara, meet Xina Kwan."

Miguel looked at the woman in front of him and almost fainted. She was a bombshell redhead with a hairstyle that made Xina have two afros on each side of her head.

"Face it, Tiger Shark," Xina joked, "You just hit the jackpot."



"Do you think they'll be all right?" Mary Jane asked Peter while they walked to Aunt May's soup kitchen.

"The serious Peter and You?" Peter asked, "Yeah."

"How do yo know." Mary Jane asked, "He didn't seem all that serious to me for the most part."

Peter looked up into the dark, cloudy skies as if they held the answer.

"He may not seem like much," Peter said, "But there's a future out there. I know it. I know for definite that he and his Mary Jane are working right now. Carrying out the good fight."

"Very philosophical of you, Peter." Mary Jane said.

"Mary Jane," Peter said, "You think you might want to do some ring shopping after this."

Mary Jane just smiled at him as Peter smiled back at her.


EARTH 616, Mephisto's Realm...

"Thee we go, Peter," Strange said, as he prepared a portal to take Peter and Mary Jane to their destination, "Reality has corrected itself. You will now have a few moments left to spend with May. I would recommend, however, that next time you almost cause the universe to collapse, you TELL me before you do so."

"Alright, Doc." Peter said, glumly.

"What's wrong, Peter?" Mary Jane asked her re-united husband.

"Nothing, Mary Jane." Peter said, assuring as best he could, "It's just...I just wonder how we're going to live normal lives after everything I did with the SHRA."

"Peter!" Doctor Strange chided, as he stopped the portal, "Do you realize that as much harm you did to the universe by making a deal with Mephisto, you also did as much good in the alternate reality?"

"I..." Peter asked surprised, "I did?"

"YES!" Strange said, "You prevented more supervillains from taking New York. You helped to stop the Skrulls when they tried to invade Earth. You exposed Norman Osborn for what he truly was more than once during his Dark Reign. You helped to put an END to Osborn's reign during the Siege of Asgard. You even saved President Obama when HIS life was on the line."

"So you think that everyone will forgive me?" Peter asked.

"OF...yes." Strange said, catching himself before he could finish the line Peter was aiming for.

"Thanks, then, Doc." Peter laughed, as Strange teleported him and Mary Jane to the apartment of Aunt May and J. Jonah Jamerson Sr. Peter found May struggling in bed (no doubt to the bullet from Kingpin,) and Jamerson Sr. standing over her. He looked up to see Peter and Mary Jane, looking a bit surprised, but then hiding it.

"I should have known." Jamerson Sr. smiled softly.

"Duh," Mary Jane said, trying to lighten the mood, "How many other superheroes know you and May well enough to 'coincidentally' be in two places at once?"

"Mary Jane?" May asked, softly, "P...Peter?"

"I'm here, Aunt May." Peter said, taking his mask off and rushing to her side.

Peter took his Aunt's hand, and squeezed it gently. He had only a few moments left, and he needed to let her know as much as he could before it was over.

"Aunt May..." Peter said, tears starting to fill his eyes, "I'm sorry for what I did... For what I ALMOST did. But between the whole stress and then Mephisto..."

"Ssssh." May said, softly, getting Peter to be quiet, "It's okay, Peter. You fixed it. That's what counts. Now you have to try and continue to fix...fix the rest of the world."

Peter knew May was going out. He didn't need anyone to tell him that. Peter accepted it. Like he should've in the first place.

"Peter..." May coughed, "Just...promise me something..."

"Anything, Aunt May."

"Don't give up being Spider-Man yet...but...when the time comes...and you're positive that you can't be him anymore...have many children with Mary Jane...and give them as much love...as you have me."

Peter nodded.

"I will, Aunt May." Peter replied.

May nodded, and with that, she shut her eyes. She was finally dead.

It's over for you, Aunt May, Peter thought, as Mary Jane and Jamerson Sr. began to comfort him, But it's not over for me. I will continue to be Spider-Man, May. I will continue to use this power responsibly. And when the time comes for me to retire, it shall be. But until then, now and forever, I am Spider-Man.