Wow! Two new stories up today! Anyway, this one's been in my head since I watched the first appearance of Sylar WAAAAAY back in 2006, during HEROES Season 1. When I first saw him, I could only think: "How would that be like in real life?" Then I watched Wes Craven's New Nightmare and figured it would be cool to see the demon portray Sylar, and that's how this whole idea came about. One last thing: I don't own HEROES, or Nightmare on Elm Street, or any of the actors or people seen in this story, this is for fan purpopses only, so please don't sue. Anyway, in the words of Heath Ledger: "And here...we...go!"

Deep underground, far from peeping eyes, a terrible villain was being constructed. He had always wanted to be special. Recently, somebody told him that he might be special. But he wasn't. Now, he was constructing the scar that he would carry for the rest of his life. He looked at his creation. A broken 'Sylar' watch, adapted to actually look like you could replace a part between your hand and arm. Which is what the man was ready to do. He took a butcher knife, and raised it high before...

"CUT!" Tim Kring yelled before the knife hit.

Hayden Panittere took her hands off her little brother's eyes, as the SFX men started pouring out the fake blood from the arm to make sure it looked authentic.

Hayden looked around, marveling at all the crew that had been called to help shoot this masterpiece. About a week ago, Hayden had been called by her friends at NBC, who asked her if she'd be interested in doing a HEROES Movie. To their surprise as much as hers, she accepted, putting all other roles she currently had on hold, and flying back down to LA, to help shoot as soon as possible. Today, she had her little brother tag along, since her parents were out for dinner and wouldn't be back till late.

"Hey, you!" A familiar voice said.

Hayden turned and to her surprise, saw Jack Coleman, standing there in all his glory, dressed as Noah Bennet.

"Jack!" Hayden exclaimed, "Hi!"

She turned to her little brother, Henry.

"Henry," She said, "This man is a good friend of mine named Jack Coleman. Jack, my little brother Henry."

"How do you do, Mr. Coleman," The 5-year-old boy asked, shaking Jack's hand.

"I'm doing good," He shrugged, "Especially proud to be able to get to work with your older sister again."

At that moment, they were interrupted by a scream. The three of them, quickly turned and saw to their astonishment, that the sliced-off 'Sylar Arm,' was somehow floating in mid-air, giving off electrical currents and zapping people everywhere.

"What the hell?" Jack asked.

"Henry, run!" Hayden demanded as the two ran towards the exit.

However, as soon as they reached it, the door closed. Only able to look back Hayden and Henry could only watch as the sliced-off arm approached them and...

Hayden awoke in her bed, realizing that the whole thing was only just a dream. But there was something else going on.

The whole room was shaking uncontrollably, indicating only one thing: AN EARTHQUAKE!

Hayden quickly hid under her bed as it felt like the whole building was going to come down on top of her, and then it all stopped. Hayden waited a few minutes, before getting out of bed cautiously, and then making her way downstairs slowly.

"Mom?" She called, cautiously, "Dad? Henry?"

She reached the bottom of her house's floor and then went into the kitchen. At that moment, Hayden felt someone grab her shoulder. Spinning around quickly, she was ready to defend herself when she saw it was...

"Dad!" She exclaimed, relieved, hugging him, "Oh, thank god! What was that?"

"An earthquake," Her father explained, as Hayden's mother came down with Henry, "We're all right now. It's over."

Hayden nodded as he looked at her.

"Don't you have that interview today?" Her father asked.

Hayden gasped. Today was November 28th, and she had an interview scheduled today at the LA Morning Access, and it was already 7:31 AM. She only had about less than an hour to get changed and ready for the day.

"Yeah," Hayden said, racing back upstairs, "I'll be down in a minute or two."


After a nice, but short shower and change of clothes, Hayden was sitting with her family at the table for Breakfast.

"You don't have to worry about returning early for Henry, hon," Her mother said, as Hayden sipped her orange juice, "Vicki is coming over today, and she'll be looking after Henry so you can stay late if you want."

Hayden laughed silently to herself. Vicki was Hayden's old friend who usually watched after her little brother whenever she was filming something. Hayden had contacted her back when they were still shooting HEROES, and it became a routine that Vicki would normally watch after Henry since then.

At that moment, Hayden heard a honking from outside, and quickly got up.

"I gotta go," She said hugging her mom and Dad and then messing with Henry's hair a bit, "See you tonight, big guy."

Hayden stepped outside, downing a few breath mints, before entering the limo and looking at her house one more time before the driver took off and she waited to arrive at the studio.

At some point during the trip, the driver decided to start a conversation with Hayden.

"You're her, aren't you?" The driver asked, "You played the girl in that TV show."

"Yes," Hayden smiled, "That's me."

"You're a real star, y'know." The driver explained.

"I'm hardly a star," Hayden said, looking out her right window as she could see the Studio as they approached it.

"You kidin?" The driver asked, "You're a legend! That's why I like this job. Getting to meet the stars. I mean the first season's always the best. The way your friend gets sliced up, and then the nuclear guy gets it too..."

It was at this point that Hayden decided to close the window to the driver's seat, but could hear the guy say one last line to her.

"But they should've never ended Sylar, though." He said, as the car finally stopped.

As soon as Hayden stepped out, a young man instantly grabbed her by the shoulder.

"Where the hell have you been?" He demanded, "C'mon! We gotta run now!"

She and the young man took off racing to Hayden's final destination.


Hayden was now sitting on the set of The LA Access show, next to the star, Dan Write as they were discussing Hayden's work.

"So, Hayden," Dan said, "I think all the fans here want to know is: Is HEROES going to have a movie? And is Sylar really good now?"

Hayden turned feeling uncomfortable about having most of the audience dressed as Sylar rather than her or Noah, but didn't show it, as she answered honestly.

"Well, Dan," She said, "I don't know. Tim said that he had given up with NBC, so I wouldn't know if we're going to do anything else, so I just wish them the best of luck and..."

"What about your Co-Star on HEROES," Dan asked, "Would you trust him with your little brother?"

"Zachary?" Hayden asked, shocked, "I don't..."

"Why don't we ask him," Dan smiled, turning to the audience, "We have a very special guest, let's bring him out. He's the baddest of the bad, ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for ZACHARY QUINTOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

With that, the screen behind them ripped open as Hayden turned there laughing loudly and Zachary Quinto stepped out, dressed like Sylar. The audience went nuts cheering and screaming for the talented actor.

"HELLO, FOLKS!" Quinto announced, getting more screams out before leaning to Hayden, "I got my cheerleader now!"

He ran up into the stands and held up his hand next to one of the kids dressed as Sylar.

"Nice eyebrows!" He commented, "Now gimmie five!"

With that, he hi-fived the kid and went back in front of the stage as everyone began chanting 'Sy-lar! Sy-lar! Sy-lar!'

Hayden, however, looked at Zach weirdly. It was almost as if there was something evil lurking inside him that made him seem like he was taking this really seriously.


"There you go," Zach said, signing a copy of HEROES for a fan, "Now no more autographs."

Hayden heard the groans from fans as he closed the door and approached her.

"So how do I look?" He asked, with his arms extended, as if Hayden was going to run up so he could give her a hug.

"Why didn't you tell me that you were planning this?" Hayden smiled.

"You kidding?" Zach asked, as they began walking out of the studio "It was a great surprise. The way you looked when I came out of the door."

Hayden smiled, as Zach tried to keep the conversation flowing.

"So how's everything with you?"

"Pretty good," Hayden shrugged.

"I saw Alpha and Omega," Zach noted, "You did great in that."

"Thanks," Hayden said.

"Well," Zach said as they were now outside the studio, "Gotta run. I got another appointment, but maybe we can hang out again."

"Sure." Hayden smiled, as Zach walked away from her.

Just then, her cell phone rang. Hayden took it out and answered it.

"Hello?" Hayden asked.

"Hayden?" A female voice asked, "This is Sherry calling from NBC Studios."

Sherry was the receptionist at the Burbank NBC who Hayden got to know in her time on HEROES.

"Sherry!" She exclaimed, "How are you?"

"Good,"Sherry answered, "Listen, I just spoke to Steve, he said he wanted to propose something to you, and wanted to know if you could come over today."

"Now?" Hayden asked, shocked that Steve, NBC's current head would want to see her nine months after HEROES's cancellation.

"No time like the present," Sherry said, "It will only take a minute."

"Okay then," Hayden said, "I'll be there as soon as I can."

"Cool," Sherry replied, "See you later then."

"Bye." Hayden said, hanging up the phone and then calling her parents to let them know she'd be late tonight.