Hiya, guys! Yeah, I know, it took me forever to finish, but there's a reason why. Yes. This is the finale to Tim Kring's New Villian. I figured I'd knock it out of the ball park now, and then finish some other stuff. As always, I own neither HEROES or Nightmare on Elm Street. This is for fan purpopses only, so please don't sue! Other than that, enjoy!

Hayden ran as fast as her feet could carry her, and finally made it home. She had been running for 30 minutes, and surprisingly, she wasn't tired.

It didn't really matter to her, though. All she cared about was keeping Henry safe.

She instantly unlocked the door and thrust herself in there. After locking the door, somebody put their hand on her shoulder, and Hayden spun around, screaming.

Luckilly, she stopped when she saw it was only Jack.

"Holy.." Jack began.

"Jack!" Hayden exclaimed, "Where's Henry? Have you seen him?"

"Relax, Claire," Jack said, putting his hands on Hayden's shoulder's, "He's fine. He's right over there; look."

Hayden went into the TV room, and saw Henry there, safe and sound, watching HEROES. He was watching the Season 1 Season Finale, and seemed to be in a hypnotic state, just watching it.

"Henry?" Hayden asked, cautiously.

"He's coming for you..." Henry sang in a deep trance, not taking his eyes off the TV.

"Hey, a minute, please?" Jack asked Hayden, walking into the kitchen.

Hayden took one last good look at Henry before following Jack.

"I'm worried about you, Claire," Jack admitted, "You've been acting very erratic lately. You want to tell me what's going on?"

That was it. Hayden didn't know why the hell Jack kept calling her 'Claire,' and now she had all she could take with it.

"Jack," Hayden demanded, "Why the hell are you calling me Claire?"

Jack just looked back at Hayden, just as confused as she was.

"Why the hell are you calling me Jack, Claire?" He asked, confused.

Hayden looked back to see Henry, but she couldn't. It was only when they stepped outside the house did Hayden realize what was going on...and it almost blew her mind.

Outside the house was a car similar to the one Noah Bennet drove in HEROES Season 1. More to the point, Jack was now dressed exactly as Noah from that season. He had the tan jacket, the horn-rimmed glasses, the whole nine-yards. But he didn't seem to notice and just looked at Hayden seriously.

"Now Claire," He pleaded, sympathetically, "I know that you have an ability to heal from any wound, but that doesn't mean that you're invincible completely. Even specials have their limits. You need to slow down. Spend some time with your baby brother before you both go insane."

He turned to walk to the car, but Hayden perused him.

"Jack!" Hayden called, running after him, "I want to talk to Zach!"

"I told you, Claire," Jack/Noah explained, opening the car door, "We can't talk to anyone from Texas anymore."

"Not that Zach!" Hayden pleaded, "I want to talk to Zach Quinto!"

"Who?" Jack/Noah asked, confused.

"Zach Quinto." Hayden repeated, "The guy who plays Sylar."

"Claire," Jack/Noah explained, calmly, "Sylar's dead."

He looked at her, almost regrettably, just like the real Noah Bennet would, and went over to her, pulling her into a bear hug. Hayden wasn't expecting it, so she just hugged him back, kind of awkwardly.

"I love you, Claire-Bear," Jack/Noah told her, truthfully, "Don't ever forget it."

Hayden returned the hug and then said something she didn't expect to say.

"I love you too...Dad." Hayden replied, wondering why she said that.

Jack/Noah pulled away, and got into the car.

"Don't worry, Claire," He assured, "Your cousin Helen is coming over. She'll be here any second. In the meantime, take care."

With that, he drove off, leaving Hayden alone outside her house. But when Hayden looked down on the ground and gasped. It was at this moment, she realized that her clothes had even changed. She was now wearing Claire's cheerleading outfit from Season 2, and her hair band that previously held her hair back in a ponytail was gone, which let Hayden's long hair flow down.

The changes didn't end there, though.

Hayden then turned back and saw that her house had completely changed also. Hayden's house had now somehow morphed into Claire's home for the past four seasons of HEROES. The design was accurate down to the very last window.

Hayden took some small steps before walking casually into the house. Entering the house, Hayden found the her shock that even the interior was now completely like the Bennet house. But the TV was playing that last shot from Season 1, that showed the eclipse back in Feudal Japan. Hayden watched the clip until the 'TO BE CONTINUED' flashed on the screen and then it turned off on its own.

Hayden shrugged the weird feeling off, and then walked backwards before bumping into somebody.

Hayden screamed as she turned around, only to find it was Heather. She was wearing the same clothes, but her hair was now white-ish yellow.

"Hayden!" Heather announced, "Thank god!"

"Heather!" Hayden announced, "What's going on?"

"It's happening," Heather said, looking at Hayden with a sad expression, "The HEROES world and our world are colliding. Sylar's so powerful now that he doesn't even need to do it himself any more. The worlds are basically colliding on their own. If we can't stop him now...the damage will be irreversible."

Hayden stood there for a minute, still trying to process the whole thing, before she looked at Heather.

"Any ideas where he is?" Hayden asked.


"Under the bed?" Hayden asked, as Heather crawled in there.

"Just trust me..."

Hayden sighed as she did as Heather was doing.

Following Heather into the sheets, Hayden was surprised to find a long tunnel underneath the bed, made from blankets like the kind you would make with your bed and chair as a kid.

Hayden followed Heather until they both stopped.

"Listen..." Heather said, softly, "Do you hear that?"

Hayden stopped and then suddenly heard it.


"Henry!" Hayden yelled softly.

"The itsy bitsy Heroes came up the water spout," The Sylar demon sang, "Down came the demon to wash them all out!"

With that he laughed maniacally as Hayden and Heather heard what sounded like rushing water getting closer.

"Oh shi..." Hayden cursed before she and Heather were hit head-first by a massive tidal wave.

Hayden tried to scream, but found herself swallowing a mouthful of salt water instead, as the currents pushed her and Heather back...

Until they fell back out of the entrance...

And into a pool of water.

Reaching the surface, Hayden found it wasn't her room, but something else entirely.

Right before her, was an ancient Roman temple. But flames surrounded the outside, licking and dancing almost in the wind. And right from inside the temple...Hayden could hear the tortured screams of her little brother.


She didn't wait for Heather to get back up. Hayden swam as fast as possible until she reached the beach in front of the temple, and ran as fast as possible into the temple.

Going further and further down, Hayden failed to notice the carvings of various clocks engraved in the walls around her. Instead she kept running until she found who she was looking for.


Henry looked up, and Hayden thanked god that he was fine. Sure he was completely freaked out, (then again, so was she,) but he wasn't hurt in any way. Hayden ran up to him, and hugged him so tightly.

"Thank god..." She whispered.

Then something caught her eye.

"Henry, what's this?" Hayden asked, grabbing the stack of papers nearby.

"A story for us," Henry said, looking up at her, "Read me some?"

Hayden smiled as she took it.

"At last his sister finds him. She gives him a long, happy hug. And then looks at the pages."

She turned and smiled at Henry, giving him another hug.

"And as she begins to read, from behind her there comes..."

She froze when she read the next part.

"There comes..."

She turned around slowly, and standing there, was Sylar. But as Hayden had seen before, THIS was a much MUCH darker version. For one thing, he now sported a black jacket over his clothes, and it seemed to move with the wind perfectly. That, and his evil eyes, probably allowing Hayden and Henry to look into the gates of hell itself.

"Hi." He said, smiling wickedly.

"HENRY, RUN!" Hayden screamed, punching Sylar in the head, causing it to snap.

Hayden then screamed as he looked at her, and cracked it back into place.

"Now is that any way to treat your ex?" He laughed.

"No!" A voice said, before Sylar screamed in pain and Hayden saw Heather jamming a knife into the back where Sylar could be killed, "This is!"

He slumped to the ground as Hayden went over to see if he was truly dead. Suddenly, the floor beneath Hayden's feet became liquified, and she suddenly began to sank like it was quicksand.

Heather went over to help, but suddenly, her eyes widened, and Hayden saw that Sylar had phased right through Heather's chest.

"HEATHER!" Hayden screamed, as she slumped to the ground.

"Bye-bye!" Sylar laughed darkly, running up the stairs, following Henry.


Henry, meanwhile, was hiding inside the giant clock tower at the top of the temple. It was almost intriguing with all the cogs turning. Then again, there wasn't that much time to be intrigued because there was a fictional villain chasing him.

Suddenly, the cogs stopped, and a thumping noise was heard from the door outside.

Henry braced himself, but screamed as loud as possible when Sylar came in, literally obliterating the door with an explosion as he came in.

Suddenly, Sylar's arm stretched out, catching Henry and pulling him in.

"Gonna eat you up..." Sylar taunted, as he suddenly opened his mouth, causing Henry to scream even more.

Suddenly, the mouth became wider and wider, unhinging his jaw like some horrendous snake.


Hayden, meanwhile, was on the last step of stairs, but she was almost sunk at the bottom. She couldn't go any more. Then she remembered.

If Sylar won, that would be it for everyone.

Tim. Jack. Her other family relatives.


With that realization, Hayden mustered all her strength, and pulled herself out of the goo. Quickly getting some deep breaths, she instantly snatched a stone clock hand nearby her, and rushed towards Sylar at the end of the hallway, who was about to eat Henry.

"Die you sonnova..."

With that, she slammed the hand into Sylar's back, as he screamed in agony and pain, releasing Henry who instantly ran past him.

"Henry, run!" Hayden yelled, locking the door.

Suddenly, Sylar phased through the wall looking at her happily.

"Hey!" He smiled.

Hayden screamed as Sylar lashed his tongue at her, and the clock hand fell out of Sylar's chest. Suddenly, the tongue began wrapping itself around Hayden's entire body as it began to suffocate her.

Henry saw this, and went back to stop Sylar.

Henry grabbed the clock hand, and raced towards the end of Sylar's tongue. Sylar saw this, but realized if he stretched his hand, it would force his tongue to go in, so he had no choice but to try and move his tongue around Henry, long enough for Hayden to loose oxygen and die.

Henry just kept stabbing at Sylar's tongue, which the demon tried to wriggle as fast as possible. Eventually, though, the tongue literally got numb, and froze, long enough for Henry to stab it right in the middle.

Sylar screamed as his tongue unraveled Hayden and Henry helped her out.

Sylar pulled and pulled, until finally, his bleeding tongue snapped in two, and slammed into his mouth, forcing him back through the wall. That's when Hayden noticed a computer and knew what it was for.

Dashing over there, she slammed the big red button and hopped it was what she thought it was.


Inside the room Sylar was trying to recover when he noticed a green mist coming from every which way, and he knew what it was.

A gas leak.

Suddenly, the flames picked up on the gas and headed right for the room.

"Oh fu..." He began, but was cut off, when the flames combined with the gas, and engulfed him completely. Sylar screamed in pain and agony as he knew this was it. Piece by piece, Sylar's skin tore off, and revealed the form of Freddy Kruger underneath it. Then it tore off again and revealed the form of Bloody Mary. Piece by piece, the skin tore off revealing another creature, until finally, the bones were left.

The bones screamed one last time before they were incinerated completely.


Outside, the flames were starting to break free, as Hayden realized what was going to happen.


Not wasting another second, they ran as fast as possible back down the hallway and down the stairs. Just as they were approaching the water, the door exploded and the flames engulfed the temple before heading for Hayden and Henry. Luckily, they both jumped into the water before the flames could reach them...


And Hayden and Henry found themselves literally thrown out of Hayden's bed and onto the floor of her bedroom. Hayden looked around and saw it was bright and sunny. She turned to Henry seriously.

"Is it over?" She asked.

"Yup." Henry nodded, "The bad man is dead now and forever. For real this time.."

Hayden laughed, and embraced her little brother happily. Then she saw something on the floor. A script.

She took it and read the note written bellow the title to herself.


Thanks for having the guts to come back and play Claire one last time.

At last Sylar is truly dead.



"Wanna read me some of it?" Henry asked.

Hayden smiled, as she took Henry close and began reading it.