Artemis Black could not suppress a sigh as he waited for his twin to finish getting ready, "Ara, you done yet?"

Arabelle, Artemis' twin sister, and best friend, had always been a bit of a rebel. She somehow seemed to think that if he was going to be (in her words) the 'discustingly goody-two-shoes kid who's every parents dream' she had to be bad. Artemis wasn't stupid though, he knew it was more because she found it amusing to piss their parents off than anything else.

And that was why he was only half surprised when his sister stepped out of the bathroom. She was in her uniform, but her shirt wasn't tucked in, her blazer not only unbuttoned, but also had the sleeves rolled up to her elbows, and she wore the forbidden sneakers, with no socks, despite that the student handbook had firmly stated that female students were to wear dress shoes, with tights in the winter and socks in the summer. She was breaking the dresscode more than she'd ever dared to at their boarding school in the past few years.

Almost worse, the thing that would ensure that Arabelle would, not only get detention for her uniform, but also be her grounded for another month, was her hair. "Didn't Mom say that you had to get the dye out of your hair?"

Arabelle seemed to consider this, "True," she condeeded, fingering a lock of her silver-blond hair (which had been pale blue the day before) which was now, temporarily at least, streaked with a dark forest green, " but Mother dearest," his sister's light lilting voice turned suddenly mocking, "never said anything about streaking it." She nodded very seriously, as if she thought this reasoning would work with their parents. It was true, of course, and their lawyer father might be willing to let Arabelle get away with it, if only to reward her for finding the loophole, but their stricter mother would never.

"Oh please, you're not actually worrying, are you?" Arabelle scowled, "it's a boarding school, Mother's not exactly going to be able to make sure I'm in my room after class every day, is she?"

"But…" Artemis couldn't help but worry. They weren't, after all, at the school yet, and he wasn't so sure that his mother wouldn't forbid his sister from going to school at all.

"Don't be a spoil sport," Arabelle suddenly grinned playfully, "Doesn't it look nice?" Arabelle's treeko chose that moment to leap lightly from the near by dresser onto her shoulder, circling around her neck once, before scrambling up onto her head. "Freya thinks it looks nice, donchya girl?" Arabelle reached up lightly, and pat the tiny grass-type pokemon on the head. Freya closed her eyes lazily, looking rather pleased with herself.

"Ara," Artemis groaned. It actually did look quite nice—few people could pull off putting streaks of a dark forest green in their hair all on their own, but after years of practice, Arabelle had gotten quite good, and she knew it too.

"Art," she mimicked.

"At least fix your uniform?" Artemis asked. His twin glared at him, but grudgingly tucked in her white button up shirt into the black skirt of the uniform, and slid the lone button of the blazer into it's intended button hole.

"Happy?" she asked. Truthfully, no. her sleeves were still rolled up, she hadn't put on the tights she was supposed to wear in the fall (and he had a feeling she wasn't going to) and she was still wearing her converse. But he knew where to draw the line with her, and was certain that this argument was one that he wouldn't win.

"I'm going to go finish packing," Artemis tugged at the sleeves of his own blazer, feeling suddenly nervous about returning to boarding school,

"Do what you want," Artemis could almost imagine his sister's uncaring shrug. There was a slight clatter coming from the bathroom connected to Ara's room, and he knew that it had to be Arabelle gathering her many cans of hair dye, then the slam of a door. Artemis shook his head slightly, then pushed his way into his own room. He was leaving for boarding school in less than 15 minutes—and if Arabelle couldn't go, that was her own fault.

The thought of going away—with out his twin—made Artemis shudder, and he grabbed a baseball cap from his dresser, and ran into Arabelle's room. "Hair back hat on," he said firmly. Arabelle blinked innocently at him, but in response to his slight warning glare, obediently pulled her hair into a looped bun, sliding the cap on backwards, successfully hiding the majority of her hair, leaving only the faintest glimpse of silver-blond. Artemis nodded in satisfaction, "that should fool Mom at least."

"Oh cause I'm so worried about what she thinks," Arabelle rolled her eyes.

"Well you should be," Artemis said, glancing back over his shoulder, "She controls your life for the next 3 and a half years."

"Like I could forget…"

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