"Bye Dad!," Arabelle shouted as she gratefully leapt out of the car, and it was only when Artemis gave her a rather noticeable nudge in the ribs that she miserably added, "Bye Mom…"

"Bye Mom, Dad," Artemis, of course typically, smiled gratefully at their parents, and saw them off with a gentle wave. While their little brother, Hayden, had fled before even Arabelle had, hardly even sparing his parents a glance.

Arabelle waved cheerfully to their dad, as she pulled off Artemis's cap, and tossed it to him. He caught it, by the tips of his fingers, and shook his head. Of course Ara would have to rub it in their mother's face. "Later Bro," Ara twiddled her fingers at him, as she lifted her suitcase easily, and made her way over to her small group of friends.

"Cherry dear, it has been far too long," Arabelle drawled as she approached the small bruenette.

Charlene Zabini, better known as Cherry by most, sat cross legged under one of the many trees on campus with her notebook open, pencil in hand. She didn't answer her friend.

"Cherry?" Arabelle snapped impaciently, "EARTH TO CHARLENE!"

"Hm?" Cherry blinked large red eyes up at Arabelle. "Oh, hey Ara," she smiled cheerfully, and seemed to brighten even more when she spotted Freya in her usual perch on her trainer's head, "Prince! Freya's here!" Like most of the rest of the school, Arabelle and Cherry often had at least one of their pokemon out. Arabelle, personally, had never quite understood why her friend had chosen Prince, her tempramental chimchar, of all pokemon as her favorite, particularly since the tiny fire monkey had burned Ara's favorite sweater the year before—the little brat.

Prince scrambled down the branches of the tree, and stopped in front of Arabelle staring up at her expectantly. Freya opened a lazy eye, and stood slowly before hopping down. The two glared for a moment, then Freya let out a squeak of delight and took off running, Prince right behind her.

"How cuuute," Nikki Brooke rolled her eyes as she approached her two friends. Or rather, her friend, and the girl she was forced to put up with.

"Nikki," Arabelle smirked, as she stretched out on the grass, "Nice of you to show up, not going to burst through to doors during the middle of the welcome ceremony this year?"

"I don't like to repeat myself, I'm setting a new record this year," Nikki answered, somewhat dryly, shifting her little Vulpix, Vixie, in her arms. "Anyways Ara, can you and Freya watch Fang? He hasn't been out of his pokeball in ages."

"Only if you tell me about this new record you're setting."

"Earliest detention ever," Nikki let Vixie scramble up onto her shoulders, then cracked her knuckles threateningly, a dark smile inching over her face, "a couple of bas—" she broke off and cast a mocking look at Cherry, when she made a noise of protest, "sorry princess," she said sarcastically, "a couple of JERKS whistled at me when I was walking in. Vixie and I have to go beat them up now, but poor Fang hasn't gotten to play since Monday." She released her hyperactive totodile, who did a small jig at being let out of his pokeball, then proceeded to cheerfully tackle Freya to the ground. She responded with an iron tail, then scrambled up the tree, leaving Fang to leap frantically at the bottom.

Nikki left without saying goodbye, her smile getting bigger by the second. Arabelle supposed that after going the entire summer with her stuck up prissy family, Nikki was looking forward to… venting.

Arabelle held back a smile of amusement, as Cherry scowled in obvious annoyance. "Lighten up," Ara teased her friend, and probably would've said more if not for a small whirlwind fast approaching them.

"We're gonna be late, we're gonna be late, we're gonna be late!" a tall boy with messy blonde hair, and the unmistakable air of a rookie, a.k.a. someone who just transferred into the school that year, dragging along another rookie.

"Relax kid," Arabelle said lazily, "you're fine…" The boy shifted slightly, and held still for a brief second, then glanced around, bright blue eyes darting around. "Typical rookie," she snorted.

"I think they're cute," Cherry said studying the two, "kind of like puppies… are you two dating?" she added, glancing at their intertwined hands.


"No!" Both the young teens let out exclamations of surprise. The two turned bright red, glanced at each other, then turned even redder when they saw the other looking back.

"W-we're childhood friends," stammered the girl.

"Ah," Cherry nodded knowingly, "I've got me one of those," she nodded in the general direction of a boy with flaming hair.

The two relaxed slightly, neither of their blushes dying down, then the girl who's brown hair rivaled Arabelle's in length and had friendly brown eyes offered, "I'm Alex—Alessandra, but everyone calls me Alex, and this is Markus, Markus Pearl."

"I'm Arabelle," she announced in a way that made it plain that, if Alex and Markus didn't already know her name, they'd better remember it, "And this is Cherry. And you two, are blocking my sun," Arabelle propped herself up on her elbows and raised an eyebrow pointedly at the two, presumedly freshmen.

"Sorry!" Alex leapt out of her way, and dragged Markus with her. Markus fidgeted some more, and glanced around again.

"It's fine," Arabelle waved away the apology," Cherry's right, you two are cute… Freshmen right?" when Alex and Markus nodded their confirmation, she smiled in a satisfied way, "Find us at lunch if you can..." then Arabelle lay back down, and shut her eyes, allowing the sun to continue to warm her. Cherry smiled in an almost apologetic way, then went back to her sketching.

The freshmen exchanged wide-eyed looks, before Markus burst, "Come on Alex, let's see if we can find out our dorm assignments!"

There was only the briefest moment of silence before… "Ten bucks they're together before the years over," Cherry grinned.

"Unfair bet, a blind man could see that," Ara waved it away, then paused. "Scratch that—Hayden could see that."

"Hayden? No way, that poor kid—oh great Crystal's here…"

Arabelle made a face. Crystal Edgeworth was the one of the only girls who could annoy Arabelle without even trying. She had long black ringlets, skin that was too pale to be healthy, and striking electric blue eyes. Not to mention her pokemon were more powerful than half the teachers'. She could easily be one of the most popular girls in school, but scared everyone off, with her silent additude, and refusal to speak to anyone. Crystal was a loner all the way to the bone, and had the gift of pissing off anyone with a single look from a perfectly sculpted face. "Bitch," Arabelle sniffed.

"Language," Cherry warned, more out of habbit. She already knew it wouldn't do any good. The dark haired girl cast about quickly for a change of topic. "Should… we… check out dorm assignments?" she asked closing her notebook.

"You want me to move?" Arabelle replied. "Ok… Come on Freya, Fang." Freya jumped onto Arabelle's shoulder, then scrambled up onto her head. Arabelle grudgingly picked up Fang, holding him around the middle cautiously. "Don't you dare spray water at me," she told the little water pokemon firmly, then began walking briskly towards the plump matron of the girls' dormitory.

"Yes, Miss Black? Miss Zabini?" Mrs. Baboof asked when they approached.

"Dorm assignment, just look for two single rooms, and we'll take Nikki's while we're here too," Arabelle announced.

"Sorry," she sneered, not looking sorry at all, "too many students enrolled this year. No more single dorms. Miss Black you will room with Miss Brooke. Miss Zabini, you have Miss Edgeworth."

Arabelle's eyes narrowed dangerously, "And if Cherry doesn't want to room with Crystal?" she sneered.

"Too bad."

Cherry winced, and glanced over to where she felt a pair of electric blue eyes rest on her. "Come on Ara… lets go…"

Arabelle didn't move.

"Come on," Cherry insisted, "Look, there are some of the seniors," she said.

Ara turned her head reluctantly, and sighed, "Lets go," she finally agreed, striding over towards where a senior boy, Preston Rolfe, a pale boy who was only a few inches taller than Arabelle herself, with messy bangs, the color of steel, stood talking with his fellow seniors, Ren Innamorati, and Preston's closest friend, Scarlet Grey, his friendly Baibanira nearby. In some ways Scarlet looked more like Arabelle's sister than just another student. Scarlet, like Arabelle, had silver blond hair, though worn only shoulder length while Arabelle's passed her waist easily. She was every bit as pale as the younger student, though almost an inch shorter, and with bright yellow eyes compared to Arabelle's pure black ones.

Scarlet and Ren, a smooth talking 17-year-old, who even the always hard to impress Nikki had admitted was 'somewhat good looking' who stood easily, a scarf, green that day, as always slung across his neck, seemed to be doing most of the talking. That is to say, Ren was flirting, not obviously. Personally, Arabelle had always assumed it was more a part of his nature, than on purpose, though clearly it was doing the job in annoying Preston, who had known Scarlet longer than anyone else at the school had, and had always seemed somewhat protective of her.

Scarlet was the first to notice the two sophomores approaching. "Hey Ara," she said as they approached, "Cherry."

"Hey Scar," Arabelle nodded.

"Hi Scarlet," Cherry added.

"Hello there girls," Ren gave them a smooth smile, "I was just telling Scarlet and Preston how I spent the summer exploring the Unova region," he turned to Scarlet again, "It is beautiful."

Arabelle was pretty sure she wasn't the only one who heard the hidden implication of the 'it'. She could almost hear him saying to Scarlet, "You are beautiful." She thought about making a pointed comment to Scarlet that the boys wouldn't pick up on, being of the oblivious male gender, and was trying to find the best way to word it when the bane of her existence ran over.

"Hiya guys," chirped little (literally, she could barely reach Arabelle's shoulder standing on her toes) Seren. She gave both Cherry and Arabelle quick hugs. Cherry gladly returned the hug, but Arabelle just rolled her eyes. "How were your summers? Mine was great. I got to go swimming with my big sister! She hasn't been home much since she made it big as a coordinator, but that's okay because I'm proud of her!" She said all of this without taking a breath, while bouncing quickly from one foot to the other.

Preston was the only one brave enough to speak, "Seren," he started, "How much sugar have you had today?"

Seren blinked a several times, "Only... three lollipops, twelve chocolate bars (but they were the small ones so that's okay!), and a bag of skittles!" she said happily.

"Well if thats all," Arabelle started sarcastically.

"Don't be silly," Seren laughed, "I also had a piece of pie for breakfast!" She beamed at them all, then looked around the courtyard, "OMG! It's Rye! HI RYE!" She shouted, and bounced off towards her older brother.

The group stared after here, "Cute girl," Ren said matter a factly, "Maybe I should ask her to join me for a night in town some time..."

Arabelle shook her head, "One of these days... I'm going to kill that girl..."

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