This is an Avatar Fanfic I thought of after reading one written by TealTerror. It's loosley based off of his/her idea but with my own twist on the story line and plot flow of the... oh for gods sakes! Just read.

Disclaimer: I do not own Avatar The Last Airbender or any of the characters mentioned except for OC's I created.

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Book 1: Air and Water


Lightning Strike


Aang flies desperately away from the Southern Air Temple, the place he had called home all his life, where he made many friends and had dozens of memorable experiences which he cherished forever.

But all that changed when he learned the fate that was placed before him.

Ever since he was revealed as the next Avatar, his life had changed forever, and not in the way he wanted.

He felt it as a great burden being the sole protector of the world, being forced to step in when danger rose and let go of everything he ever cared about.

That was what he feared when he had learned of the monks plan to send him to the Eastern Air Temple, and away from Monk Gyatso, the one person who understood him and loved him like a father.

After learning this, he mounted his flying bison Appa and flew away from his home.

He didn't know where he would go to or what he would do after he reached there, all he wanted was to get away.

With tears running down his face, Aang and his companion flew heedlessly into the skies.

Suddenly, the earsplitting sound of a lightning bolt snaps him back to reality.

Aang then realizes he had flown Appa and him directly into the eye of a thunderstorm!

He frantically attempts to fly out of the storm, but is blinded by the furious wind and rain.

But as he manages to open his eyes, a stray lightning bolt bursts from the clouds, striking him directly in the heart!

His hands begin lossen from the reins as he slowly looses conciseness and falls toward the ocean. Appa then attempts to dive downward and save his best friend.

Both plummet into the ocean depths running out of time before the deadly tides claim them both.

As they begin to sink toward the sea floor, a bright blue glow begins to shine.

End of prologue. Sorry I'm not updating a lot of my other books. Ive been busy with real life concerns like school, work and making sure I don't die alone... not sure why I just said that. Anyways, Ch 1 will flash foward a hundred years during Ozai's reign as Firelord. Also, keep a lookout for Ch 5 of Out of the Blue and Ch 4 of Team Lyoko. Later!