Hello fellow Avatar fans (The first, not the Na'vi kind, though I like that one too). It pains me to say that I until further notice, cannot type anymore ch's of Air and Water. Now before you go off and remove me from your alerts, I'd like you to know that I have full intentions of finishing this fanfic along with the two others in the series. The reason why I'm taking a break at the moment is because I usually right ch's when I feel inspired or up to writing material about them, and sadly, at this moment, I just can't think of any right now. That, and I find it very difficult to work on three different fanfics at the same time. My focus at this moment is geared towards my Star Wars fanfic Out of the Blue, when I am finished with ch 14 of that, of whenever the first part of it is done, which should only take about 2 months or so, I will continue writing for Air and Water respectably, so please, PLEASE don't not leave just yet.