A/N: So me and my sister and her boyfriend were eating dinner and this is what we came up with I'm kinda having issues with How and Why so I thought I take a little break and do this for a bit. This is a drabble. 340 words. Woot. Shortness... It was just a thought. Oh well. Try saying Harrass and you ass. It sounds the same.

Disclaimer: I wish I owned Joey... Or Seto... drool*. I was Mokuba's age when this series started, actually. I wonder how cute he is by now? Hm...

"God, Seto!" Joey screeched. "Why do you do shit like this? Just to fuckin' annoy people! Just cool it for a second in a fuckin' half!" He stormed out of the room leaving a dumbfounded Seto in his wake, sitting by a snickering Mokuba.

Seto looked around. "What the hell was that? I don't know what I did."

"Well, you did harrass." Mokuba mumbled.


"Um, harrass." Mokuba looked at him like he was insane as Seto began laughing. "Seto?Are you... okay?"

"Yeah," He laughed. "I just thought you called me an ass. You're like twelve, and even you know I'm an ass! Why doesn't Joey?"

"I definitely didn't call you an ass, Seto."

"No. It sounds like you said, 'you did, you ass.' Say it louder. Harrass. You ass."

"Oh God! You're right! Despite that, you should go say sorry to Joey, Seto. You are an ass, and if you hadn't tried to jump him and sexually assault him while I was present, you might not be alone." Mokuba scolded.

"Yeah, I know. If he wasn't so damn molestable."

"You do know I'm twelve, right."

"Sorry Mokuba. I'm going to go spend an hour and a half trying to not get murdered long enough to apologize." Seto ran his fingers through his hair. "Maybe I'll tell him about this so I don't get in so much trouble."

Mokuba shrugged. "Worth a shot."

"Thanks Mokie."

"But it's never gonna work."

"Shut up Mokie."