Battlestar Fleur

Chapter 5: An Inspiration to Survive

A visibly damaged but otherwise operational Battlestar William had come to the rescue, appearing just in time and delivering a devastating artillery attack!

The flak hit the first and largest Sylon Moonstar within seconds, explosions appearing all over it as the ship, crippled, was quickly torn apart and then exploded like it had been hit by warheads- the William's batteries were after all the most powerful of all Battlestars, and then the other two Moonstars prepared to fight.

"It's them!" exclaimed Fleur, so happy to see once again the formidable outline of the six thousand feet long Battlestar William.

Ginny cheered together with everyone else in the bridge, Fleur was waving her fists and Luna was hopping, and then, as the two remaining Sylon Moonstars were sending missiles against the surprise newcomer, Bill called and his voice sounded extremely excited and relieved:

"Fleur!" he said- "Just in time! Hang on, they are no match for us!"

The William took the missile hits with little effect, advanced towards them like a huge menacing shadow and answered with another burst of fire from its devastating front batteries, which the Sylon Moonstars, maneuvering desperately, somehow managed to evade- however one of them was partially hit, unable to escape when the William shot two missiles that made a perfect hit.

The sixth Sylon starship exploded amid fires and shrapnel, and then the last remaining Moonstar, escaping by sheer luck, decided to run for it and jumped back to its Sylon base just seconds before the William opened fire once again.

Hermione was screaming in victory, Ron was cheering, dozens of crew in the bridge were celebrating like they had won a Quidditch championship and Bill, who was nothing but relieved that they had appeared just in time, picked up little Victoire and cleaned with kindness her teary blue eyes...

"We did it, my sweetie" he whispered between the screams and cheers- "We found your mother and saved her in the last moment!"

"Thank you daddy!"

Victoire was now wearing a black Space Wizarding Armada uniform of her size, she had found a new toy broomstick somewhere in the Battlestar and she looked simply ecstatic by the thought of seeing her mother Fleur once again!

"Fleur?" Bill asked, calling again the shaken, falling apart Battlestar just seven miles from them- "This is the William calling! Fleur, is everything alright?"

Seconds later the reply came at last, Hermione and Ron also listening carefully beside Bill:

"My William!" she said with a broken voice, clearly in tears- "I knew it, I knew that you were somewhere out there! Are you alright? How is our Victoire?"

"I am here mommy!" Victoire screamed- "This Battlestar thing is very strong!"

"Bill, it's me!" shrieked Ginny- "I'm fine! RON! Ron, are you there?"

"Sure I am!" Ron replied- "We have suffered many casualties, but most of us are fine! Hermione is well too, it seems that we came just in time- I can't wait to hug you sister"

"Sadly, we can't say the same for Harry" Hermione said.

Battlestar William was now advancing towards the devastated Fleur, escape pods coming from the shattered civilian fleet-

"Fleur, we are receiving the civilians" Bill said- "Please wait, very soon we shall see each other and be together again"

Fleur was crying in relief, Luna was hugging her and Ginny was screaming in delight at the thought of seeing her two brothers again, but out there in space, somewhere many light years away, the escaping Sylon Moonstar had been received by the others and very soon they would come back seeking their vengeance...

Clapping was coming from hundreds of Wizards and Witches in the Fleur's vast and almost empty Serpents deck, it was a rare and happy moment amid such disasters and there she was, Captain Fleur running towards Captain Bill while he was also dashing towards her!

"My William!" she screamed, and then they were finally entwined in a powerful hug.

"Fleur!" was all Bill could say, and then they kissed- it was a scene of love and life that inspired everyone around them, at last something good, at last something that was proof that Life was still resisting against war and death.

It was something worth to fight for, inspiration for survival...

"Mom, Dad!" called Victoire, and then Fleur picked her up- "Hello mommy!"

"I missed you, little trouble" Fleur said.

Ginny was hugging Ron and then Bill went to greet her while Fleur played with her daughter, and a few minutes later everyone began the return to their duties- it was certainly a day to celebrate, but there were still many things to be done...

Out of nine thousand civilians in the fleet just three thousand had survived the recent Sylon raid, and leaving behind their damaged little ships, they were received in the Fleur and the William and lodged as best as it was possible in those military vessels.

The Fleur was being repaired in a hurry after the terrible beating it had suffered, which had been so violent that Bill had no idea how the outdated Battlestar resisted (especially worrying were the fractures in its armor!) and the William was damaged too after the first Sylon attack and many other raids that the Battlestar had fought.

Well over a thousand Serpents were flying around the Battlestars and patrolling space looking for any sign of the Sylons, but things were peaceful and calm for days after...

Bill and Victoire stayed with Fleur for seven happy days before returning to the William, and both Captains, trying not to think about the happy life that they had left behind, were now trying to find a way to jump to a very distant planet that could be a new home for the last remnants of humanity.

Fleur was staring at the stars from the window of her personal room, all those beautiful lights twinkling and reflected on her eyes...

"We can find it" she whispered- "We can find a new home"

Space was as vast and scary as it had always been, but having seen and hugged again her husband and her daughter was like a light in her heart, like a magical sign that said that things could turn out to work well after all.

Like Luna had said, maybe in the end they would find another beautiful planet to call home and build their lives again...

It was like the stars were calling her, and after a few minutes Fleur went to bed and fell asleep happy and full of peace.

However, the Sylons were still out there...

To Be Continued!