Battlestar Fleur

Chapter 6: Where no Wizard had gone Before

Fleur's black Captain boots walked into her Battlestar's bridge with proud and heavy steps, the red lights and screens were very bright all around her, crew were busy with their instruments and keyboards and then Ginny, turning around to face her Captain, performed a military march and a perfect salute of the Space Wizarding Armada.

"All is ready, Captain!" she said full of pride, her left hand still rigid on her forehead- "We have calculated the jump route and coordinated with the William"

"The FTL drive is working just fine!" said Luna, pressing keys and checking a screen.

Fleur walked towards her crystal and marble Captain seat watching the infinite stars across the giant window, thinking of the dark beauty of space and the unimaginably large distance that they were just about to travel...

"Thanks" she said- "Are all civilians ready?"

"All is well and secured" Ginny replied after checking other screen- "We have repaired the Battlestar as best as we could, armor fractures fixed, seventy batteries ready for battle and thirty warheads prepared just in case"

"Communicate with the William"

Luna pressed a large red key and then Fleur said "This is the Fleur calling"

"Hello Fleur" Bill's voice said, coming with clarity from the repaired sound system of the bridge- "We have coordinated our FTL drives and everything is ready, the William is in good shape! Civilians secured, now shall we get this show on the road?"

Fleur looked beautiful and proud, her silvery blonde hair and blue eyes making a sharp contrast with her black Captain uniform and the dark, intimidating interior of the Battlestar... the stars out there were looking just magical, and here they were at last, the moment to go for it and find a new world for all Wizards and Witches to call home.

"We coordinate in three, two, one..." Fleur said.

Ginny was breathing very rapidly, Luna was looking out at the stars with a dreamy look in her eyes and then both Captains gave the order at the same time:


Two dazzling flashes of white light, two Battlestars disappearing and then the Fleur and the William, coordinated to perfection, jumped instantly and travelled to a place where no Wizard had gone before...

Fleur saw across the window a nearby planet that was dark blue and attractive, a planet the same size of Earth or Qaprica, a peaceful place where they could finally start all over again and forget once more the violence and horrors of the past.

"It's so cute" Luna said with a soft voice.

That planet featured oceans and clouds, forests and mountains, it looked like a dream after all these nightmares of fire and death- the two wizarding Battlestars were now advancing slowly towards it, crew and civilians cheering all over the ships, but then...

"What's that?" Fleur asked.

She could see in the distance something that looked like a collection of silvery stars glowing with red lights, at least twenty or so of them that were flying like whispers in the dark space, creepily advancing towards the William and the Fleur-

The silvery stars were perhaps thirty miles away, Fleur was having a really nasty feeling about them and then Ginny shrieked:

"It's them!"

"The William is calling!" Luna said, and a second later Bill's voice came from the sound system once again:

"I knew it Fleur, they had been waiting for us! We have to coordinate our attack, all batteries ready, fire your warheads NOW!"

"Wait, we have to make them split!" Fleur replied, but it was already too late:

Fiery flak attacks were passing by the Battlestars and the Fleur got a hit, the armor holding strong while the kinetic energy blows, raw and devastating, caused terrible explosions all along the left side of the ship- the William shot a warhead that reached the Sylon Moonstars squadron within seconds, a huge, searing blast of white light illuminating the dark space...

"All Serpents to battle!" Fleur ordered with power- "Front batteries, FIRE!"

Hundreds of pilots were dashing across the Battlestar's hallways, all getting their gear and hearts ready for the fight- they were climbing on their Serpents, and then entire squadrons of the little fighter ships were coming out and escorting the huge Battlestars... all heading proudly towards the last and greatest battle of all Wizarding history.

Fleur was maneuvering her Battlestar and evading a shower of flak and seven missiles, civilians inside taking cover as best as they could- the heavy artillery attack from the Fleur hit three more Sylon starships tearing them to pieces, but the others, which now seemed to be more than thirty, were already maneuvering with the intention to outnumber the Battlestars and trap them!

The William shot another nuclear warhead that hit squarely and blew to particles other five of the enemy Moonstars, but then a particularly fast warhead came and hit the William causing a dreadful blast of white light...

"Watch out!" Ginny screamed, a searing blue shockwave from the nuclear blast coming straight at them- "Captain, they are trying to..."

The Fleur was hit by the shockwave, receiving at the same time many artillery hits on the front and the left side of the ship!

The entire Battlestar was shaken, but a few miles to their right the proud William had resisted with little effect- it looked like a shadow in fire, and it was now attacking with seven fast missiles and all the power of its batteries.

"Report!" Fleur screamed, sparks appearing everywhere with smoke and fires as the Battlestar was shaking.

"We have taken minimal damage, armor is holding!" Ginny replied- "Warheads twelve and seventeen are ready on the tubes!"

"FIRE!" Fleur said, and with two flashes of fire the two missiles torn their way across space and destroyed twelve more Sylon starships in two giant blasts of white light-

The mile-long Sylon Moonstars were clearly no match for two wizarding Battlestars, but they had the advantage of the numbers and they could maneuver more easily- many of them had escaped the destructive wrath of the William and the Fleur, now taking positions and waiting the perfect moment to attack...

Victoire Weasley was hiding in a refuge room with many other little Witches and Wizards, all huddled up on the cold metal floor and crying as the powerful Battlestar William, fighting with all its might, was taking severe hits and shaking all over from the nuclear blasts outside...

The red lights would weaken and twinkle with every hit, sparks falling and the air full with the acrid smell of smoke-

"I am so scared" said a little blonde girl, holding Victoire's hand.

"I am too" she replied- "We have to trust, be brave! My Dad and Mom can do it, we shall have a new world and live in peace again"

Then came a particularly harsh shaking, kids screaming in the darkness-

"That one was strong!" Bill roared in the bridge- "Report!"

"We have armor fractures!" Hermione said, Ron was pressing keys to get more warheads ready and many fighting Serpents were still coming from the William- "Left side batteries damaged from thirteen to twenty, we have low ammunition, Bill!"

"Damn it!" he said- "There are at least other fifteen of them!"

"We are getting surrounded!" Ron screamed- "Warheads twenty and twenty seven are ready!"

"Wait till we have a better aim!"

Bill could see across the window how the beaten up Battlestar Fleur was maneuvering with admirable skill, severely hit and burning all over but still shooting searing flak fields and destroying other two Sylon Moonstars...

"My flower..." he whispered, thinking that maybe they would not make it out of this one.

Then Captain William had an idea, and he imagined that it just might work...

To Be Continued!