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There is a blue house in the woods.

The paint is fading off the walls and the wood of the porch is old and splintered.

A tall dark haired man with green hair lives in this house.

Lonely in the dark bedroom illuminated by a single candle.

A bottle of pills sits on his table alongside a glass of red wine.

His life is full of sadness.

He serves no purpose in this cruel world.

A single note left behind to whomever finds it.

In a flash he takes the pill bottle, opens the cap and pops four small white pills in his mouth.

He raises the wine glass to his cold lips and swallows the contents.

He waits for what seems to be a lifetime until his breathing becomes shallow.

He slumps in his chair by the window and watches the moon through drooping eyelids.

His abnormally pale skin grows even paler by the second until he is the color of fresh fallen snow.

There is a note sitting on the table.

The single note that states to whomever reads it " A life without happiness is no life at all."

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