Naruto: The Sage of Six Paths

Chapter 1

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Naruto stood before Nagato, the real Lord Pain, watching as he used the last of his chakra to restore the lives he took during his siege on Konoha. Finishing his Jutsu, pain slumped over exhausted and waited to die. He realized the only thing keeping him alive was his life chakra as he thought to himself, "This boy is powerful but he doesn't stand a chance against madara."

Making one more final decision he called out to Naruto, "Naruto come here."

Naruto could tell by his exhaustion that he was out of chakra, but he still used caution. Warily he made his way towards Pain and stopped just before him. Pain then looked deeply into Naruto's eyes and saw hope for the future. He knew then he made a good decision.

"Naruto, I don't have time to explain, and I only have one chance to try this so listen carefully. You are a powerful ninja, but your most powerful enemy is still ahead of you. As of now you cannot defeat him but I can give you what you need to defeat the true leader of the Akatsuki, Madara Uchiha." Nagato explained.

"I don't understand, Madara is supposed to…" Naruto started but was cut off by Nagato.

"Just listen, I'm almost out of time. Now, look into my eyes and do not turn away." Pain said to Naruto as he started to perform a series of hand signs followed by him saying, "Rinnegan Transfer Jutsu."

Konan watched in awe as Nagato reached out and grabbed Naruto around the head with both his hands. She could see Nagato's life chakra flowing through his arms and into Naruto. Just then she noticed Naruto's normally blue eyes dull, then flare red with the pupil constricting into a vertical slash almost as if the Demon Fox itself was angered at the intrusion, then finally after a long moment they dulled again then resolved into the unmistakable Rinnegan. Glancing back to Nagato she saw him smile just before his body relaxed into death's embrace.

Naruto was shocked by the sudden intensity of the Jutsu just as Pain finished and instinctively turned away, shutting his eyes in the process. When Naruto felt Nagato's body slump against him he could only guess the truth, he finally died. Naruto slowly opened his eyes and gasped as he saw the world around him more vividly than he ever had before. His eyes become sore as they struggled to adjust. After a few long moment's they adjusted and he turned towards Konan.

"What happened?" He asked.

"Pain gave his life giving you a great gift. Something more precious than life itself, and something he never gave to anyone except to the other Pain's. He gave you his Rinnegan." Konan explained as she used her Jutsu to float a paper as reflective as a mirror to Naruto's face.

Naruto stared at the paper in disbelief. In it he saw a reflection of his face, but now a perfect resemblance of the Rinnegan sat where his normally blue eyes sat just moment's ago. After some time he turned to Nagato's slumping body and said, "Thank you…Friend!"

Naruto turned back to Konan afterwards and asked, "What will you do now?"

"I followed Nagato, he was the only reason I stayed with the Akatsuki. I am going to take him and all the other Pain's back to the rain country to bury them where they belong, then I will continue his quest to bring peace to the hidden rain. Before I go Naruto, I have something to give you. Nagato would have wanted you to have it." She said as she stooped down to the sixth Pain's body and took something from it. Turning back to Naruto she said, "This won't hurt much, but trust me. Now close your eyes."

Naruto did as he was told and as soon as his eyes were shut he felt something stab into the lobe of his left ear that was quickly followed by the right. It didn't really hurt, but to Naruto it wasn't the most pleasant experience. When he opened his eyes he looked back at the floating reflective paper. In his ears now hung two very small ear rings similar to the symbol for Konoha but with slight differences. Both were made of the same metal that Nagato used to transfer his chakra to each of the other Pains.

Naruto turned back to Konan and said, "I shall wear them as a tribute to his sacrifice." With that said Konan used her paper Jutsu to lift all the Pains up then disappeared.

Naruto was walking back to the village replaying what had just happened in his mind while he still adjusted to his new eye's. Remembering that one of the abilities of the Rinnegan is to see through six set's of eyes he decided to test his abilities by doing a shadow clone Jutsu. Just then five clones appeared and when nothing happened he became confused. Frustrated he dispelled his clones then decided to send one ahead to let the village know Pain was dead and that he was heading back. This time Naruto did his clone Jutsu only one appeared. He was about to send it ahead when he noticed his vision splitting.

"Whoa, this is so cool!" Naruto said to himself. It felt odd seeing himself without the use of a mirror but in fact was staring at himself through his clone but also at his clone. Naruto was finding it difficult following his surroundings through two sets of eyes. He realized he was going to need training to get used to it. Since training his new eyes wasn't using chakra he told his clone to walk around aimlessly. As the real Naruto neared the village his clone circled back to where he was but obviously had an idea. The real Naruto forgetting about his clone walked into the village.

As soon as he was in sight Hinata quickly ran and threw her arms around him and laid her head on his chest as she said, "I'm so glad your ok Naruto-Kun."

"I'm glad your ok to Hinata-chan." He said as he wrapped his arms around her.

Sakura, seeing their embrace, walked up to him with the intentions of hitting him on the head for being stubborn and facing Pain alone. As soon as she reached him she hauled back and swung. Naruto finally realized he never dispelled his clone as he saw Sakura's punch through its eyes. With Hinata still in his arms he quickly dodged out the way.

"What the hell? How did you see me you were turned the other way?" Sakura asked perplexed.

Just then Naruto turned to Hinata and Sakura who were now beside each other. They both just stared in disbelief then said, "Naruto?"

As Naruto snickered at Sakura's reaction he dispelled his clone. Just then Kakashi, feeling almost new after Nagato restored his life, walked over to congratulate Naruto on his victory when he noticed Naruto's eyes as well.

"Naruto, mind if we have a word together?" He asked him.

"Sure Kakashi-sensei." He said as he followed Kakashi away.

When they were far out of ear shot of anyone Kakashi asked him, "Naruto how did you get the Rinnegan?"

"Pain gave it to me after he said he believed I could change the world of the ninja and told me about the true leader of the Akatsuki." Naruto said before he went on to explain what happened when he talked with Pain, how Madara Uchiha was alive and the leader of the Akatsuki, how Pain gave him the Rinnegan to beat him, what happened with Konan, and finally what he found he could do so far.

Kakashi just stood and listened calmly, nothing surprised him anymore with Naruto. Naruto then looked at Kakashi and said, "I don't understand why I can only use it with one clone."

"You weren't born with those eyes as I haven't, you may need to train more in its mastery to use it to its full potential." He stated as Naruto slumped over wishing he knew how to master it so Kakashi continued. "But this means you will now be able to use Genjutsu easier then a normal ninja. Therefore I will help to teach you how to do Genjutsu and I will have Neji and Hinata help to train you in the other uses of the Rinnegan."

"Really Kakashi-sensei?" Naruto asked with an air of excitement.

"Yes now let's head back to the village, oh and until the village is comfortable with you having the Rinnegan we will limit your time to most the villagers and for those who ask, you stole them once you defeated Pain." He said walking towards everyone.

After a short celebration from the village calling Naruto their savior the villagers quickly started rebuilding. With everyone hard at work rebuilding Kakashi walked back over to Naruto with Neji and Hinata in tow and said, "Well since I'm no builder are you ready to start training Naruto?"