Chapter 10

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Kakashi, Naruto, and Yamato had all set off towards the Kage summit when about halfway there Kakashi caught the scent of the three cloud nin that had previously gathering information on Sasuke. Kakashi then decided to follow them in hopes that they would rendezvous with the Raikage, therefore allowing them to see him before the summit. Informing Naruto and Yamato of his plan they set off to following them. They made good time catching up to them and they had almost reached the summit when Kakashi had suddenly stopped. Holding up a hand he signaled Naruto and Yamato to stop as well.

"What is it Kakashi-sempai?" Yamato asked him.

"It appear we have found the Raikage." Kakashi said staring ahead.

"Then what are we waiting for?" Naruto said as he started forward again.

"Wait Naruto." Kakashi said as he held a hand up to restrain him. "It appears that they are giving a report to the Raikage. If we interrupt their report they misinterpret our actions as an attack and not for a meeting."

"But…" Naruto sighed. "Fine."

"Don't worry Naruto, it appears their done now. We can proceed." Kakashi stated calmly before all three of them instantly shunshined in front of all of the cloud nin.

"You?" Karui stated intelligently as she pointed an accusing finger at Naruto.

"Copy nin Hatake Kakashi…what do you want?" The Raikage said in a voice that growled with power.

"I request a meeting with you on behalf of Naruto Uzumaki, the Jinchuriki of the Nine tailed fox."

"I don't have time for this so speak quick boy." The Raikage said as he turned his eyes on Naruto.

Naruto instantly stepped forward and bowed out of respect. Remaining bowed he said, "I request that you do not pursue Sasuke Uchiha. He is being misled down a dark path and I believe…"

"Enough!" The Raikage shouted. "You call yourself a ninja and yet you bow to me? No self respecting ninja should ever bow to an enemy. It's a disgrace and you should be ashamed. As for the Uchiha I will not remove the order to have him killed. You should know better boy!"

That was when Naruto stood to full height, his eyes burning in determination as he said. "Then I guess I have no choice but to find him first. I came here to plead to you for mercy but it seems an old man like you is too stubborn to see reason. He is a rogue nin of the leaf and should be dealt with by the leaf. I don't believe Sasuke truly did what he did and if he did then he is being used so I will use every ounce of my power to save him. Even if that means killing you old man."

"Naruto it isn't wise to make an enemy of the Raikage." Yamato scolded.

"Now that's more like it!" The Raikage said, shocking everyone but Naruto who stood showing no emotion. "That is how a true shinobi acts. Let the leaf clean up their own mess yes, but hear me boy if I happen to find him first I will not hesitate to destroy him and you if you stand in my way. You have guts kid, maybe a bit foolish, but you have guts." With that the Raikage walked past Naruto and left.

"Well that didn't go as planned but at least it wasn't a total loss." Kakashi looked at Naruto who hadn't moved. "Naruto?"

Walking around to look at Naruto he saw Naruto was trying hard to hide his emotions but he could clearly see the pain in his eyes. Finally Naruto spoke saying, "I have to get stronger…to save Sasuke."

Naruto, Kakashi, and Yamato were currently in a hotel in the land of Iron trying to figure out a new plan. So far nothing had come up until a chance meeting with Madara Uchiha informed them that Sasuke truly had become evil and was determined to get revenge on everyone responsible for the massacre of his clan. He had explained Itachi's wishes and how the massacre truly transpired. After explaining the past of the Uchiha clan and how they are descended from the true Sage of Six Paths he quickly vanished, leaving Kakashi and Yamato stunned while Naruto sat in silence.

"I must stop Sasuke before he makes a true mistake." Naruto thought to himself.

Naruto then moved to the roof of the hotel as Yamato and Kakashi dealt with the now angered hotel owner for the large hole they had created in their fight with Madara just before he explained to them Sasuke's sordid past. Naruto had just achieved sage mode and was currently trying to think of how he was going to improve on it or at the very least make it last longer when he felt a spike in chakra signature. Sensing that it was Sasuke he instantly vanished from the roof as Kakashi quickly followed behind him. Yamato, unfortunately, was left to deal with the hotel owner on his own. Naruto was fast. Kakashi knew how fast he was and with a normal Naruto he wouldn't have a problem catching him, however with Naruto in sage mode he was finding it very difficult.

The two leaf nin raced through the land of Iron at breakneck speed, and was soon finding themselves just outside the Kage summit. It was then that Sasuke's Chakra signature vanished, leaving Naruto confused as well as Kakashi but also giving him the opportunity to catch up to Naruto.

"Naruto what's the matter?" Kakashi asked as he finally landed beside his former student.

"Sasuke was just here, I sensed it. But now…now he just vanished."

"No doubt the work of Madara. We'll wait here but we can't stay on the summits ground or else we arouse suspicion for the leaf."

Sasuke had just fought the Raikage and unlocked more of his Susano'o. The fight had been difficult but to Sasuke, anything was worth it in his goal for revenge. He had to get to Danzo. He managed to weaken the Raikage when he foolishly set his arm on fire with Sasuke's Amaterasu when he tried to attack him head on, thereby having to cut off his right arm or risk death. Now he was in some strange world of Madara's choosing and Karin was healing his injuries that he sustained from the fight.

Suddenly a vortex appeared and Madara formed out of thin air, startling Karin. He stared blankly at the two through his mask until finally he asked, "Is he healed?"

Karin merely nodded and Sasuke sat up to look at him better.

"I have a present for you Sasuke." Madara said before Sasuke, Karin, and himself were sucked into yet another of his mysterious vortex's.

When they reappeared he saw Danzo standing on a bridge, fiddling with a strange lock on his arm. Danzo glanced up as the lock fell away from his arm and he started to unwrap the bandage around it.

"Madara and Sasuke Uchiha. Good, now that your both here I will take your Sharingan." He said as he finished unwrapping his arm to show ten Sharingan all placed in the skin of his arm and all looking around in different directions.

Naruto and Kakashi were waiting in just outside the grounds of the summit when Naruto's whole body instantly stiffened.

"What is it Naruto?" Kakashi asked him.

"It's Sasuke. He's back!" Naruto said just before he and Kakashi raced away.

When they finally reached where Naruto found Sasuke it was too late. Sasuke was panting from the exertion of his fight and Danzo himself lay on the ground presumably dead. They instantly jumped up to where Sasuke was and stared at him from across the now half destroyed bridge.

"Oh? Naruto and Sasuke. This should be interesting." Madara said before looking to Karin and saying, "Heal Sasuke quickly."

Karin nodded and ran over to Sasuke, presenting her arm to him she urged him to bite down. When he complied she stifled a cry from pain but let him continue as her ability restored Sasuke's chakra and quickly healed his wounds. When the process finished Sasuke stood and glared at Naruto.

"Karin…stay back, you might get hurt." Sasuke said as his eyes never left Naruto's face.

"Sasuke why are you doing this?" Naruto pleaded.

"Because of what they did to my clan. You shouldn't have come here Naruto."

"Well I did and I plan on taking you back even if I have to break your legs to do it." Naruto growled out in a dangerous tone.

Sasuke had a sense of déjà vu but went into an attack stance.

In a flurry of motion a couple of kunai that Sasuke had retrieved from his previous battle were sent towards Naruto. Kakashi had stepped back to let Naruto fight Sasuke but stayed ready in case Madara attempted to interfere. Naruto instantly dodged them and made five Kage Bunshin that all instantly raced toward Sasuke. Sasuke went to dodge when suddenly one of Naruto's clones was behind him reaching towards him. Sasuke dodged Naruto's clone quickly, sending a kick to his chest just before he jumped out of reach. Not hearing the satisfying poof he turned to see the clone was still intact. Activating his sharing an he noticed the clone had more chakra then normal.

Putting the pieces together he looked to the real Naruto and said, "I see you've learned some new tricks."

"Yea and I got one you will just love. Shinra Tensei!" Naruto cried as Sasuke was instantly pushed into the wall behind him.

Sasuke broke away from the wall easily, presumably unharmed by the attack. It was then that Naruto noticed what looked to be a spine and rib cage protecting Sasuke. Sasuke smirked that he was once again saved by his Susano'o but it quickly died away when his vision started to get blurry and his Susano'o started to disappear. He knew he couldn't keep using Susano'o so he decided to play with Naruto's mind a little bit.

"I don't need Susano'o to defeat you, but I will give you the privelage of seeing the true power of the Mangekyo Sharingan." He stated just before he rushed forward, catching Naruto unaware and shoving a Kunai straight through Naruto's heart. He smirked and jumped away and watched as Naruto just stood there unfazed, it was that moment that he finally noticed Naruto's eyes.

"How can you stand there like nothing happened?" He shouted.

"Because Sasuke, Genjutsu won't work anymore. I'm not the dead last you knew from the academy anymore." Naruto stated just as the world around them all shimmered into reality with Sasuke not moved an inch from the other side of the destroyed bridge.

Suddenly Sasuke started to laugh maniacly and said, "HahaHAHAHAHAhahaha, fine then. I will destroy the leaf and I will start by destroying their precious Jinchuriki first. I'll finish this quickly. AMATERASU!"

Black flames flew out from Sasuke's direction and in a loud clash, black collided with purple. Both flames fought for dominance but in the end the purple flames won out and the black flames merged and became part of the purple flames. When they finally died down the flames danced around Naruto's feet, a look of shock on his face that was quickly replaced by a foxy grin.

"What the hell…" Sasuke started.

"Your flames cannot kill me now Sasuke. I finally understand what he meant…" Naruto said but the last part was more to himself.

"What who meant?" Sasuke yelled in anger.

"Your Amaterasu cannot beat my fire, because the fire I control…comes from hell!"

So there you have it, Naruto now has control of all of the abilities of his paths except for one more. Naruto can now control the flames of his Naraka path, the flames that come from hell. What will Naruto's last path's abilities be? Read next chapter to see how the fight with Sasuke ends. Oh and I apologize if this chapter seems rushed. I noticed I started to follow the anime a little and decided that this is not going to be like the canon so I have had a little writers block on how I was going to do things! After this chapter things should go back to being original. Anyways I hope you liked it!