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AN: I know Blaine's an out and proud gay but for my story's sake, he's straight. And I made up a surname for him (Dalton) cos I've searched the net and can't find his "true" surname. It seems he goes by a single name, just like Cher..hehehe

The raindrops made interesting patterns before the rivulets of water ran down the windowpane. Quinn stared out at the scenery, lost in thought. After all the troubles she had gone through during her teenage years, she was in a good place now. She'd graduated from Harvard in Political Science, was now doing her internship at Capitol Hill with Senator Bishop and was engaged to a wonderful man. And yet, somehow, Quinn felt that…there was a piece missing.

"Baby girl..." the loving voice of her fiancée, interrupted her thoughts. She turned, a smile on her lips, face slightly upturned, to receive the expected kiss. Quinn dated Nate for two years, before they became engaged. When the relationship became exclusive, Quinn laid down her cards on the table, leaving no stone unturned, and bared her history to Nate. Working in the capital had taught Quinn that to make her relationship work with Nate, a career politician, there couldn't be any surprises that would jeopardize his career. Mistakes like she'd made, could be forgiven, and even utilized if known before hand. Political rivalry was cut throat here at Hill.

"You're gorgeous" said Nate, eyeing his beautiful fiancée appreciatively. Quinn turned towards the mirror and looked at their reflection. Quinn was dressed in an off shoulder dusky gold lace Marchessa floor length gown, her hair flowing down her back. Nate looked dignified in his Armani suit. The golden girl and her golden boy.

Nate's family was old money and deeply entrenched in politics. They were the type of family where the heirs had their future mapped out even before birth. And on top of that, Nate was the perfect match for Quinn physically…his golden handsome movie star looks a foil to her golden angelic fragile beauty.

Tonight they were attending, yet again, a political fund raising dinner. Quinn felt these types of dinners excruciatingly boring but, a necessary evil. It was a veritable who's who at the fund raiser. Oprah, Jay Z, Beyonce, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Hilary Clinton with Bill in tow, Will Smith, Jada Pinkett…it was easier to name who wasn't there than list who was in attendance.

As they were making their way to their table, Nate was held back by a group of senators wanting to clarify a debate. Quinn made her way forward on her own, knowing from experience that these "clarifications" would sometimes take quite a while. As she turned around the corner, Quinn had to skirt a group of merrymakers' intent on catching up with each other. She was not totally successful because as soon as she skirted that group, another gentleman blocked her way.

"Excuse me," Quinn said softly.

A familiar voice replied, "Hello Quinn" Quinn gave a start, looked up and gazed into the eyes of the person who holds the key to the missing piece of her life: Blaine Dalton

Quinn felt her heart stop, felt like she could hardly breathe. "Blaine?" she just couldn't say more. This was the boy, no…no longer a boy, the man, whom she would have given her life for. Somehow, things between them just went horribly wrong and her dreams slipped through her fingers.