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Quinn was getting frustrated with the rain. She'd been told London was a great place to be but since she'd been here, it'd done nothing but rain…on a daily basis! She wanted to get back to the hotel and to get there she had to take the Tube. Getting cabs during peak hour would be a miracle here. And, to get to the Tube station, she had to walk another 200 yards. So, here she was huddling in the doorway of a shop, shivering while she was waiting for the rain to subside. Suddenly, there was an umbrella over her head, and she turned to see Blaine standing in the rain, proffering her his umbrella, "Fancy meeting you here, Quinn. Come on, you don't look very happy to be standing there." He said with a smile. Somehow, Quinn wasn't surprised to meet him here, in this city of 7.6 million inhabitants.

The smile started to pull Quinn's heartstrings, giving her doubts about whether she should accept the offer, but then she thought pragmatically that she's only accepting the use of his umbrella…that was all. Oh Quinn, you should know better…a small voice in head said, mocking her.

"We'll get to my car and I'll take you to wherever it is you need to go. So, what are you doing here all alone?" Blaine was always talkative; Quinn smiled to herself, remembering all his little quirks and foibles. Just as quickly, she realized how much she missed him, and admonished herself. She was getting married soon, she shouldn't be thinking about somebody from her past in such a way.

"I'm staying at the Savoy" Quinn said as Blaine led her to a Range Rover waiting by the curb."Waiitt...you weren't walking just now?"

"I was driving pass and saw you and you know the rest," Blaine shrugged. Their eyes met and both quickly looked away. Quinn's heart was racing…could it be after all these years she still loved Blaine? Is that why she'd always felt like there was something missing in her relationship with Nate? This can't be, Quinn thought, trying to squash her misgivings, I'm getting married soon. I'm getting married soon, I'm getting married soon, Quinn repeated the statement like a litany.

They passed a Josh Groban billboard and of course, Blaine had to make a comment'" Do you still have that fixation for Groban?" He laughed and started singing a verse from one of her favourite Groban songs "You're Still You" As he sang, he looked into her eyes and it seemed as if the song held a special meaning for him too. Quinn quickly looked away, not trusting herself not to fall for him again.

Once they reached The Savoy, Quinn wasn't surprised when Blaine walked her in, he was always a gentleman. As she turned to say her goodbyes, Blaine forestalled her by rushing into speech, "Quinn, this is your first time here, isn't it? Come and do the tourist thing with me. It wouldn't be right if you're here and don't see a little bit of England. Please?" He gave her a quirky smile that melted her resolves to stay away from him.

"I really shouldn't Blaine,"

"For old time's sake Q," Blaine said and started singing "Teenage Dream" softly to her. Quinn had to smile, Blaine was very fond of emoting through songs and she'd always loved his version of that song. She remembered him singing it for her when she complained that she didn't like the Katy Perry original version. She'd often tease him that she'd send his application video to "America's Got Talent" or some talent related reality show. She could always gauge his mood based on the song he was singing, and that moment, he was definitely trying to tempt her to have fun. "You're still singing" Quinn said smiling at Blaine and gave a start when he answered, "Only around you. I haven't sung out for four years"

Quinn couldn't help but feel a little excited, "All right, we'll go out tonight for old time's sake. B" The nickname just slipped out as if she'd never stopped calling him that. That was another running joke, that if they had a child, they'd also call it B and their family would be a B-B-Q family.

Quinn had tried on all the outfits she brought, she just couldn't decide what to use, and it was frustrating her. She heard her BB buzz, and saw it was a message from Blaine. The text message read: "The short casual dress and flats would be perfect" She laughed out loud at how well he still knew her. Quinn chewed on her bottom lip and wondered whether she should tell Nate she was going out with Blaine and quickly texted him before she could change her mind. Knowing that he knew would help her be on the straight and narrow, she hoped. She wouldn't have worried if this wasn't Blaine she was seeing. Quinn knew if she didn't guard herself, she could easily fall in love with Blaine again, and oh, the temptation was definitely there.

Blaine certainly knew how to show her around London. They didn't take the car but did the tourist thing on the double decker open top red bus, with the hop on hop off concept. Quinn saw the famous sights such as Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly Circus, Statue of Eros, The National Gallery, Nelson's Column, Trafalgar Square, St James's Palace and much more, all the while with Blaine giving a running commentary. They ended the tour by having a dinner of fish and chips the traditional way, from a chip shop and eating it off newspapers, with vinegar and salt liberally splashed on.

Sitting on the park bench, after the dinner, watching the world pass them by, Blaine put an arm around Quinn, while the other held her hand and started singing "Marry You" softly. Quinn felt her heart constrict, responding to the call from Blaine. Blaine had always been a romantic, but Quinn resisted turning to look into his eyes because she knew, she could get herself in to trouble with even such a small action. She was afraid, so afraid that she'd lose herself in his eyes. "I'm getting married in a few months, "Quinn said softly, to break the mood

'I'm sorry Q" Blaine sighed, as he rubbed his thumb in circles on her hand. "For four years I've been trying to forget you. And I couldn't. When I saw you that night in D.C., I knew that love like ours – love such as I felt, and still feel for you doesn't die to order. For the love and respect of an old misguided woman, I let the most important part of my world slip away. "


"No, listen to me. I don't need her blessing or approval to be happy. Not when without you, I've gone around these four years with part of me missing. Marry me Q, marry me, choose me and I'll try to make up for hurting you for the rest of my life." Blaine ran his hand through his hair and sighed, "I never wanted to do it this way, when I saw you today, I didn't plan any of this, but Q, I'm taking any chance I'm given to get you back. I love you, Quinn Fabray" He caressed Quinn's cheek and moved in to kiss her. Quinn felt herself getting lost in the kiss and she didn't feel the hollowness she'd been feeling for the last four years, she felt complete.