Chapter 4

Silent Hill

I could barely see where I was going. I took out my map to see where I'll start searching.

"Okay, where to first? Hmmm." I couldn't figure out what to do first, so I decided to put it back and try to find some of the residents.

I walked for a few minutes. Some houses were in the distance so I went towards them. While walking up the front steps I noticed the kind of condition the house was in. Boards were missing in various places, and weather seemed to have taken its toll on it. Vines entangled themselves around the home, compressing what little life it had left. I went to the window and peeked inside. There were boxes and suitcases everywhere, like the owners were in a hurry to leave, but never got the chance.

I jumped back to the end of the stairs and turned down the sidewalk.

"This town seems so…desolate. Why would Samantha be here?"

I reached the corner and spotted a street sign.

"Nathan Avenue"

I looked around searching for anything that could help me. In my search I spotted something in the street. I ran out towards it and saw what it was.

"A dog? It's dead!"

It was a dead dog in the middle of the street. A pool of fresh blood covered the poor canine.

While examining the sight something caught my attention.

There was a trail of blood leading from the puddle and into the fog. I followed the trail across the street to one of the nearby houses. Like the others it was old and abandoned. It had a slanted roof and was made of brick, the steps were cracked and broken.

The trail lead me up the stairs. On the rail at the top lay a bloody hand print, still fresh.

"Someone is hurt badly."

I stopped in front of the door, blood was dripping off the knob. Someone is here and in serious need of help.

I opened the door and walked inside.

"Hello…anyone in here?.."

There was no answer.

I was in a small hallway. The stairs were to my left leading to the second floor. My right lead to what seemed to be the living room, and straight ahead was a door. I went to the door and tried opening it, but to no avail. Moaning can be heard from the other side.

"Hey! Are you in there?" cries of pain answered my call.

"Hold on! I'll find a way to get to you!"

I left the door and started searching the house. The living room was in good condition. Plastic covered all of the furniture to keep it preserved. After finding nothing in the living room I headed for the kitchen. I found a knife rack on the counter.

"I better take one with me, just in case."

I took a medium sized knife out of the rack and put it in my pocket, being very careful not to cut myself.

Then I noticed something next to the rack on the counter. I picked it up and blew the dust off.

It was a note…

"Anthony, I left the basement key in the garage. I need you to go in and grab the present we're giving Connie for her birthday party later. See you when I get back, love ya. Gina."

"The garage?"

Setting the note back down I exited the house and turned the corner towards the garage.

It took a while, but I finally got the garage door open. It was a standard two car garage, tools hung on the walls and boxes of supplies occupied the floor.

I found the basement key hanging on the wall along with the tools.

"I need to hurry, time is running out." I said as I reentered the house.

As I was going down the hallway a sharp pain shot through my head. It was like someone took a very long needle and started to stick it through the side of my head.

How quickly the pain came was how quickly it left and all was normal again.

"Ahh! Damn, where did that come from?"

I shook it off and went for the basement door.

I stuck the key in and heard the door unlock. Then the pain from before came back, and this time, it didn't go away.

I thought my head was going to burst. I dropped to my knees. Dropping my head, my forehead to the floor.

"Wh-Why is this happening?"

During this painful ordeal a siren started to flood my ears. I just wanted this excruciating pain to subside. I stayed there, in the same spot, the pain nor the siren are showing signs of letting up. My eyes shut tightly with the pain.

Ever so slowly, my headache began to dull. I could let my eyes open. The siren, still ongoing.

Panting, the pain nearly gone leaving me with almost no energy left to stand.

On my knees, my hand propped on the knob trying to pull myself up. Half way to my feet, I began getting a sense of danger approaching. Then a blood red light started to emanate from behind me.

Very weak, I got up and leaned against the door. Trying to catch my breath, I turned and saw the glow coming from upstairs. The smell of sulfur dominated the air.

The light came closer. It was so intense I couldn't see what was inside. I was losing myself to fear, paralyzed by its poisonous venom. Breathing became harder. I was beginning to suffocate.

Turning back to the door, I gripped the doorknob as hard as I could and tried to open it. The old rusted locks made it impossible to turn. I pushed myself off the door, leaving me a few feet away from the door, and a few feet closer to my death.

A shadow towered over me. I didn't have time to turn around. I threw myself at the door. The rust gave way and I fell through the door…

I landed on a tiled floor. Clutching my chest, I tried to get air into my lungs, but I was not safe yet. The door was still open. With the last of my strength I turned so I was on my back. I kicked the door shut…

On the floor, barely breathing, and scared senseless. I watched as the light slowly faded away until nothing but darkness was left.

I let out a big breath of relief. I survived. I could breath again. I took this time to put myself back together.

"Dear god!(pant) (pant)"

I stood back up and remembered the reason why I was here.

Looking around I noticed the flicker of a small candle flame. It gave little light, but it was enough for me to see someone sprawled out on the floor.

I made my way towards him. He appeared to be a middle aged man. Bald, black sweat pants, worn out shoes, and shirtless with multiple wounds covering his entire upper body. His brown skin, now, a deep shade of red.

His body lays motionless….

As I reached him, he began to stir. I turned him over on his back. His face was covered blood and bite marks. His chest, rising and falling dramatically as he tried to give air to his lungs.

"Hey. It's alright. I'm going to help you."

He started shaking severely. With a swing of his arm he pushed me away and scrambled into a fetal position. Holding his head between his hands…he spoke…

"G-G-Gone…gone…everybody's gone." I could hear the fear in his voice. Nails on a chalkboard.

"The town…all the blood…the horror."

"We angered the dark one, and now Silent Hill is a place of evil and bloodshed. There's no hope of escape…hope is nothing more than dust in the mist…"

It was at this point that I went back towards him. Against my better judgment.

"Demons, captured souls…his servants. Plaguing the streets…painting the town with the blood of its people. Blood that quenches the thirst of the Devil."

"Don't go out at night, when they awaken…they love the darkness…they crave it…"

"Pure silver can bring death to the demons…these poor evil spirits. The sweet release they so desire."

I was standing behind him, listening in disbelief at his words.

"Are you alright?"

The mans eyes popped open. He spun at me so fast I didn't have time to react when he grabbed me and pinned me to the ground.


He screamed as he clamped his hands around my neck.

I tried to speak, to say he had the wrong guy, but the only thing that would come out were hard grunts. My hands were trying to get me free. I repeatedly scratched at his hands, but to no avail.

Then I remembered the knife in my side pocket. I tried to pull the blade out. Almost there. I was getting weaker by the second, my vision began to fade. He noticed the blade. This angered him even more.

He snatched the blade from me and punched me in the face. One hand on my neck and the other holding the knife.

I was helpless. My mouth and teeth were stained with my blood. I was at his mercy, unable to stop him.

I felt the blade pierce my chest, cutting through my skin and flesh.

My eyes widened with the pain. I looked in his eyes. Nothing…nothing but fear in his eyes. Fear for his safety…fear of this town…fear for everything around him…fear for his life…

I screamed as the blade once again entered me. I could see my own blood spraying from my body and into his face. Our blood mixing into one. Again, and again the blade met with my insides. I could not scream anymore. My mouth was filling with blood.

With another brutal motion, he slashed me again. My blood sprayed and doused the candle, the only source of light in the room.

He stopped. He knew that was more than enough. I was shrouded in darkness. Like a mother cradling her child the darkness felt good…inviting…addicting.

I was pass the point of feeling anything anymore. My body mangled beyond recognition.

I could hear his haggard breathes. My life slowly slipped away. This was the end. I would never find my sister now. Was she even here to begin with? That doesn't matter now. Her image flashed through my mind. Her light brown eyes, her long black hair, her beautiful face.


I said with the last of my breath as my life became one with the darkness…never to return…never to feel everlasting peace…..