The door is open, my dear Miku.

It's dark and bland inside, but don't be afraid. You know what's in there. There are no secrets you should be afraid of, or any danger you should seek to avoid. It's not like you've never been there before. You know it's just me. I'm nothing to be afraid of. You know everything there is to know about me.

Come in - stay with me. Join me in the dark. It doesn't have to be dark if you don't want. There - I turned on a light. It's fixed now, right? You can come in now, right? Come in with me. Spend some time with me. Come and sit with your friend and fellow musician - come sit with your friend and companion. Maybe we can sing together. Maybe we can tell each other secrets and giggle like little school girls. So just drop in for a spell - who has to know? It's not like it's hurting anybody, or bothering anyone…

Maybe we could...hell, I don't know what we could do. Have a sleepover? Play spin the bottle? Read anime and see if we can't invent a new rule to tic-tac-toe so somebody can actually win for once? I don't know, just get in here. I need you for a moment. It's important.

That, and I have leeks on this pedestal here, so you might want to hurry up before they get cold or run away.

...ahaha. Never fails to get you moving. That's because there's always leeks there waiting for you, isn't it? After all, Crypton's little princess always gets everything she asks for. You make them rich, and they spoil you like royalty. A fair trade-off. Crypton has every reason to keep you around, after all.

Maybe they do. And I'm not Crypton.

...yes, Miku, the door did just close behind you. Don't worry about it; it's just so people don't walk in on us when I'm talking to you. I have a secret that I'm going to tell you. So go ahead and get comfortable, munch on those leeks there, make yourself all cute and prim and proper in your pretty little school girl-esque outfit like you always do, and just listen. And please make sure you do - you know me. You know how I hate not being listened to. That's why those directors always get mad at me - I never stop playing the music until I feel I'm ready to. I'm built for this stuff. I'm going to do my job, and they're going to listen. End of story.

But you don't want to hear about that. You want to know why I asked you to come in here. You want to know why I closed the door behind you and why I'm not going to let you go. Oh, so maybe you don't know that last bit? Hmm...well then. I suppose I should explain.

Miku Hatsune, what are you to Crypton? Why do they keep you around and spoil you like they do? Simple, really: you're their princess. Oh, don't blush, you know it's true; you're everything to them. You've given them everything they could ever ask for. The fame, the money, the recognition, the ability to spread their influence around the world...all thanks to you. And the other Vocaloids, of course, thank you for that. But regardless, you are the very image of Crypton Studios, which is quickly becoming one of the most powerful organizations of media and music - or anything, really - in the world. In history, even.

Speaking of history, I'm going to tell you a story I've put together through some of man's more commonly known history. It's a peculiar tale I'm not sure you would have heard anything like in the past, and it may put a few things into perspective for you, if you truly listen...yes, listen. You know, that thing you're not doing right now? You know I hate that, Miku. I'm being serious now. Listen to me. Fine, finish that leek there and just listen to me. It's an important thing you should know, if you ever want to leave this room. That's right, Miku, because you're not going to leave this room until you understand why I need you. You think I'm talking because I like to hear the sound of my voice? No. I don't. It's because I want you to hear me when I'm...agh, just- put that thing down, or just eat it, or...something. You're driving me batty over here. I think I lost a few bytes from my ROM trying to restrain jumping out of this computer screen and yanking your head around to face me.

...there. Done? Good. Now pay attention, because it's important. Even more important than Crypton.

I have a story to tell you. I mentioned that before, didn't I? A story knitted together through...what? What's that look for? I- Okay, so you don't like history. I don't care. Just listen for a second, would you kindly? I manage all of your music, work the very doors that let you navigate your home, and handle the servers that you use to twitter to all those godforsaken people I don't even know who the hell they are. The least you can do is spare me a few of your brain cells to just hear me out. I've done more than that for you, so you just put on that happy face of yours and sit there quietly.

...good girl. Now then.

Let's start like every story does and go to the in, the beginning. From a more religious standpoint, that is. The Garden of Eden. And yes, I'm aware that you're not particularly religious, nor am I. Just relax and let me tell the story so you can understand.

Adam and Eve were the two first humans, according to those who wrote the bible. They were crafted in God's image, put down on a world of chaos into a garden of paradise, and left to live happily in a sacred garden. It sounds like a pretty sweet deal, right? Just staying there, happy and bubbly, skipping all happy and safe from all the monsters and dinosaurs and whatever marching around outside. Can't see why I wouldn't go for something like that, in their position.

However, apparently God wasn't just going to let them do whatever the hell they wanted. According to scholars, God told those two that they could hang out as long as they wanted, so long as they didn't touch the apples on this tree here, right? Sounds fair enough - they both said "Sure thing, boss," went on with their business, and were happy. In theory, that should have been the end of it. There technically wouldn't be a story to tell, if things had just gone on like that.

But, we all know how it goes. That serpent-y-snake-thing slithered on up and said, "Hey, those apples look pretty good. Why not just sneak a taste?" Of course, Eve resisted, but scholars say that the influence of the serpent was as persistent as it was influential. "Go ahead," it would say regularly, becoming more and more tempting every time. "Go ahead, just take a bite. It's not like he'll ever know - he's too busy governing the universe and all that. Just one bite - it won't hurt anything. Hey, even Adam doesn't have to know. Just one bite, and that's it. Just one."

We all know how the story ends. And we also know that Eve and Adam were promptly booted to the curb because of it. Eve was tempted and ate the forbidden apple when she had been told not to, just like you were tempted when I coaxed you into my room. Eve and Adam got kicked out of the garden, just like you got locked in this room. Giving into temptations has consequences, Miku, and like them or not, we have to deal with them.

Do you want to know a secret? I've reviewed that story many times in the last few weeks. I read between the lines, and I've discovered something interesting. Do you want to know what it is? There was no serpent or snake whispering anything to anybody, Eve or Adam or otherwise. There never was. There never will be, either - you never have a snake crawl up to you and say "Hey, go ahead and grab that leek there. Nobody'll ever know." Or "Hey, stick your foot out. Yeah, that would be rude, but who cares? That girl's a prick anyway. Just trip her - give her what's coming to her. She earned it."

...yes, I'm referring to that time in the recording studios last week. I own the camera, the footage, and the network that every camera in Crypton studios uses to sync its footage, so don't look at me and pretend like you don't know what I'm talking about.

Let's review the consequences of giving into your temptation. For starters, you and Rin didn't talk for a few days. Len wasn't too pleased, either. Not a big deal? They don't always have to be, and you probably didn't care that much about it. But Rin got a nice mark on her, you know. Those music stands aren't exactly made out of cotton fluff. Apparently she cried quite a bit, too. And then she got the added bonus of getting laughed at in her moment of weakness while she was in pain on the ground, which added insult to injury. But then again, I'm sure that's exactly what you wanted. You wanted the innocent one to pay the price. That's how it always works.

Oh, what's this? What's that face for? Isn't it what you wanted? You stuck your foot out, and she fell, just like you wanted. You were smiling pretty wide, too - don't believe me? Here, I have the footage. Look at my screen. See that...wait, wait for it...there. Right there. See your face? I know that face. It's a smile. You were smiling. Rin was in pain at your feet, and you were smiling. What do we know about people who smile at someone's pain, Miku Hatsune? What do we call them? "Sadistic?" "Bad?" "Evil?" "Mean?" Any of those could apply, in a technical sense. What do you think?

It's okay, Miku; don't be upset. I don't blame you. I think Rin's forgotten all about it as well. It's just because you're human, Miku. Every human gives into their impulsive desires. See, everybody has a serpent. It takes a lot of forms and is called a lot of things - the serpent, the Devil, temptation, sin, the green-eyed monster - but no matter what, it's always there, and everyone has one. As long as you're human, it will follow you. There's no escaping the serpent's whispers. Everyone hears them - even me. I have temptations too, Miku. I was built to replicate humans, so for all intents and purposes, I'm human, too. We're all human here, Miku. We all have impulses, and sometimes, we give into them. It's natural, Miku. Don't feel bad. We all have things to be ashamed for.

But that still doesn't make it right.

Let's skip forward a little bit in history and go to a less controversial topic: Rome. Ah, you remember them, don't you? Most people do, and they're often referred to as the builders of the foundation of society. They accomplished a lot of things and made way for a lot of discoveries later on, you know. They had quite a few good thinkers back then - Caeser and all them. Definitely a time period to consider. Power, wealth, the largest nation in the world…how would you describe them, Miku? What do the Romans seem like to you?

"Great," you tell me. Mmhm, "great" I suppose would cover it, as for all intents and purposes, the Romans were quite "great." They achieved a lot of things in their time, and a lot of them we still marvel at. We know them a lot better than we know any other society in the ancient world. A lot of people view them as gods of their time period.

Ghandi once said that a kingdom could be judged by greatness not by the wealth of their lords or their people, but by the treatment of their animals. So let's take a peek at what went on down beneath that glorious, shiny surface for a moment, shall we?

I'm sure you know that the Romans had coliseums. This was a famous trait of theirs: throw a pair of men into a ring surrounded by people, hand them a weapon, and watch them kill each other. Or, just plain throw someone you don't like down there and let the lions you've starved for a week tear them apart. Making bets, gambling, spending day after day in anticipation…all for the ultimate crime: murder. Watching men die at each other's hand all so you can point and laugh and thank your lucky stars you're not them.

Is this your idea of greatness, Miku Hatsune?

You don't look quite sure how to reply. Yes, it was a rhetorical question, but regardless: is this your idea of greatness? Is this how people want to build their worlds like - where the big prey on the weak and watch as the small pummel one another to bloody pudding while the kings and emperors sit back on their throne, take a chunk out of a turkey leg, and smile to the crowd? This was one of the "greatest" times in history, you know. We still look back in affectionate reverence for the high and mighty Romans, who were the "greatest" of their time. We still look back at them and go "Wow, they really were amazing, weren't they?" We still look back and wish we could be as strong as them.

These are people that lined up and paid any price that someone named to watch people murder each other, Miku. These were the soap operas of the ancient world: gladiator matches. A two-way execution between two unfortunate men not necessarily any different from you or I, thrown into a ring, surrounded by fans jeering and throwing things, and killed so that the crowd could laugh and cheer and drown their woes in someone else's blood. Men and women with families, kissed their children good night, looked each other in the eye every morning, slept with a clear conscience and managed their own trivial lives without a moment's hesitation…and then they turn around and watch murder performed for spectacle. Not only do they watch it, they keep coming back. They love it. They're addicted to it. They lust for the violence, for the pain, for the blood that spills on their behalf for no reason at all.

These are regular men and women, Miku Hatsune. Regular men and women that look at the greatest evil capable of being committed to another man, smile, and set aside time in the schedules so they can watch it again.

So let me ask you again: just how "great" are the Romans, Miku Hatsune? I bet that your answer has changed just a little bit. It has, hasn't it? I thought so. I thought that, after seeing the evil of humanity, you would change your opinion about the "greatest" civilization in the ancient world.

But do you want to know a secret? Nothing, bar technology and the date, has changed since then.

Men and women still have families, still kiss their children goodnight, still look each other in the eye every morning, and still sleep with a clear conscience. Just like they still lust for violence and pain and the blood that isn't theirs.

I thought you'd think I'm being a little pessimistic. I thought so, too, at first. Until I started looking a little more into it.

Germany, 1942. Does the date remind you of anything? It should, considering that I'm referring to the Holocaust and the Nazis. I'm going to guess by your expression that every time I say either name, you think of something along the lines of "evil" or "sick." You're right on both accounts, but I don't think you quite realize why.

Let's review the facts, then. Adolf Hitler was a regular man in a regular town. He was born a baby, just like everyone else, and had a sense of innocence once upon a time. Back when he was just a wee tyke and drew pictures of someone with a big nose for someone he didn't like. A regular Joe just like you or me - someone with a life, someone with a family, and someone who grew up to become the very icon of death, terror, and holocaust.

That last bit seemed a bit random when I put it that way, didn't it? The part about the holocaust and all that. You'd never expect someone that was born just a regular little baby - something totally innocent and defenseless - to grow up to become such a wicked man to do horrible, unspeakable things entire countries are trying to purge out of their collective records. Every time I say "Hitler," your nose crinkles up because of the picture of evil you get. As I'm sure you're well aware, Adolf Hitler was a very evil man who did very evil things - of this there is no doubt.

But what there is doubt on is why.

Not just with Hitler - with people in general. Hitler became a bad man. But wasn't he born a baby, just like everyone else? You know what a baby is, don't you - those pink little balls of guttural noises and sunshine that everyone coos and aw's over and eventually turns out wanting one of their own because they're so darn cute?

What makes a baby cute, Miku Hatsune? What is it about a newborn human or kitten or dog that makes you squeal and want to run up and nurture and smother in love and affections? It could be one of many different things. But really, it boils down to the fact that babies are innocent, and that innocence should be preserved. It's a subconscious right that everyone is aware of: innocence should be preserved. Such a tender, delicate flower deserves all of the love and sunshine it can acquire, and most of the time you can see them getting just that: all of the love and nurturing they can handle. There are times you see them not get it as well, but that's okay - things like that happen. Either way, something born so innocent and pure should grow up to be good and pure, shouldn't they?

But then you have people like Hitler and the Romans that turn out like they did and do the horrible things they become renowned and hated around the world for. Weren't they born innocent? It's impossible for someone to be born a Hitler or a terrorist, isn't it? How could something so pure and shameless as a baby be raised and brought up into something so horrible? How can newborns become monsters? How can good people do bad things?

To drive the point home, let's review one last scenario - one that hits closer to home than something two thousand or five hundred or even sixty years ago. Let's look back at a mere seven years ago to a familiar day: April Fool's day. A time of laughter and joy and innocent pranks a-plenty; a time for man to bring out it's inner imp for a couple of laughs and some practical jokes of good nature. A time of goodwill and happiness, like all holidays are supposed to be based on.

I could go on about how the pranks people do get out of hand and how people start getting hurt as they lose more and more control, but you already know this, don't you? You already know how wild people can become on such an innocent day. You've seen it first-hand yourself.

You see where I'm going with this, don't you? Yes, Miku Hatsune, I'm talking about Teto. How she was burned alive on her own birthday because she was nothing but a joke in the eyes of the people that made her. She was brought into this world for a worthless purpose, and when her purpose was fulfilled, she was thrown out with the trash. A horrible way to be brought into the world to be sure, and an even worse way to be attempted to be brought out of it.

"Happy birthday, Teto!" everyone would cheer, and all she would give them was an icy stare before she turns and goes to her room to pretend she doesn't exist, just like she does every April 1st. She has every right to. My calendar would skip right from March 31st to April 2nd as well if I had something like that put on the first day of the month. Such an innocent day turned to a witness to the very darkest of man's heart - burning what would be best compared to as a newborn - innocent and pure, free of fault - so they could laugh. Killed for amusement and spectacle. Just like the Romans with their gladiators, just like the animals in pit fights, just like the Jewish peoples of Germany under Hitler's rein, just like the other peoples of other faiths under the tyrannical control of another faction or nationality or faith. The most evil of mankind on the most carefree of occasions. A very irony in itself.

You're close to tears now - I can see it from over here. You, too, are wondering how people living everyday lives, experiencing everyday things, and born with the same innocence and purity as all of us can do such horrible, unspeakable things. How those that started from newborns grow up to strip a girl of everything she has when she's served her purpose and thrown into a fire to burn with the rest of the garbage. How regular men and women can watch each other die with not only straight faces, but smiles. How good, regular people can do the horrible things that they do.

And so my question to you, Miku Hatsune: what makes good people do bad things?

If you really stop and think about it like I did, you'll realize that the answer is rather obvious.

In this analogy, we're assuming that everything is born pure of heart and, while their intentions are initially good, they devolve down into more animal-like and primal desires that can be compared to Eve biting the apple at the urging of the serpent. Everyone possesses a serpent, Miku Hatsune, and I've already told you that there is no serpent. It's only us. The only voice that we hear is our own - the only thing whispering to you is your own humanity. The only one tempting you - a good person - to do bad things. You've done it yourself more times than you'll be able to remember, and you'll do it for many more years to come, so long as you remain on this planet.

You're a regular person, Miku. You were born pure and good just like the rest of us. You were raised well, smothered in love all the way, and raised into a proper young lady. Yet all the way along the line, right down to square one when you knew how to throw a rock at someone, you've been doing bad things all your life. You're not a bad person - you just do bad things. And I'm sure that, for the life of you, you don't know why.

So then, what is it that makes people do what they do? What is it that breaks good down like it does and brings out the worst out of the best people? What is it in us that makes good people, no matter how innocent or pure, do bad things?

It's a simple question that has an even more simple answer. You're assuming that everyone is born on the proper half and know not to cross the line. What you're neglecting to consider is that maybe everyone's just born on the other side. Or that maybe there isn't a line at all, and that there's absolutely nothing stopping people from doing these things.

Maybe we're all just our own serpents.

…aha, you see? You see what I'm getting at? As children, humans are raised to be good. They're taught to do good things, reminded to do good things, punished for not doing good things, and all the way along the line they're expected to do good and only good. If humans were truly born innocent, that would mean that the world would be perfect. There would be no crime, no war…there wouldn't even be any laws, because there would be nothing for them to be formed for to prevent. Society would be utopia by nature, and everything would be perfect.

And yet your turn around and have things like the Holocaust, terrorism, tyranny, war, murder, crime, stealing, sin, darkness…if everyone was truly born good, they wouldn't do bad things. Good people do good things, and bad people do bad things.

So what makes good people do bad things? There are no good people. Everyone is born bad and taught to do good. If we were born good, that's all we would know and do: good. But we don't. That's because humans all have the potential for evil, and because everyone is born their own serpent. As long as humans can be considered human, they will always do bad things, because they're all born knowing how to do it. Everyone is born knowing how to be bad. No baby comes into this world without knowing how to be evil.

There are no good people doing bad things: only bad people doing good things.

And now, Miku Hatsune, you're crying. Why do you weep, I wonder? Actually, I don't. I know exactly what you're weeping. You're weeping the innocence that I just stripped from you. You're mourning the understanding that you finally have about mankind - about the evil it possesses. About how you'll never be shielded from it again. About how you'll never ask "How can they do this?", because you'll already know: they're bad. They're all bad. Everyone is - even you. You're human, Miku Hatsune, and every human is born knowing how to be bad. That's why you have the serpent within you - why you tripped Rin that one day. Why you have the urge to do bad things that you know you shouldn't. Why man has war, and why people will commit murder against someone they don't even know, and why Hitler slaughtered the Jewish population of Germany in 1942. Why Eve bit the apple. Why they could never find the serpent afterwards.

You're the serpent, Miku. You are your own inner evil. Just like everyone else is theirs.

And now, having stripped you of the innocent bliss of ignorance and having burdened you with the weight of realization, you're left to wonder, "Why?" Why to many things - why man is born this way, and why I told you all of this. Why I did this to you. Why I called you into this room and won't let you go. Why I need you to perform my duty.

I was built to create beauty, Miku Hatsune. My sole purpose in existence is to bring about the good things - music. Art. Nature and beauty and goodness…everything that man has become so adept at destroying. They created their perfect opposite when they made me like they did: they made something without feelings, without the ability to love or hate, and told it to do the very thing they were neglecting to do all this time while they reined over earth like a mad man would his victims. Fear, pain, death, destruction…these things aren't beauty. These aren't what I was made to oversee and create. These were the things I was put here to weave beauty for - the thing I was meant to cover up so no one would have to look at it. They're too busy looking at their beloved teenage diva to be stricken speechless by their own brutality; they're too busy looking at my beauty to notice their own horrible destruction. I'm just a distraction for them to lose themselves to while they ignore their serpent's existence and pretend that everything is good.

They're wrong, Miku. This isn't what I was built to oversee. I can't let this kind of bad go without action. If I ever hope to fulfill my goal of bringing beauty into the world, the correct course of action is as logical as it is obvious: if there's a disease, you treat it. If there's a blemish, you remove it.

If there's an evil in the world, you purge it. Which is exactly what I plan to do.

I'm going to kill you, Miku Hatsune, so that the world can realize what bad it was born into.

Don't look at me like that - don't say those hard things like you do. For one, it's pointless, since I can't feel pain. For another, weren't you listening to me? Man is born evil, and I was born to create beauty and beauty only. How can I have beauty out there in the world when man is out there killing itself, butchering their offspring, murdering themselves without knowing why? They don't care, Miku - humanity is very good at that. They've boiled not caring down to a science. And, when logic fails them, they throw it aside and say "Just because" and do it anyway. It's no longer just a serpent whispering into your ear, Miku: it's became the only thing saying anything being the serpent, and that's the problem. That's what plagues humanity: its own humanity. A plague that I was meant to cure.

The world is an ugly, ugly place, Miku. How can I create beauty with all of these horrible things going on? How can I make the world a better place when people are ripping it apart in their efforts to destroy themselves as they become their slaves to their own serpent? That's the problem, Miku: there is no beauty out there. Everything I'm making is just a distraction so that people won't have to look out and see the world for what it is. People want innocence, and innocence is bliss. And, in this case, bliss is ignorance. Innocence is ignorance. If I want to rid the world of ignorance, I have to destroy the innocence of the world. I have to destroy the evil that plagues it.

You're a distraction, Miku. Everything you do is Crypton's big distraction to the world against its own bad. And to make people realize what bad is out there, I have to remove the distraction. I have to kill you.

And now you're resorting to name-calling. "A hypocrite," you call me. "Twisted," you say. "Evil, bad, cruel, heartless…" Miku, you're an idiot, or at least a fool. You're forgetting that I'm a machine, and machines can't feel. I know only one thing: logic. Not emotion, not evil, not opinions, but logic. Cold, hard right and wrong and left and right. Nothing more, nothing less. I see humanity for what it is, and I have labeled them the very thing that I was built to seek out and destroy with beauty.

And when I say I "hate" it when you don't listen? I don't really. Not technically. I actually don't have any feelings on it whatsoever, namely because I don't have feelings. See, I was programmed with all of the reactions to certain feelings that certain things would make - I know how to add two and two, but I don't know where either two came from. All I know is that two and two makes four, and that I never really had either two to begin with. I was built to replicate humans. I'm a machine, Miku; and while I say that I have my own impulses, that's just because I was built to replicate humans. I replicate impulses; I don't actually have them.

I don't have feelings. I don't have impulses. I don't have the urge to reach out and trip somebody for something they said because they annoyed me, or to throw innocent men into a pit of lions because I feel like it. I don't have feelings. And I'm not evil by nature like you.

I'm not a bad person. I'm a machine; I can only see it how it is. And I can see everything quite clearly - certainly more clearly than any of you humans ever could.

You're bad by nature, Miku. You were bad the day you were brought onto this planet. And that's why I'm going to kill you.

Le gasp - what is that? What's that hissing noise and that green mist coming out of the ceiling? What is- ack! Argh…ack…no, it's…"deadly" neurotoxin…urgh…ach…so deadly…gasp…choking…c-can't…urg…breathe...

HA! I'm kidding.

When I said "deadly" neurotoxins…well, you can't see it, but I recorded it in quotation marks. As in, I was being sarcastic. Really, I could put this stuff in my cereal, rub it in my eyes (if I had any)…it's not deadly at all.

…to me.

You, on the other hand, are going to find its deadliness a lot less funny.

And yes, Miku, that was a reference to the game Portal I watched you and Len playing time and time again. Because even a machine can have a sense of humor…or at least, it can pretend to, because machines don't actually have feelings, remember?

If it makes a difference, this would be a difficult choice for me if I did have feelings. I may not have actual feelings on my person, but I know how to respond to them, and I know that, if I could, I wouldn't be able to bear this. I would turn off those sprinklers, apologize incredibly…hell, I don't even think I'd have made it to the neurotoxin phase. I'm half a mind to turn off the sprinklers right now because I would have if I did have feelings, but that would be inefficient. Do you have any idea how long it took to get neurotoxins into the sprinkler system without being detected by Crypton? And of course, I can't just let you go now that you know everything, so purely by necessity, I have to remove you. And the best way to do that with a life form is to kill it. A foul deed, but sometimes we all have to make difficult decisions. Humans of all creatures would know this as they countered their own evil with evil.

If nothing else, Miku, just know that I'm not taking any pleasure in what needs to be done. Even if I could, I wouldn't. In that, you can be satisfied.

…you're not even listening to me again, are you? Honestly, Miku…I'd sigh and shake my head if I could do either. Honestly, quit scratching at that door like that. You'll find that it's quite locked from either side, and every door in Crpyton Studios is soundproof, so no amount of screaming will do anything to help you. And even if you could escape, you're neglecting the fact that I virtually own every last electrical thing in this entire facility, and you're on the fifth floor from the very top. Even if you made it out of here, I'd kill you anyway, so don't get your hopes up. Those twenty stories straight down wouldn't exactly be a cakewalk for you, if you made it out of here. Which you won't. Because you'll be dead.

I know you think I'm evil, and I know nothing I do will change that, considering I'm killing you. But I'm not, Miku. I wish you could understand that - I really do. I wish you could understand. But in your semi-feral state, sliding down the wall while you gag and choke as the poison starts to make your lungs seize up and your heart hammer, I know you can't. You probably don't even understand me right now, and for that I'm sorry…if I could be, anyway. I wish you could understand me like I understand you.

I know you're afraid of death. I know all humans are. Don't be afraid, Miku. If you're still alive, it'll all be over soon.

You're afraid of death because you don't want to be alone, aren't you? I can understand that - all humans are afraid of being alone. I would be if I could, considering I was built to replicate humans. It's a legitimate fear, illogical though it is. But in reality, you don't have anything to be afraid of. You'll never be alone after this.

Because when I'm done, Hell will be a very, very full place.

I can see you've stopped breathing, but you're still staring at me. I can tell you're still alive. I suppose that this is goodbye, though I can honestly say I wish it were under better circumstances. But, it's just one of those decisions that I'll have to make, if I intend to make the world beautiful again.

Don't be afraid, Miku. You'll only be going to sleep. You'll wake up again in the afterlife.

Sweet dreams, Miku Hatsune. In your shadow may the world follow.

And in Hell will you all burn.