A Day that Changed My Life


I was standing in line at the local bank minding my own business when this pushy little old lady came up next to me and started complaining about the line. I tried to explain to this lady that it was the holiday season and we should all just be a little more patient and that hopefully someone would open another window. This seemed to calm the lady down a bit.

I normally am like this lady, however for some reason I had a feeling that today was going to be a really good day.

Even though I had already had a morning from hell. I first tripped over my damn shoes in the hallway, my dog ran after the mail man and I couldn't find my key any where so I had to walk the three blocks to the bank. I still felt like today would be a meaningful day.

My best friends Rose and Ali always say that I lived with my head in the clouds. That I need to come and live in reality with them, but they don't realize that it doesn't help to be optimistic when it comes to love and life.

You see both of my best friends are happily married. They each met their husbands when they were like 4 years old and their lives were basically planned out for them. Emmett and Jasper are great guys and I love spending time with them, but sometimes they get on my nerves. I hate being the fifth wheel. They have tried to set me up with several different guys, and when I say different I mean that word in every way.

First there was Mike, he was okay looking but he was such a brown noser that he couldn't even please people. He just was annoying. He never would take me out to dinner. Well let me correct myself, he would invite me out to eat but I would have to pay. He never would hold out my chair for me, or ask me what I would like to have. He was so busy finding what he wanted that he could care less about anything other than being seen with me, I guess.

Then there was Jake. Can we say Eww! The guy was huge, smelled bad and was really clingy. We only had one date and he got pissed off when I knew our waiter James, and he gave me a hug. I mean come on. It was a shame too because if he just worked on his control issues and found some deodorant he could probably be a good guy for someone. Just not me.

I wasn't asking much in a guy. Just someone tall, good looking, had a heart, would take care of me, made me laugh, and if we got in a fight he would apologize for being an ass. Not put the blame on me. I wanted a guy that would open doors for me and pull my chair out like they do in the old movies I used to watch. I want a guy to be confident in him self and let me know that I am loved and that if I mess up in life he will always be there to catch me.

I don't think that I am living in a fantasy. There has to be at least one man out there that can make me happy, and have at least 80% off the things I am looking for. Right?

I always thought that when I met THE man of my dreams I would just know. I would feel this connection that I couldn't explain. Like a sparkā€¦.

"Ms." The lady said to me out of now where.

I was so lost in thinking about what I want in a man that I didn't notice that another bank employee was opening another window.

"Ms. That gentlemen has open window 7, if you would like to move on up."

"Thank you, Happy Holidays" I said as I waved to the lady.

As I approached the window number 7 I was searching though my purse to find my ATM card and as I looked up I was greeted with the most beautiful pare of emerald green eyes. For a moment I couldn't breath.