Authors Notes:

Okay…I wanted to let my readers know a few things:

I am not Stephanie Meyers. (I think you all could have guessed that, but I guess I needed to say that to cover any kind of copyright issues.)

I am NOT a writer. I am simply trying this out to see if this is something that I can do. I am very good at giving people story ideas and giving feed-back. But I have no clue how to put it in writing. So please be patient with me. A lot of the chapters will probably be short, and they may take a while to write. I thought that I would be honest about that. (One of my problems with a lot of the fan fiction stories that I love is that they don't come fast enough…so I know that this story most likely won't get a lot of attention since I suck at the updates.

If anyone wants to help me write this story based off of my ideas for the "Big Picture" as I like to call it, I am totally up for doing that. Please let me know.

Thanks for the few reader that are giving me a chance to try something new.