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A/N: This might be very different from the games because I haven't seen them. As I said before, it WILL be Mary-Sue, so if you hate them, don't read it.

Summary: Irony Fair is the sister of Zack Fair, 2nd Class SOLDIER. She gets kicked out and runs away to stay with her brother and inadvertently finds love. Story is better than summary.

Chapter 1: Kicked Out

"Get Out!" My mother screeched at me. I ducked as a lamp flew over my head. I grabbed my stuffed backpack and ran out the door, laughing as my father struggled to hold my mother back, cuss words streaming from his mouth.

"So, where do I go now?" I asked myself after I'd gotten at least half a mile from my old house. My phone suddenly rang and I looked to see Rufus Shin-Ra on the caller I.D. "Well, I have been wanting to see my older brother again," I said with a smirk before answering the phone, telling Ruffie what happened.

~Zack's P.O.V~

I sighed sadly as I thought about my little sister, Irony, back home. "What's wrong, Zack?" Angeal asked, walking up to me. "Ah... nothing. Just thinking." "Oh. Well, Mr. President is asking for you. He needs you in his office immediately."

My eyes bulged and I stared at him in shock, asking, "What, me? Now? Why?" Angeal shrugged. "I dunno, you just better get down there," he answered with a smile then walked away as I sprinted towards Mr. President's office.

"Mr. Fair, please sit," the overweight man said with a smile, gesturing to the empty chair. I sat with a confused expression on my face as he pressed a button and called for his son, "Rufus, you both may come in now." I turned around to see who else came in but my vision turned black when someone jumped on me, squeezing the life out of me. The person let go and I looked down dazed to see a very familiar face from Gagonda.

"Irony!" I said with a laugh before hugging her again. "Hey Zack! So, how ya' doing out here in SOLDIER?" She asked me. "What are you doing here?" I asked shocked, ignoring her previous question. She laughed nervously, rubbing the back of her neck. A habit she got from me.

"Oh, same old thing. Got mom mad, got kicked out, then went to stay with someone I knew," she replied as if it were an everyday thing. Knowing my little sister, it probably was. "Don't worry, Mr. President already said it was fine to stay here as well as room with you, since there are no girl SOLDIERS that I could room with."

"Um... okay. Let's go get you settled in then," I told her, slightly confused. What just happened exactly? "Thank you for letting me stay, Ruffie!" Irony squealed, kissing Rufus Shin-Ra on the cheek. My left eye twitched and I dragged her quickly out of the office to our new room. How do I always get myself into these types of things?

~Irony's P.O.V~

I looked up at my fuming brother's face and sighed before stopping. He stopped as well and turned back to look at me confused, as he had been since I got here. "I'm sorry for deciding things without asking you, Zack," I say, looking at the ground sadly. I noticed his tense stance relax as he looked at me with a smirk.

He ruffled my hair before speaking, "It's not that, Rony. I'm just an overprotective brother who's worried about his homeless little sister all alone in SOLDIER that only has men in it." He put his hand above my head, that reached to the top of his shoulders, as if measuring how little I was.

"I'm not that little!" I said with a pout then mumbled under my breath, "It's not my fault your freakishly tall." It really wasn't fair that he was 6'3'' at age 23 while I was only one year younger and 5'4''. He was over a foot taller than me! Yes, I counted.

"Sure, whatever," he replied with a smirk then changed the subject. "Now I'm gonna take you to meet Angeal. He's probably in the training room right now so watch your back when we get in there," he warned and I rolled my eyes. Geez, I could take care of myself, he just didn't know that.

He dragged me along as he raced to the training room. He suddenly stopped and looked through a seemingly glass window. What? You wouldn't think someone would be stupid enough to put glass in a training room, would they? What if they were thrown against it and it cracked, huh? Who'd be sorry then? Ugh, there goes my rambling thoughts again.

"There he is!" Zack said happily, opening the door and pushing me in. "Angeal, can you- oh sorry," Zack apologized, seeing three SOLDIERS total instead of just one. I rolled my eyes at him. My adoptive brother could really be dumb at times. He rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly. A man with black hair jogged up to us, carrying a huge sword and wearing a 1st Class uniform.

"Hey, Zack. Who might this be?" He asked as I stepped out from behind Zack. "Hi, I'm Irony Annmarie Fair. Zack's sister, and you are?" I asked politely, introducing myself with a small curtsy. I always do that when I meet someone new. "I'm Angeal, Zack's trainer," he explained with a small smile.

"Genesis, Sephiroth, get over here!" Angeal called over and Zack looked up in awe at the other two 1st class SOLDIERS walking calmly over, one of them reading a book.

"There is no hate, only joy
For you are beloved by the goddess
Hero of the dawn, Healer of worlds"

The one with the book quoted. "LOVELESS, am I right?" I asked him. He had red-brown hair and I read leather outfit. He looked nice enough. The other man was extremely handsome. He had long sliver hair and bright green eyes. His grey leather outfit showed his bare, toned chest and I quickly looked away with a slight blush gracing my pale cheeks.

"Yeah, you read LOVELESS?" The man in red asked curiously. "Why yes, it's a marvelous book," I replied with a smile. He turned to his two friends and commented, "I think I'm going to like this one." "Great, another LOVELESS fan. Please don't tell me you quote it every minute of the day," the other man said with a small smirk. I shook my head no with a grin. "Nope, sorry to disappoint."

"Anyway, these two are Genesis and Sephiroth. You guys, this is Zack's sister, Irony Fair," Angeal introduced. "Pleasure to meet another LOVELESS fan, these two hate it," Genesis told me and I giggled when the other two 1st class soldiers glared at him.

"So, are you visiting Zack? I thought Gagonda was far from here," Angeal questioned. "Well, my parents do. I don't, at least not anymore," I replied cryptically. "So where do you live then?" Sephiroth asked, speaking up. He's really quiet. Oops, I just noticed Zack had went away to train. Well, I'm slow.

"I live here now. I asked Rufus to pull a few strings so I would be able to stay," I respond. "Mr. President's son? How do you know him?" Genesis asked shocked. "Oh, that's easy. Long time friends. We've known each other since we were little. He came to our town with four TURKS and we six became friends."

They accepted my answer and we changed to a different subject. We talked for another few hours, Zack soon joining when Angeal allowed him to stop, until it was eleven at night. I yawned and asked my brother if we could go to our room now. Zack bent down and I climbed on to his back, knowing he would give me a piggy-back ride like he did when we were little. He straightened up again and started carrying me out of the training room as the other three said their goodbyes.

"Nice meeting you, Irony. Goodnight," I heard Sephiroth say before I fell asleep on Zack's shoulder.