ok let me tell you how it is i need your help i can not spell veary well so i need u guys to help me thanks . ok also this has limited kyman i hate kyman alot but it has some cuz to make the storie work it needed some ok well thanks.


Im Kyle Brovloiski im 15 and this is my storey.

This thing all started when Kenny had died for good. Cartman had gone from 8 years old at 100 ponds to being 15 and only 85 ponds. Cartman had been anorexic for a long time well at least scenic Kenny had died. Stan and I had been togeter for a while, now that Cartman wouldn't be an ass cuz he was to depressed.

"FUCK KENNY!" I had shouted at Cartman because of his ridiculousness.

"Kyle really I'm gonna kill my self, I need Kenny and no one can give him to me unless im dead" Cartman shouted through the phone.

"That is true but you really don't have to do this"

"Yea I do"

"Fine im coming over ill be their in 5"


I stepped on to the Cartman's porch knocking on their door. God it was cold out hear with the wind and snow. It had been a really cold winter so far . came to the door.

"Helo Kyle dear Eric is in his room."

"Ok thanks"

I ran to Eric's room, "dude are you ok?" I saw blood all over his arm. I rushed over to him He was crying."I miss him so fucking much Kyhl I cant take it help me" I brushed my hand through his hair. "I will i promise."

-Later I went over to my boyfriends, "Stan?" I cried out.

"Yea babe whats is somthin wrong?" He grabbed my hand.

"Yea, Cartman wants to kill him self."

"He what? Waite why would you care he hurt you for all those years."

"Because death is no reason to give up on him...he was like a brother like Kenny was. Well I mean...b-before he passed away." Tears suddenly started flowing out of my eyes. "P-pleas Stan help me help him pleas." Stan kissed my head.

"Fine ill help."

"Thank you ssssooooo much babe how can i repay you?"

"Well you could..."

"Have sex with you, fine done."

-"Oh Kyle harder" Stan panted out.

"Ok..." I thrusted with all my strength.

"I-im...gona c-CUM!" Stan released his liquid after a few more thrusts i hare also released mine.

"Ok so you will come with me to Cartmans?"

"Yea sure," we put our close on.

-We walked up to the Cartman home their were police cars and ambulances thare.

"Excuse me sir ?"


"Ware is Eric Cartman?"

"Oh im sorry his mother found him dead on the bathroom floor. He died of an overdose."

"God damn it I promised him every thing was gonna be ok i promised Stan I promised him." Tears ran down my face.

"I know you promised him but its over Kenny and Cartman are both dead."

-A week later Cartman had his funeral , I cried...alot. But now 3 years later im ok well not really.

The end did you like it sorry about spelling tell me if i should continue more after the death or not Thank you 3