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Chapter One:

By Rosa241

The large house standing atop the hill overlooking the village of Little Hangleton could have easily come straight out of any horror movie. Between the ivy covering the walls, the cracked and missing tiles sliding from the roof and the thick wooden boards lying over most of the windows it wasn't a pretty sight. Scared the bejesus out of basically everyone to be truthful. There were rumours of ghosts and demons housing there. The village kids made a game of seeing who was brave enough to go into the dark mansion. There were even stories. A friend of a friend who went inside never to return.

The truth was far darker than any of their minds could have believed or any of their imaginations could have concocted.

Not that they really knew what the truth of the story was any more. Over the years it had become so twisted and embellished that there were very few details of the actual night left. Despite all the different versions they all began the same. A poor maid wandering into the drawing room to find all three Riddles dead.

None of the Riddles had been popular. Snobbish, rude, stuffy and that was just the elderly Mr and Mrs Riddle. As for their son Tom…well. There was something not right about that boy. Something very wrong indeed. The family were hardly missed. No one seemed too bothered over their absence, no it was their murderer that had them curious and worried. People don't just drop dead for no reason. Foul play was involved they knew it.

It didn't take long before the news spread of Frank Bryce's arrest. He'd been their gardener for many years and quickly became chief suspect in the horrific killings. Many words were thrown around that night about the man.

"Unfriendly sort. I've offered him a cuppa hundred times over the years. Never took me up on it."

"He had a hard war. Nothing wrong with likely the quiet life."

"Who else had a key to the back door?"

"Door wasn't forced and he's had a key hanging in that cottage of his for years now."

Over the course of the evening Franks innocence was left in the dust and his guilt was proclaimed. No one doubted he'd done it, even if the police couldn't prove it. Strange sort it was. Their deaths were so peculiar it was almost as if they were frightened to death. Frightened to death? Well whose ever heard of that. Since no sign of foul play was found Frank was released but they knew he'd done it of course he had. Who else?

For fifty years the house lay mostly dormant. Families came and families went none of them staying for long. A dark air surrounded the place. Maybe it was Frank, who stayed on as gardener, or maybe it was ghosts. Either way they didn't stay. So you can imagine his surprise when he looked up at the old house one night to see a bright light in one of the windows.

Kids! Damn kids!

They were always trying to get into the place. Very few ever did but once in a while one of them got brave enough to try.

Not on my watch.

Grabbing the torch and his keys Frank set off towards the house unaware that it would be the last time he did. It took time to reach the top of the stairs but once he did the old gardener stopped in his tracks. For it wasn't kids in the house. No. Those were the voices of men! For a few minutes Frank stopped and listened to the most peculiar conversation he'd ever heard in all his years.


Lord Voldemort?

As he listened Franks body grew cold. Murder! They'd killed someone…

There were murderers in the house!

And they were talking about kidnap too. Kidnapping…Harry Potter…who was this boy? Why did they want him? As he turned to leave, to call the police and report these vile men, something caught his eye.

The largest snake he'd ever seen was staring at him. As he stared, transfixed at the creature, he was unaware of the wand pointed his way.

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