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Chapter Thirty-Six

By Rosa241

Percy POV:

Knocking on the door in front of me I shuffle down the wave of guilt that's been plaguing me since we discussed Ron's birthday in the common room. Obviously we should have done something sooner. His birthdays been largely over looked over the last three years, not necessarily through fault of ours I'll admit but even still we should have done more. He's our brother.

"Enter." Opening the door I cross my fingers she says yes. "Ah Mr Weasley. How's the ankle?"

"Getting better. Doesn't really hurt that much anymore." Okay so half true. My ankle is better than yesterday but it's still only been two days since I got hurt. According to Madam Pomfrey it could take up to two weeks before it's fully back to normal. Great.

"Take a seat. Now what can I help you with?" This isn't the first time I've been in her office about my brothers, I've had more trips here than I can remember thanks to Fred and George, but it's the first time it's been about Ron.

"Actually Professor I wanted to ask you something. You see Ron's birthdays coming up in a couple of days and I was hoping, well actually we were hoping we might be able to do something for him. In the common room." Judging from the arch of her eyebrow I don't think she'd impressed with the request. Not surprising it's a bit out of the ordinary from me.

"You mean a party?" I didn't think this would be easy.

"Well…yes. A birthday party. I'd be there supervising the whole time." I didn't think it would be easy to convince her and clearly I was right. George had suggested having the party anyway but I couldn't do that.

"Hmm…Whilst I appreciate the sentiment I'm not sure this is the best time for a party. There's rather a lot going on around school at the moment as it is." You're not wrong there but even still…

"Honestly I really do see that Professor it's just…" She gives me a nod to continue. "Over the last three years Ron's birthdays kind of passed by relatively unnoticed. I mean think about it last year the security had been tightened thanks to Sirius Black attacking the Fat Lady not to mention the dementors everywhere. Then the year before there was everything with the chamber of secrets and people getting attacked. With everything that's happened the last couple of years we just wanted to make it a bit special."

"We?" Wincing slightly I can see she knows exactly who I mean.

"Myself, Ginny, Harry, Hermione and of course Fred and George. I know what you're thinking but I've already spoken to the two of them and they've promised to be on their best behaviour. We even thought about doing it during the day so it wouldn't impact on curfew." We already had everything planned truth be told. Fred and George were taking care of the supplies, Ginny and Hermione were taking care of the decorations and Harry was in charge of keeping Ron out of the way whilst we got everything together.

"What day were you thinking of doing this?" There's a slight smile on her face. She must be thinking about saying yes.

"Sunday. Technically his birthdays on Monday but we thought with classes and everything it'd be better to do it before hand." As much as we'd wanted to do it on his actual birthday between classes and curfews it would be next to impossible.

"Well I suppose a small party wouldn't hurt however I have a few conditions." Yes! "Firstly, no funny business. I appreciate it's his birthday but I don't want any pranks or jokes or whatever going on. Secondly, the party stays in the common room I don't want streamers and balloons floating round the castle. Third and foremost it's over by curfew."

"Of course. Like I said I'll be there the whole-time supervising. I'll make sure things don't get out of hand." Deciding to make my disappearance before she changes her mind I say a few quick thank you's before heading back up to the common room.

Step one complete.

George POV:

Merlin's beard potions is boring.

I mean seriously boring.

Like is Snape trying to kill us.

Rolling my eyes as he mutters on again about some side effect I turn my attention instead to the list in front of me. Fred had passed it on to me before we came into the room. In most of our lessons the teachers had worked out that sitting us separately wasn't worth the effort and just sat us together. Snape however was different. It was a toss up between him and McGonagall as to who was the scariest teacher. Most days McGonagall won hands down but some days Snape was nothing short of a full blown monster. Of course Moody takes top spot now.

There's something about him I really don't like. I just can't put my finger on it.

Thankfully most of the food items we could get from the house elves who'd be more than happy to provide it once Fred and I explained later tonight of course. Thanks to the shortcuts we should be able to get everything up from the kitchens without too much trouble. Other than that there were only a few things we'd need but we were leaving them up to Hermione on the Hogsmeade trip this weekend.

Of course that's if this lesson ever ends.

Thankfully twenty painful minutes later the lesson is finally over and we quickly make our way back to the common room. Hopefully by now Percy should have been able to talk to McGonagall. Since his ankle was still giving him some grief Madam Pomfrey had quickly said he was to stay out of lessons for the rest of the week, not that Percy was happy about that mind.

"Did you get chance to speak to McGonagall?" Fred questions as we burst through the door.

"Thanks for knocking guys we could have been busy for all you know." Oliver chastises as he round on Percy. Ignoring his words we focus on Percy instead.

"Yes I did and she said yes. We can have the party." The quidditch captain rolls his eyes at the celebratory dance we do. "However there are a few conditions one of which being that we've got to be on our best behaviour. Her exact words were 'no funny business' and I think we all know who she was referring to."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah we'll be good. Anyway we were thinking about the food." I say as I sit next to my brothers on the bed.

"Don't tell me." Giving him a confused look he explains. "The less I know the better."

"Because if we get caught then you can tell McGonagall you knew nothing about it." Smart. Always said he was smart.

"Plausible deniability. It's never failed me yet."

Moody POV:

Watching him walking from that woman's office was painful. I could have done it then. A simple spell and poof all my troubles would be over. No one around. No one to see anything. Or so I'm led to believe. Right now all those stupid staff are on such high alert for the next attempt on one of the champions lives it would be foolish to even try. Esspecially not after that bloody womans announcement.

Dumbledore had brought me in on the heightened security arrangements surrounding the four champions. They all seemed to be under the impression that they were all at risk. That bloody McGonagall had come up with an idea that could only spell trouble for me. The students needed to be watched, they needed to be kept under close supervision so no one could try anything against them. We couldn't very well have a staff member follow them round all day it wasn't practical. Instead she'd come up with another solution.

The ghosts.

Have the ghosts of Hogwarts on alert.

It was a brilliant idea and I'd be marvelling on how ingenious it was if it weren't for the fact that it creates incredible trouble for me.

Those ghosts can go anywhere at anytime.

They could be watching me now. Just because I can't see them doesn't mean that they're not there, hiding and waiting.

That bloody kids been a thorn in my side since that night at the tournament. I should have gotten rid of him then. He's the only one that could identify me after all. It was foolish to leave him alive but I didn't think he'd be any trouble.

Don't I regret that.

If I had gotten rid of him then everything would be going to plan but no! I had to be cocky. There's no way he could have identified me, no way he could recognise me. Why cause trouble for myself if I didn't have to?

Oh how wrong I was.

That kid was proving to be more than a little trouble. He was a downright pain in the backside and only getting more problematic as time went on. I engineered everything perfectly in getting Potters name in the cup, everything was planned perfectly. All I had to do was make sure that Potters the one who gets to the cup first. It should have been so easy.

But no.

That kid could very easily beat Potter.

If he won then the dark lords plan would be for nothing.


Potter has to win.

I just have to find a way to make sure that Weasley doesn't get there first.

There must be a way.

And there we are.

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