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Weeds. They were all weeds. Every single person his parents had tried to set him up with, boy or girl, high status or non-high status, he felt nothing for them. Even when he tried, for the sake of the Hibari family, Hibari Kyoya felt nothing but hate towards them- as if he was seeing weeds. And he thought nothing could ever change that.

"Lord Kyoya," a butler greeted, bowing down to his master. "Your father wishes to speak with you. He says something about another suitor.."

Hibari nodded and stood up from his desk, which was overridden with paper work. He picked up the file he had just finished, and handed it to his butler. "I will be going now then. Could you please take this my mother's office, Kusakabe? It's a very important file concerning our peace treaty with the Vongola family, and it needs to arrive as soon as possible."

Receiving a nod, Hibari strode towards his fathers office, accompanied by his yellow bird, as if he didn't mind at all.

Hibari had no urge to go to his father's office. He already knew the outcome; he would meet the so-called person who was apparently in love with him, they would fool around for a day or two, then Hibari would drop him/her, after feeling nothing whatsoever. The meeting would be nothing but a waste of time, something to slow him from finishing the ridiculous amount of work he was given.

He stopped in front of his father's office and sighed. He sometimes wished no one thought he was attractive- all he had was jet black hair and blue eyes that seemed to change color in the light, nothing he thought was special. "Might as well get this nuisance over with," he muttered, then pushed open the doors."

"Tsuna, wake up." A familiar black boot "gently" kicked the sleeping brunettes head.

"HIIIIII! Uncle Reborn! What was that for?" Tsuna sat up and rubbed the slightly raised bump on his head.

"Oh. Should I have kicked you more gently then? I'm so sorry," Reborn exlaimed, voice oozing with sarcasm. "Honestly, Tsuna, be a tougher man. You are, after all going to be-"

"Shut up. I don't wanna be reminded," Tsuna interrupted, a small frown on his face. He pulled the covers off and stood up, heading for his bathroom.

"You might wanna hurry up, by the way. Today's the day you get to meet your 18th possible suitor," Reborn called out. "We leave in thirty minutes."

Tsuna waited until Reborn was out of his room and out of earshot. "I don't wanna meet anyone new. Ugh... Well, as long as they don't know I'm gonna be the Vongola Decimo, there's gonna be a humongous chance they aren't gonna want me. After all, as Reborn and Lal put it, I am short weakling who is very scrawny and annoying."

Don't forget the fact that they call you adorable behind your back.

Tsuna sighed. The stupid second-conscious he had of course had to pipe up.

"Tsunayoshi-kun, this could sound bad, but please shut up. You promised you wouldn't pipe up unless I was in Dying Will Mode." Receiving no reply, Tsuna smiled and started his daily morning ritual as fast as he could.

Fifteen minutes later, a showered, fully dressed Tsuna with damp hair arrived in the kitchen. "Ohayo, kaa-san(1)."

"Ohayo Tsu-kun!" his mom greeted, laying a plate of toast and a bowl of miso soup in front of her son. "You might wanna eat fast. Your uncle says he wants to leave before 9, and its already 8:45."

"Hai." Tsuna chugged down the miso soup, grabbed the toast and ran out of the kitchen.

"Bring me back a son or daughter-in-law!" His mom called out.

"No way..." Tsuna muttered. It wasn't his fault that he felt like he was too young to choose a fiance, let alone marry, even though he was the next in line to inherit the Vongola famiglia, one of the most powerful famiglias in the world, and all of the previous Vongola famiglia heads married really young. Heck, he wasn't even the son of the Nono! So what if he was a descendant of the Primo?

Tsuna hopped into the passenger seat of Reborn's car, stuffing the rest of the toast into his mouth.

"You made it here on time, for once. Good job, Tsuna," Reborn said, backing out of the driveway.

Tsuna swallowed. "Yeah, well, mom made a quick breakfast today. Anyways, is the next suitor part of an Italian famiglia, and flew in just to meet me, or are they part of a nearby Japanese famiglia?"

"Nearby. I'm sure you've heard of them. They are a very powerful famiglia, probably in the top three of Japan."

Tsuna's eyes widened. "You mean, my next suitor is a Hibari?"

"Yuhp. The next famiglia leader, in fact. Hibari Kyoya."

"Oh..." Tsuna's hopes of being rejected rose to %99.999999999999. Hibari Kyoya was know for rejecting many suitors: so far, he had rejected 44. He faced away from Reborn and smiled. "Phew. At least I'm safe from being engaged this time," he thought.

The pair remained silent for another 30 minutes, until Tsuna saw a large mansion, and a sign that said "Namimori Territory, ruled by the Hibari Famiglia."

"Are we here now?" he asked, turning to his nodding Uncle.

"Yeah..." Reborn parked a small amount of distance from the mansion. "We walk now, by the way. They don't appreciate people parking near their mansion."

Tsuna sat nervously in a chair in the office of Hibari Saburou.

"He'll be arriving shortly," the current Hibari clan head said. "I just sent a butler to get him."

Tsuna nodded. He didn't think that the presence of a Hibari would be this strong.

"We are honored to be able to meet him," Reborn stated.

"Ahh. Yes. Lets hope that this adorable boy will change Hibari's stubborn mind, which refuses to love anyone. By the way, what famiglia are you from again?"

"A small European famiglia, the Palourde(2). We aren't very well known, so you might not have heard of us, or be able to find information on our famiglia," Reborn replied smoothly.

"Ahhh.. We-"

Saburou was interrupted by the opening of the mahogany doors, and the arrival of his son.

"Ah, Kyoya! Please meet your next suitor, Sawada Tsuna. He's the next head of European famiglia, so don't let the Japanese name confuse you.."

Tsuna stood up and bowed. "Nice to meet you." Then he looked up to see something that made his breath hitch: a pair of captivating, blue eyes.

Sorry to disturb you, but I've got an important comment to make. I'm pretty sure you don't want him to dump you if you start going out.

Opening the door to his fathers office, Hibari saw a familiar person wearing a fedora (though he couldn't quite put his finger on why he was familiar), and a small boy bowing down to him.

"Nice to meet you," The boy greeted, the straightened up to face Hibari.

The first thing he noticed was those big, caramel brown eyes, that were (he hated to admit) adorable.

"Nice to meet you too," Hibari answered, tearing his eyes away from the shorter boy's annoyingly adorable eyes.

The fedora-wearing man stood up. "Your father and I have decided that this time, Tsuna will be staying at this manor for the next few days. This way, I won't have to constantly drive back and forth between your manor and our hotel (read: Tsuna's house)."

"And this way," Hibari's dad added, "You can get closer to each other."

"I'll be getting your clothes then, Tsuna. Come with me."

Hibari watched the two leave, then turned to face his father. "I don't have time to babysit someone like-"

Saburou raised his hand. "I will have Kusakabe, our most trusted butler, do some of your less important paper work. You will be spending time with him, no buts allowed. Besides, he's just like you- constantly jumping from suitor to suitor, never quite pleased. And no, he didn't know about this arrangement," he continued, answering Hibari's unasked questions and demolishing most of his concerns.

"...Fine." Hibari left the room, hands clenched. "This won't get you anywhere though, father. I know that in the end, Tsuna will be rid off like a weed," he muttered.

(1) Dang it. I told myself I was gonna leave out the Japanese [language~], but it felt weird when i used 'Good morning, mom'

(2) Palourde- Clam in French

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