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Reborn, Reborn, Reborn...

Hibari was hunched over his desk, swiftly flipping through all the documents he had on European family's and famous assassins. Under his mother's orders, he was searching for the man named Reborn, whom his assassin mother believed was a hit-man for a powerful family, and that the herbivore Tsuna was lying to them about his status.

Hibari clenched his fists, knuckles turning white. Tsuna Sawada, a weakling herbivore who could probably use the Hibari family as a major ally, had decided to turn him down.

But Tsuna leaving him wasn't what made Hibari feel so annoyed. It was the feeling buried deeply in his mind by the herbivore that was trying to find its way to the surface. It was affection. And it disgusted Hibari and made him feel weak.

Hibari growled and continued searching. He wanted something to make him hate the boy. And if his mother was right and he was hiding something and lying, he had a perfect reason.

Enzo Todd, Isabelle Arceneau, Belphegor-

He stared at the blurry picture of the blonde and his rather creepy smile, and suddenly realized why the name and picture had caught his eye.

It was his 40th suitor, and was one of the few he considered a lover- even if it was for a short while. He quickly read his profile and frowned.

"This doesn't add up," he murmured. An assassin from the elite group Varia, from the Vongola? If Hibari remembered correctly, Belphegor was a violent subordinate of the family Palourde.

Hibari stood up quickly, shocked with his realization. He walked over to his files on Italian mafia, and quickly went through until he found the Vongola. He took the rather skimpy file folder to his messy desk and began to read through the few pages it had.

Notice: The Vongola, though a very famous family, has very little information known to the public, due to their secretive nature...

Hibari skimmed through the files, scanning for important things. Suddenly, he stopped and stared, eyes wide with bewilderment at the last page. "Tsuna...?"

He quickly reread the paragraph.

Recently, it has been revealed that the successor to the Vongola throne is Sawada Tsuna, an eight year old boy living in Japan. His exact location is unknown, even to people in the Vongola. According to the 9th, no one was supposed to know about Sawada's existence, and Sawada was only revealed to the public when the Arcobaleno's number one assassin, Reborn, was revealed to be tutoring the successor to the most powerful Italian family in the world.

"Whoa." Hibari glared at the paragraph and stood up to reveal the news to his mother.

"Kyoya..." His mother opened the door. "You have the information now?"

Hibari scoffed and sat back down. "Your clairvoyance is amusing."

"Hmph. You should have inherited it too." Arisu walked gracefully over to Hibari and looked over his shoulder. "What did you find out?"

Hibari handed Arisu the document and started to organize the started documents on his desk into their designated files.

"Hmmm, so I was right then," Arisu said, walking around Hibari's desk to sit on the throne chair across from him. "And, soon enough, the 'great' assassin Reborn is about to pick up the Vongola successor and drive away with him."

She crossed her legs and leaned back, folding her arms on her chest. She raised an eyebrow at her son's lack of reaction. "Really, Kyoya, you're not going to do anything?"

"Why should I? He's a dirty little liar," Hibari snapped, replying almost instantly.

Arisu smirked. "Well you know, Kyoya-chan, I'm pretty sure that isn't the reason you aren't go after him. I think," she uncrossed her legs and stood, her gaze never leaving Hibari's, "It's because you're afraid of feeling something besides apathy and hate. I'll be taking my leave now. I've got to bid the Vongola liar good-bye."

Hibari glared at his mother's back until the door closed, obscuring his vision of her.

"There's the Witch of Namimori for you", he whispered to himself. He sighed then retreated to organizing his paperwork, trying to forget about his previous conversation with Arisu Hibari.

"Yo! Hibari!" Hibari opened his eyes and lifted his head to be met by the view of a confused Yamamoto.

"What do you want?" He snapped, standing up and dusting himself off.

Yamamoto smiled. "Well, your Saburou-sama couldn't find you in your room, so he sent me to go looking for you. Said he wants to ask you something."

Hibari scoffed. "Go tell him I'll be right there."

Yamamoto nodded and retreated, leaving Hibari by himself.

The skylark sighed and leaned against his desk, remembering his mom's visit.

It was one of the reasons he didn't like being alone with Arisu. The way she twisted everything so it made you think, and even if you didn't want to think, whatever happened would keep coming back to you- it was

He sighed and left his office, heading for his room. He was a mess, and he wasn't going to present himself to his dad looking like one.

"Father?" Hibari called out, knocking on his dad's office door.

"Come in, come in! Just barge in Kyoya, I invited you here anyways," Saburou called out.

Hibari rolled his eyes at his father's child-like personality. His mom and dad couldn't be anymore different.

He twisted the door handles an let himself in, walking over to sit on the chair in front of his smiling dad. "What do you need?"

"Well actually..." Saburou's playful expression disappeared, turning serious. "We need you to find a fiancé before your 19th birthday. We've already extended the time for the longest it can possibly extended. You were supposed to find one by your 18th birthday anyways."

Hibari raised an eyebrow. "Why are you only telling me this now? You should've told me before I even turned 18."

Saburou sighed. "Yes, I guess I am at fault here for not telling you earlier. But your inheritance ceremony is approaching, and by then you need at least a fiancé, so the people are assured that you will have a successor."

Hibari nodded and stood. "I'll take care of it-"

"Wait, Kyoya, before you leave, I'd like to know what you have in mind."

Hibari stared at his dad, who was staring up at him expectantly.

Quickly, Hibari racked his mind for a person who could be his fiancé. You're afraid of feeling something besides apathy and hate...


"I knew it!" Saburou jumped up and smiled. "See, your mother said something that intrigued me last night. So I took the night of and concocted this little plan to help you realize something."

"And what would that be?" Hibari asked trying to keep his voice level at the annoying act his dad had just committed.

"That you believe Tsuna can be your future husband!"

Hibari stared wide eyed at his father, bewildered at the stupidity he was displaying. "You spent a whole night thinking of this? Don't you have better things to do?"

"When it comes to my sons future, there is nothing that is more important."

Hibari turned and glared at the wall. The affection had finally risen to the surface.

"Fine. I'll arrange a ride to the herbivores house and explain my situation. If he doesn't agree the first time, it's no longer my problem." He left the room and shut the door, sighing as he headed for the head butler's office.

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