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Chapter 2- If It Means Alot To You

"Everyone! This is Lillian!" Ryan said excitedly. The team said hello and introduced themselves. They all seemed nice and gave me that dysfunctional family kind of vibe. Seriously, Alexx & Horatio seem like the parents; Eric is the cocky older brother & Calleigh is his girl-next-door girlfriend. Tripp is the uncle everyone loves and the one that teases all the children. Natalia & Ryan are the younger children, the ones everyone else looks over. It's sweet, really. Everyone seemed happy together.

"You have a lovely voice Miss Lillian," said Alexx kindly. I blushed and thanked her quickly. Eric said something to Ryan that made Ry blush a bit too but then frown after. Natalia could see my confused expression at the boys.

"Don't worry about them, Eric always pushes Wolf's buttons at any chance

After what seemed like forever, the team left to their respective destinations leaving Ryan and I alone. He walked me home since I usually walked to work. He seemed deep in thought about something when I subtly glanced at him. When we got to my door, we said our friendly goodbyes and agreed to spend some more time together because my work schedule had changed. I couldn't help but think 'Damn he's so cute, I hope we could be more than friends..'

Within the next month, Ryan and I had made a system. He would help me become a CSI (now that he had been promoted), and I would help him with his people skills (Eric Delko had not been the nicest to Ry). I, however, was sure that I'd developed more than friendly feelings for the newbie CSI. My heart always raced at a subtle brush of the hands or at the sight of the flashy grin. He brought out of me a calmer side while I brought out the crazy in him. It seemed we were total opposites that hadn't attracted.. but hopefully would!

I was headed home from classes trying to get there quickly because I had not had a chance to clean up the past couple of days and for the first time in a while Ry was too busy at the lab to come over. When I got there, I was surprised. A simple white envelope with my name written in elegant calligraphy laid on my welcome mat in front of my front door. I thought he had left it for me so I smiled while picking it before entering my little house. Wolfie... What did you do? I thought. As soon as I read it, I panicked.

Dear Lillian,

You are such a beautiful and smart young woman.

Your dedication to your studies is inspiring but that man who comes to see you.

You will stop seeing him. I dont appreciate you having another man in your life, it's insulting. Don't worry I arranged for him not to see you today darling. See youn soon.

Remember me.

I was floored. Someone was stalking me and committed a crime so Ryan would not be able to see me? He wanted me to stop seeing Ryan? He thought we were together? So many thoughts were flying through my head I couldn't believe this. Instantly I jammed the letter in my bag, grabbed a bag of clothing and headed for the door. When I opened the door I was face to face with an man. The second I went to shut the door he pushed me further into my house...