dont own hetalia but i own Indonesia, India,Singapore and Malaysia ( This malay,indo and indi)

"Ohayō no shimai marēshia"

"oh morning, and dont try to be Japanese. geez" a boy or more likely teenager replied. She have a black hair, army pants and shirt. Black long sleeve underneath and boots. His name was Malaysia or Sia. "sorry...i am just, you know. ADDICTED to it" the other one replied. Her name was Indonesia or Nesia. She wore almost the same thing but instead of pants, its skirt. So need of shorts. "Imoto!" shout a boy. Mostly the age of 14. He was wearing the same uniform and black hair as Malaysia. " what?"." Indi keeps hitting me for no reason !" he wail. " INDI ! GET YOU SORRY ASS IN HERE !" Nasia shout which makes Singapore, the black hair, cries more. you could name him also as Singa. " what do you want?" Indi, or as in India said. "why did you make cry again?". India was wearing Indian army clothing.

"because i was bored. Oh and...anyone want to go treat or tricking together ?"

"why would we go treat or tricking ?" ask Sia. "because its fun stupid. And you get to wear you favorite costume". " iam in !" shout Singa with a delightful smile." if he's in then iam in" said Nesia." you guys are kidding me". So, thats the end of their conversation for this morning. At the afternoon, Sia and Nesia was hanging together at her room and Singa. "2 +2 =" "10" they both said in a sing a song way. " Imoto! someone is here for you!" shout Singa from downstairs. And there was England,America and China. "er...hi?" she ask."Hello there Nesia. We would like you to destroy Germany" said England."why would i like to beat Germany? but first of all... what victory do i get when i beat him?" she shot back. " dont know" said England. " see. no worth killing him". Suddenly, Malaysia fall from the stairs. " why is England here ?" he ask. " why are you here?" He shot back." Well i live here woman with her, indi and singa" he shot back again. They both start to fight.

"dont make me put my bamboo spears on you guys"

"..."." you know, girls aren't allowed to hold a bamboo spears"" said China." oh, for me we can" she grin and laugh evilly. "now stop fighting!". "you want me to fight you?" ask Malaysia."you want me to beat the crap out of you?" she ask. " well lets see princess !" he took out his midnight black sword. "if i would shut up and dont ever interrupt me again. k ?" she start to make a deal." oh and i suggest the guest to hide behind the sofa". They all start to move behind the sofa. Nesia and Sia took 1 step back and breath slowly. it was so quiet, any one hardly heard it. Then they start to tackle each other. "GAH ! I AM GOING TO WIN !" they both shout. Then, Nesia gets on top of Siaand nearly drive the bamboo spear to his heart. " i win" she said with and evil smile. All the furniturre were ruin and tore. The 3 countries that were hiding behind the sofa finally come out. "you see... we speak,act and live tough. So by 51 % that me and Sia is tougher tha you all. Now... If you dont mind, please leave. we need to clean the house" she said. So, they all leave.

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