This story is about a wizarding world without the trio and Voldemort but there is still muggle-loathing among the Blacks and Malfoys. Instead of house-elves, the wealthiest wizards have muggle/muggleborn maids. Hermione Jean Granger is a maid in the Malfoy household. She is about sixteen in this story.

Pairing: Lucius/Hermione, Bellatrix/Hermione (NO threesome- mainly BLHG)

Rating: M in later chapters

Warnings: Het-sex, femmeslash, non-con, voeyurism

Hermione opened her eyes as the sun invaded her sleep. She stirred and glanced at the clock hanging on the wall and yawned. Slowly she took off her night gown and put on her uniform that all the maids in the household wore. It had many laces and she cursed as she fidgeted with the ones in the back. The uniform was mostly off white, with simple lace around the collar and the cuffs. She also had an apron that was the same color and completed the maid outfit. She tied her hair up in a bun and put on her brown leather boots, with a 1 inch heel. All the maids had to look good in spite of their masters hatred towards them. If a maid was inapproriately dressed she would get punished by either not getting food for three days, or locked in the cellar for a week. So far it had only happened once, a girl named Trinity who forgot to wear her necklace that was required they all wear. A silver necklace with the words "Mudblood". Hermione wasn't going to risk ending up somewhere where she couldn't take a bath so she was careful to put the necklace on, no longer bothered by the letters hanging off her neck, showing who she was.

It was five minutes until inspection and she made a quick visit to the bathroom before she left her chamber. There were three other maids and they all had their rooms on different floor so there would be no socializing between them. It was a very lonely life but Hermione had gotten used to it. She had been a part of the househeld for a year now. She arrived just in time for the line-up and stood next to Rose, a muggle who had been taken from her parents when she was only eight. She gave Hermione a small smile before their master entered the room.

Lucius was wearing his usual black robes, he had a smug look on his face and Hermione couldn't help but loathing him for enjoying this. He stepped up to the first girl on the left and eyed her closely up and down. With an approving nod he slowly made his way to the next. When it was Hermione's turn she shifted her gaze to the floor, as she had been told many times before, never to look in the eyes of a pureblood. She could feel his eyes on her body as he scanned her, a bit longer than the others? Finally he nodded and stepped back.

"Tomorrow we will receive a visit from Draco's dear aunt. You shall obey my every command in her presense, understood?"

They all nodded, their voices as one.

"Yes master"

Lucius looked content as he smiled and played with the snake head on his wand.

"Excellent. Now get to work" He hissed the last part and gave Hermione a look of utter contempt before he left the room.

Hermione directed her steps towards the dining hall, it was tuesday which meant she had to clean the entire room today. Sighing softly she scurried up the stairs, making sure not to make too much noise. She thought of what Lucius had said and wondered who this woman might be. She had never visited before as long as Hermione had worked here. She knew Narcissa had a sister but she didn't know what she looked like. Probably just as fairhaired and stuck up. Hermione scrunched her nose at the thought and hoped the aunt would save her visit for another day. She wasn't in the mood to be tormented. Hermione stopped in the doorway as she reached the dining room. It had been left in a complete mess, broken plates were scattered everywhere along with spilled wine and food waste on the floor and the walls. One of the paintings had mysteriously fallen off the wall (were'nt they magically fastened?) Hermione thought. This had to be a work of their son. He loved to give the maids extra work and his parents didn't seem to mind one bit.

Hermione felt the tears sting in her eyes as she knew she would be punished for there was no way that she could clean this room in only one day. She only hoped the punishment wouldn't be so severe and wondered if the other maids had met the same fate.

It was almost six o clock when Hermione felt the familiar tingling sensation around her neck. The necklace was jumping slightly indicating that she was to meet the other girls for dinner. She jumped up and left the room in its unfinished state, knowing she would have to keep cleaning throughout the night if she knew the Malfoys correctly. She ran down the staircase, through the hall and into a room where three girls were seated around a small, wooden table. She took the last vacant chair and sat down.

As soon as she had sat down four plates appeared in front of them filled with steamed vegetables and rice. The portions were incredibly small, they weren't given the chance to get fat; after all the appearances of the maids were of utmost importance and showed other families their success. Hermione grabbed her spoon and shoved the food down, she was incredibly hungry and wasn't interested in the conversation between the other girls. A goblet filled with water appeared next to their plates and Hermione was so eager to drink she accidentally knocked it over, the contents spilling out over Vanessa's plate. Hermione turned a deep shade of scarlet and stuttered an apology.

"I-I'm so sorry, here let me clean it up" Hermione got up from her seat but Rose quickly grabbed her wrist.

"Hey don't fret, we're not the Malfoys here" she smiled at Hermione who only frowned back at her. Vanessa was busy drying up the water on the table but nodded in agreement.

"Yes, it was an accident, don't worry" She said. Hermione opened her mouth to retort but Rose silenced her with a look.

"Finish your food 'Mione, it's almost time for the next inspection" Rose softly nudged her side and Hermione picked up the spoon to continue eating. She had never spoken badly of the Malfoys with the other girls, which was odd considering how much she loathed them and everything they stood for. There was just a feeling she had, that they could hear every word that passed between them, after all they were wizards. So she kept her thoughts to herself and hoped the Malfoys weren't capable of mind-reading, because then she would be ultimately screwed.

The inspection was made by Draco this time. He stuck his tongue out and pretended to lick Vanessa's cheek only to recoil saying she was far too disgusting to touch. Hermione burned inside with hatred, if she only had magical powers..

Hermione was his least favorite since she was always serious and didn't succumb to his good looks. She knew the other girls displayed the same disgust for him when they spoke about him in private but if they'd be given the chance to shag him they would all get in line. All but Hermione, who thoroughly hated his guts and she was sure her hatred towards him radiated from her since he always had this strange expression whenever he looked at her. He usually just eyed her up and down once before dismissing them.

The punishment for not finishing, was as Hermione had suspected. She kept cleaning until after midnight when the familar shape of Malfoy's shadow loomed over her where she was crouched on the floor.

"Go to bed, we need you to be alert tomorrow, mudblood" Lucius voice sounded throughout the room and Hermione stood up abruptly. Her limbs were sore and aching and she was already hungry again. As she turned to face him he was holding a big, red apple.

"Eat this" He said and stretched out his hand. Hermione couldn't help but look into his eyes, unsure whether this was a trick or not, but they betrayed no sign of emotion. She took the apple with trembling fingers but didn't eat it.

"Like I said, you'll need the strength" He shrugged and left.

Even if she was Draco's least favorite the same thing could not be said about his father. He was satisfied with her obedient personality and her never-failed cooking. She was the only one out of the four, that knew how to clean a room properly without using magic.

As soon as she reached her chamber she dug her teeth into the apple and savoured the sweet taste. She finished it quickly and tossed the remains outside her window. She only had a few hours to sleep before she had to get up again and from what Lucius had said it would be a tough day. Changing into her night gown she tossed the uniform carelessly over a chair and crept under the duvet and fell into a deep sleep.


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