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The dragons call part 2

It did not take Arthur and Melinda long to settle into their new quarters; Melinda unpacked the few belongings she had bought with her before she went to help Arthur.

The two young people had always worked well together on any task they were given and this one was no exception, soon the unused part of the room that was once the most cluttered space of all was immaculate and ready to be slept in.

As night fell Melinda and Arthur were in Melinda's room discussing the day's events.

"Melinda did you bring any girls cloths with you?" Arthur asked as he surveyed the assortment of men's clothes she had stuffed into her cupboard

"There was no room in my pack" Melinda told him

"Besides shirts and breeches are far more practical than dresses" she defended

Arthur just shook his head at Melinda's stubbornness, no wonder she found it hard to fit in back home. He was already trying to think of a way that he could afford to ensure that his friend had some more appropriate clothing as soon as possible

Melinda was completely oblivious to Arthur's plans she was too absorbed in the view of Camelot to see the calculating look that had come over his face

"Arthur come and look at this" She gasped from her perch on the window sill

"Can you believe we actually made it to Camelot?" Melinda asked him as he joined her at the window

"I never had any doubts" he told her confidently

"No you didn't" she agreed

"Ector would be so proud of you Arthur" she whispered softly pulling her eyes away from Camelot to look at her friend

"I'm sure his son the farm hand fills him with pride" Arthur said with a sarcastic role of his eyes

"I'm sure he is proud of Will too but you are the one who fulfilled his promise, you are the one that came to Camelot" Melinda told him purposely misunderstanding Arthur's last comment and pretending she believed he meant Will instead of himself

Arthur skewed his face up at the mention of his step brother. Arthur and Will had hardly ever seen eye to eye on anything, in fact keeping Melinda's magic a secret was the only thing he remembered them agreeing on since they were young children and even that hadn't lasted. Will just had to open his big mouth and tell Hunith that he and Arthur knew the truth and that was why he and Melinda were in Camelot without him, he could not be trusted.

"Do you miss him" Arthur asked trying to shift the focus from his and Will's relationship and on to the relationship Melinda and Will Shared

"Yes, but I can get by without him" Melinda said firmly

"I'm not sure I could get by without you" she confided to Arthur

"It's a good job I'm here then, isn't it?" he teased her with a gentle smile

No more needed to be said between the two of them as they sat together in silence watching as the lights of Camelot as they came alive.

In the next room Gaius had finally found his glasses and was sitting down to read the letter Hunith had sent with Melinda and Arthur

My dearest Gaius

I turn to you in my darkest hour, I am sorry but there is no one else who I can trust to help me. Every Mother believes that their child is special but I truly wish Melinda wasn't. Her gifts can no longer be hidden in our small village and I fear what will become of her if she were to stay here. I send her to you in hope that you can provide her with the guidance that she so desperately needs.

Melinda is not the only charge I am sending to you, the young man with her is Arthur. He is as close to a son as I will ever come, all of us can tell that he is meant for so much more than the life of a farmer. His guardian Sir Ector trusted me with his safety and now I entrust him to you, he is in needs guidance just as much as Melinda. They are both so young I beg that you protect my children when I cannot.

May god keep you all


To say that Hunith's letter troubled Gaius was an understatement. He had already known of Melinda's magic thanks to her actions earlier and Hunith's letter had just confirmed his suspicions about Arthur. Now he had to decide what he was to do with this new information, he had a long night ahead of him.

Gaius was not the only one with decisions to make that night. Deep in the woods of Camelot a heart broken Mother had to decide if she should carry out the threat she had made against Camelot's King.

Part of her knew if she were to follow her plans though she would only be proving to Uther he was right and that magic was evil but a larger part of her was in too much pain to care.

Uther would pay for taking her son's life and she didn't care who she would have to destroy to get her revenge. Lady Helen would be her first victim because her image was just too good of a disguise to pass up.

Mary Collins felt a brief flicker of sadness flutter within her at what had become of her life and the path she had chosen but she knew there was no turning back for her; she only hoped that the gods of the old religion would forgive her for her actions.

The next morning the first traces of dawns light was filling Melinda's room when she was pulled from sleep by a voice calling her name. It wasn't the voice alone that woke her but the desperate need she felt to answer the call. There was only one person that had ever made her feel that way before and only when he was in some sort of danger and needed her

"Arthur" Melinda cried out lurching to her feet and racing out of the room

The voice continued to call to her once she was in the main room but now she could tell that it was not Arthur calling her because he was sleeping peacefully in his cot. Knowing that the voice did not belong to Arthur did not mean that she could ignore the pull of it.

Melinda was in the doorway of Gaius's chambers about to slip out and find the source of the voice when a harsh grip on her shoulder pulled her back into the room and back to reality

"Melinda, what are you doing" Arthur hissed angrily at her

"There was a voice, someone was calling me and I had to find them" She offered weakly

"Dressed like that" Arthur asked just as crossly as he had been before

For the first time Melinda remembered that all she had on was a big baggy shirt that Gaius had given her to sleep in the night before.

Before Melinda could say anything in her defence the gruff voice of Gaius filled the room

"What on earth is going on here?" he demanded sounding extremely shocked

Arthur and Melinda both froze suddenly realizing what the situation must look like to Gaius.

Arthur who was dressed in only his sleeping trousers had yet to release his hold on a scantily clad Melinda. Arthur let go of Melinda so fast that she nearly fell over but that didn't stop her from trying to explain what had happened

Gaius found it hard not to chuckle aloud as both of the youngsters flushed red with embarrassment and babbled over one another trying to tell him what had happened. From what he could gather Melinda had thought she heard something and Arthur had stopped her from wandering around the castle in her night things.

Gaius silenced them both by raising his hand

"Get dressed both of you" he told them dismissively causing both of them to shoot him a grateful smile before rushing off in separate directions.

When Melinda remerged from her room dressed once again in men's clothing and with her hair in a bun she found Arthur sitting at Gaius's table with a look of complete disgust on his face. She took one look at the breakfast that Gaius had put out for her and knew exactly why Arthur was pulling such a face.

"There's some water there" Gaius told her pointing to the bucket on the table as she took her seat

"I noticed nether of you washed last night" he commented

"Sorry" both Arthur and Melinda mumbled as they tried to choke down what they assumed was Gaius's attempt at porridge

When Gaius was sure that neither of them were looking at him he gave the bucket a gentle push and sent the water in it cascading towards Arthur. The soft thump of the bucket against the table made Melinda look up, as soon as she saw the water her magic reacted freezing it just like she had with Gaius the day before.

"Arthur move" she warned her oblivious friend

Arthur hopped out of his seat reacting to Melinda's order before he even knew why he was moving. Just as he managed to get out of the way the water unfroze and poured down onto the seat he had been sitting in

Gaius couldn't help but be shocked even though he knew that the girl had magic seeing her use it so effortlessly was still a surprise to him

"How did you do that?" the old man demanded

"Did you incant a spell in your mind?" he asked

"No" Melinda told him without hesitation

"I don't know any spells"

"Well what did you do?" Gaius wanted to know

"I don't know, I didn't do anything, It just happens" Melinda offered helplessly how could she explain her magic to Gaius if she didn't understand it herself

Arthur had had enough of the old man interrogating his friend

"It is part of who she is" he told Gaius flatly

"And those of us who care about her have to except that as the only explanation we will ever have"

Gaius was not a foolish man he knew a challenge when he saw one. Arthur was testing him to ensure that he truly cared about his niece and didn't just find her a fascination; he strongly suspected that if he failed this test both Arthur and Melinda would be gone from Camelot before sunset.

"Well I think it would be best if we find some way to keep you both out of trouble until I can find some paid work for you" Gaius told them dropping the subject and passing Arthurs test while he was at it.

He gave them some medicines to deliver and a sandwich each to eat instead of the slop he had filled there bowls with.

Arthur suggested that he should make one delivery and Melinda should make the other then they could meet up in the main court yard and set about exploring Camelot for the day and avoid any other chore that Gaius might have in mind for them.

Melinda agreed to Arthurs plan but she didn't miss the fact that he insisted on taking the medicine that was for Lady Percival and left her to deal with the blind knight

Melinda found that delivering medicine was not as easy as she had assumed it would be when the weevil Knight as Arthur had christened him downed all of his in one go before she could pass on Gaius's warning not to; she hurried away from his room hoping against hope that she hadn't just poised the poor old fellow

When she reached the court yard there was no sign of Arthur which meant one of two things either his delivery was going very well or very badly. Melinda amused herself watching the people of Camelot going about their daily lives; everything seemed so much more alive that than the life Melinda had known before.

A group of handsome young men caught Melinda's eye but sadly it wasn't because of their good looks it was because of their very unattractive behaviour. A scruffy looking man that seemed familiar to Melinda was throwing daggers at a young man holding a target while the others were cheering him on.

Melinda looked around her unable to believe that in a place like Camelot no one was going to step in and stop this. When the young man dropped the straw target and became the man's human target Melinda decided she had seen enough

"That's enough" she called out to the scruffy man as she made her way towards him

"You've had your fun my friend, the game is over" she told him firmly

"Do I know you?" the man growled threateningly at her as his target ran away

"I'm Melinda" she told him refusing to be intimidated by him

"Strange name for a boy" He commented to his friends who all laughed

"It would be if I were a boy" Melinda informed him with a toss of her head before turning to march away. She hadn't even taken two full steps before she found herself pinned against the scruffy dagger throwing man. He had her pressed so hard against his chest that she found it hard to breathe.

"Well, well you are a girl" he commented, looking at Melinda in a way that made her skin crawl

"Let me go" she demanded fiercely but the man's grip only got tighter

Melinda was trying desperately to think of a way to use her magic to save herself without exposing herself when suddenly the man released her. Melinda didn't understand what was happening until she saw a flash of golden hair.

"My friend asked you to let her go" Arthur snarled at the man he had just pulled off of Melinda, he threw him to the ground and moved to check Melinda was alright but he never made it to her side

"Guards" the man yelled from his place on the ground that was all it took for Arthur to be restrained by two burly guards

"Stop" Melinda cried racing towards Arthur

"You can't do this" she said disbelief filling her voice

"Actually I can" the scruff man told her

"Take her too" he said to the guards two of which reacted immediately and took hold of Melinda

"Who do you think you are the King?" Arthur roared trying to escape his guards

"I may as well be" the man told Arthur menacingly

"I'm Knight Valliant, his chosen heir" he practically crowed before he buried his fist in Arthur's stomach and sending his world into darkness. The last thing Arthur was aware of was Melinda's panic stricken voice screaming his name.

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