The school shook, books tumbled off shelves, people were knocked off their feet, and desks slid across the linoleum. Wide frightened eyes of all colors watched as the building they were in began to crumble. Someone yelled; a horrible, distraught screech that snapped everyone out of their frozen, terrified states. Other voices joined in and a cacophony of noise rose, people yelling, screaming, blubbering, and praying. As one, they stampeded out of the room in a desperate race for safety. The pounding of sneakers on the floor almost overran the shrieks. They flooded into the hallways like water and headed for any exits in sight. The walls began to buckle and doors distorted, cracking and straining to stay in one piece. Hinges popped off and lockers groaned in protest, their backs detaching from the walls and tipping over with loud crashes onto the floors. At last, everyone seemed to be out. People watched as Casper High slowly fell apart, and then someone fainted. There was a face in one of the windows on the third floor. A face soon joined by others, fists could be seen pounding and faint voices could be heard, yelling for someone to save them. But the town was in shambles and there was no one.

Inside the classroom, the students saw what was happening and their voices died out. They turned from the windows, their young faces grim. Plaster floated down little by little on their hair and clothes, turning them white and ghost-like. Tears washed small rivers down many of the faces and choked sobs escaped their throats. Many had already accepted their fate, and slumped listlessly against each other. Someone stood up, feminine body and dark skin still identifiable under the plaster snow. Her green eyes surveyed the mass of bodies in front of her as she spoke,

"Oh shut up!" Everyone quieted and turned to look at her, "Good, now put yourselves together and get up!" The students slowly picked themselves off the swaying floor and shuffled together in the center of the room. "We need to get out guys," The girl began, but was cut off by mournful wails and snorts, "Quiet!" Some mutterings continued, but for the most part they stayed silent, "Okay, as I was saying, we need to get out. Dash, Kwan, we need you." Two large boys detached themselves from the group and slunk forward. "I need you to try and open the door." She said, pointing to the bent and creaking piece of wood that blocked their exit. One of them began speaking,

"But we already tried remember! It hardly budged!"

"Yes, but there were other people blocking the hallways and no doubt pushing against the door, so try to open it. Now." The two breathed deeply and prepared to ram the door. A small yelp drew the attention of the group to a slender girl whose shaking hand pointed to the window, where a crack was snaking its way across the clear surface. "Hurry up! We don't have much time before the windows shatter and someone gets hurt!" The boys ran for the door, shoulders first, in a desperate attempt to break it and let them escape. A large thump sounded out and larger bits of plaster rained down. The boys groaned, their shoulders bruised and sore; the door was barely dented. "Try harder!" A hint of panic was creeping its way into the girl's voice.

"We can't!' One of the boys exploded, "That was our best try! Do you think we want to die?" In the midst of the arguing, someone saw the crack reach the middle of the window pane and start to spider outwards.

"Stop." Came a voice so full of authority that even the arguing teenagers halted. The group looked around for the speaker, but no one stepped forward. The girl breathed deeply and was about to begin again when a small voice spoke out,

"Let me try." The group parted, and left a small, gangly boy standing alone in the center of the room. His shoulders were hunched and his eyed were downcast.

"Fenton?" One of the boys guffawed loudly, "What makes you think you can do it if the both of us can't? You can't even stand up to me!" Nervous giggles rippled around the group before quieting.

"I said, let me try." Before the girl could speak, the large boy spoke again,

"You know what? Go ahead! I need a good laugh before I die!"

"Dashiel Baxter!" The girl advanced upon him with frightening fury, "We are not going to die you idiot! How could you even think that!" Dash averted his eyes and looked to the smaller boy,

"Well do it already Fenton!" The Fenton boy strode forward quietly, when he reached the door, his shoulders spread wide and his head came up. He paused and turned to look at the frightened teenagers before him.

"Ha! I knew he couldn't do it! He was just-"

"Be quiet Dash." Fenton looked Dash squarely in the eyes from across the room and the large boy unconsciously shrank back at the resounding order. The mysterious speaker had been found. 'Fenton' began again, "It's just…I don't know if I want to do this." Gasps and mutterings broke out and the girl walked forward,

"Why wouldn't you want to do it?" She asked softly,

"…Nothing." Came the curt reply. And with that, he turned to the door again and grabbed it by the doorknob.

"As if that'll work Fenton!" The grip on the doorknob tightened, and without warning, his arm pulled back and the mangled piece of metal was ripped from the door. 'Fenton' dropped it and fell to the ground with a loud clunk. More gasps went through the audience when they saw it was bent into the shape of a hand. It looked like a child had crushed a piece of Play Dough in its palm.

"How?…" Dash's mouth was open and he resembled a fish. 'Fenton' stuck one of his hands into the empty space where the doorknob had been and pulled again, with a pained groan, the door broke free of the hinges and disfigured doorframe. Still holding the door in one hand, the boy leaned it against one of the slowly crumpling walls and then dropped his hands to his sides, not looking at the gaping people behind him.

"Let's go. The door's open, what're you waiting for?" Whispered 'Fenton', before slinking into the plaster-filled hallway and disappearing from sight.

Hmmm….I might continue this. Might not. Depends on what people think of it…