3. Can't Wait to Get This Stupid Scavenger Hunt Over

I caught Leah's scent quickly she was closer than I had imagined. It was right where Seth had described it would be. I was impressed. All this time he had hid his thoughts about Leah. He was very good at retaining information from others people's head. This was a skill I hoped he had't use on me but he probably did.

Speaking of minds, I decided it would be better if I kept my thoughts to a minimal so that Leah wouldn't hear me. I was silent. Was she out there? Was anyone out there? It was so silent. All I could hear were the trees flying past me and the faint sounds of animals here and there.

"Hello?" I asked. I must have sounded so retarded, like a scared little kid asking 'Is anyone there' after a door opens from wind on creaky hinges.

No one replied to my question. I was on my own then, at least until night fell. I was currently in my human form; I didn't wanna risk being in wolf form the same as Leah. Afterall, she might read my thoughts to easily, if she was anything like her brother Seth. But then again, if I could catch a glimpse of what she was thinking I would know where she was. Then I would have the upper hand. Was my strategy worth the risk? I would have to believe so. Anything that got me home sooner was the right choice.

Nessie. The thought of her alone made my whole body ache. I couldn't believe I had left her. If only she hadn't wanted me to stay. It would be a million times easier if I was the only one about to break into tears. I winced. The pain intensified immensely more the longer I thought about her. I tried to focus my attention onto something else but I failed. Images of her kept popping up into my head, despite my many efforts to stop them. All I could see was her dazzling perfect smile that always made me smile. I remembered the other morning when I had woken up and seen her glowing in the clearing. She was so amazing. She possessed the best qualities of the supernatural, but she still maintained the appearance of a human being. Another picture flashed before my eyes, it was one of her with teary eyes. Her head were sunken down allowing some of her bronze curls to fall in front of her face. Her chocolate brown eyes were like daggers, the pierced me as I relived the memory. Her eyes were welled up with tears though she didn't allow them to escape their sockets. Ow. The body pain was even more striking now but I deserved it. I deserved all the pain I received for causing Nessie's face to look like that. The physical pain, I could handle. The longing for Nessie, was becoming unbearable.

I changed to my wolf form because it was less tedious and quicker. It was getting closer to night and the sky light was fading, not that I had trouble running in dark but I wanted to be in Canada by the time the moon was up. I ran up the besides the highway the entire time until I crossed the Canadian border. I had made it with minutes to spare. I came to the predicament of deciding whether I should phase back or not. If I did I would have no idea how much ahead of me Leah was. But if I didn't phase back I could risk her seeing me pursue her. Then if she saw, she would try to lose me and she would succeed. I had a difficult decision but before I could decide I felt another presence in my head. It was Leah, she was looking up at the night sky and then she felt felt my presence. Before she could interpret my thoughts, I phased.

"Damn!" I hadn't gotten any information from her. She was only gazing at the dumb stars. There was no sign no nothing that was a waste! I almost blew my cover and the whole ordeal. I would just have to stick to trail and see where it would lead. Although I probably did blow my cover and now she was making a run for it and trying to make trick tracks. "Damn Damn Damn!"

I started walking following her tracks when the idea struck me. Leah had been gazing up at the moon and the stars. I could pinpoint her location by matching the position of my sky with her sky. I looked up at the sky and thought. I slowly matched my constellations and her constellations in my head. She was northwest ahead of me. I started running in that direction. Her scent continued to flow up northward but not in the exact direction I was going. I could only hope that the route I was taking was a short cut. Running in my human from was not fast in comparison with my wolf body. Ugh. This was going to take longer than I would have hoped. I was glad I went to bed early the previous night. It looked like I was about to pull an all nighter. That shouldn't be so hard; when Bella was human I would stay up at night patrolling around her house. I hadn't done that in a while…I slept good for the past six years.

Running was such a drag in my human form, my strides were so short. Still, compared to the average human I was fast. I probably would win an Olympic Marathon not even breaking a sweat. The main reason I liked running in wolf form was because I was the fastest creature out there. No animal could compare to my speed. I was even faster than a bloodsucker. Maybe that's why I liked it so much. Oh thank God! I could see the sun rising and I was starving. I was hungry during the night but I couldn't risk going to a town after all I didn't have any pants. I could just imagine walking into a small Canadian town head to toe naked. I played the possible scenarios in head, they didn't end well. Most of them I ended up in cold jail cell or worse. Nighttime was a good camouflage, no one could see me running in the woods, but during the daytime it would be a lot easier to spot me.

The sun was pretty much up so I phased. " Anyone there?" I sounded once again like the little scared kid afraid out what they couldn't see.


Shit! Leah hadn't phased back yet. I was so screwed.

No Jake wait! It's me Seth!

Relief washed over me. Hi Seth I'm so glad it's you.

Of course you are. You nearly pissed in your pants when you thought I was Leah.

Well I was glad it was you but now I'm not so sure.

Oh Jake come on now. He moved onto a different subject. You didn't say goodbye to me. I had no idea you left until last night. You left me out of the know bro.

That rhymed…know…bro. Did you develop into a poet since I saw you last saw you?

Ha ha ha very funny. I see you have lowered the quality of your humor.

Aw buddy can't you take a little joke.

Yes I can. I just wanted to tell you first that I'm glad you decided to leave. I mean I'm glad you went to look for Leah. Thanks Jake. I owe you one.

Oh. You-uh I uh…there's uh no need to thank me. It had to be done.

Well no matter what thank you.

No problem.

So why didn't you say bye to me this morning? He saw through my thoughts. Oh right, Nessie. I guess that's a pretty legit excuse, but still you couldn't call me or something? After all I am your favorite person in world. He paused and rethought his assumption. After Nessie that is. He had a smile on his face. I couldn't see it but I knew it was there.

Of course Seth you are my favorite person besides Nessie. I assured him. It was all true what I told him. He was my favorite person beside the half human - half vampire I had imprinted upon. Ouch. Again I winced in pain. I hadn't even mentioned her name this time yet I was in pain.

Whoa dude that's rough. I'm sorry. I could always count on Seth to be genuine no matter the situation.

I sniffed. I had caught the scent of Leah again. Thank God. I was starting to think I'd be running Northwest with no end in sight. Luckily my short cut had worked. Leah's scent was strong. She had to have been here no less than twelve hours ago. I wasn't as far behind her as I originally thought. This was a good sign the quicker I found her, the quicker I get to see-

Seth interrupted my chain of thought before I could harm myself. Jake! He exclaimed. He thought of something to say in order to misdirect my attention. Too bad I could read his every thought and knew what he was doing. I saw right through his distraction but it worked. I should probably let you go. You're right on her tail. No pun intended. Actually, yes pun intended. He laughed to himself. Oh but you should probably eat first. Bye Jake. That was the end of the conversation before I could say bye I felt his presence fade away. I was on my own now. Seth would probably tell everyone that I was gaining on her right now and that I shouldn't be disturbed, which was true, it was harder when people were trying to talk to me while I was trying to focus on a scent. Seth never managed to disappoint me. He always knew what to do and what to say he was always a nice person. That quality came natural to him.

I inhaled deeply, Leah scent was like music to my ears. I pushed myself even faster. I was in my fullest, fastest sprint now. It felt as if I was a bullet, this was closest I'd gotten to flying. I barely touched the ground now and then, my strides were so long. There was always something peaceful about running, I didn't exactly know what but it always seemed to clear my mind of all of my thoughts and worries. I tried to push myself faster, sticking to the trail of the scent. I dug my nails more aggressively into the rich soil below thinking that I would vault myself father ahead if I did that. It seemed to work. It had been a very long time since I had tried to push myself to my limits.

I remember the last day I pushed myself with perfect clarity. It was a while ago. Blondie bet that she could outrun me, I bet she couldn't. We had decided to make the stakes high if I won I would get her red BMW M3 convertible and if she won I would never set foot in the Cullen mansion again. Of course I knew I was going to win but before the race I went up to Alice and asked "whose gunna win?" I said it in a nonchalant tone but underneath the attitude I was a little scared if I lost I would be able to set foot in the Cullen house, the place where the my Nessie spent most of her time. Alice replied annoyed and with venom in her words, "I don't know. I can't see muts." I walked away from her with a little smile on my face, making the little spiky tot angry was a funny sight to see. She was practically half my size but she still had all the emotions of a normal height person. I laughed and turned to look over my shoulder to her. She was scowling at me then she stormed out of the room ranting on something about dogs. I knew I was going to win or at least that's what my ego said. Maybe my ego was bigger because I was a larger person. I pondered on that for a moment. Then I heard Rosalie call me, "Dog I'm waiting." I took my time strutting to the outside of the house. I made sure she was ticked off before we started. Emmett, the big one, who was the only one anywhere near my height, explained the rules to us. It was simple all we had to do was run half a mile then loop around a tree and back to the house. A half mile was nothing I would smoke this babe easily. I phased and we got into our positions, I winked at her and she gagged in revulsion. "On you mark," Emmett began, "Go!" I immediately lifted off pushing the away the dirt beneath my feet. I was sprinting and she was already lagging behind. She sped up and I could tell she was really trying, even though she didn't break a sweat or her breathing did not falter. This freaked me out a bit, I had to remind myself she was a vampire and she didn't do to any of those things a living being needed to do. I focused again on my running, the tree I needed to loop around was so close Edward was standing there as the marker. He winked at me as I looped around him. He knew I was going to win, I wasn't even pushing myself to my fullest. I looked behind me and saw Blondie, she wouldn't catch up to me in time by the race was over. I flashed her a grin and heard her growl. Then I started going really fast, I not only was going to beat the leech I was going to smoke her. That would teach her, she'd never mess with me again and on the plus side I would get her precious red convertible. I pushed myself faster a faster until I felt the water rushing out of my eyes, my eyes got a little blurry but it was worth it. I was in front of the house and I had won. I let out a howl of excitement. When I turned around she was just arriving. I laughed and stuck out my tongue at her. She glared at me then stammered away into the house. When she slammed the door, it came right off its hinges. I started to laugh so hard it was uncontrollable. Of course only Edward and Bella knew I was laughing everyone else thought I was having so kind of wolfy post dramatic seizer or something that sounded like that. I forget exactly the term Carlisle used but it didn't matter. Soon enough Bella told everyone to chill out because my short breathed howls and grumbles were laughs. Bella could read my mind as well as Edward. Soon every one of the blooksuckers started to laugh with me. Rosalie grunted from inside the house. Then Emmett still laughing called, "Aw babe it's all right I thought you did a great job. Don't get made we'll get you a new-"The big one couldn't finish what he was going to say because he started to laugh again. Yeah blondie would never mess with me again.

I decided to grab something to eat, Seth was right. I listened around for any game. I heard a huge animal close by where I was. I diverted off my trail, to my surprise the animal that I was stalking was I moose. I had never eaten one of those. I hoped they tasted good but at this point it didn't really matter my instincts told me I was hungry. So naturally, I would eat anything that I found. I got it. It was massive compared to the deer in Washington. I would not have to eat for days I was way overfed. I felt like a stuffed turkey. It wasn't that bad but then again I was starving. I wondered if Leah had been eating moose as I tried to follow her trail. She never really did like eating other animals. She didn't like the blood and guts, she liked her food well done. I remembered once when she was a part of my pack and I taught her how to eat 'raw food'. She didn't like it at first but she needed to eat so I helped guide her through it. That was a weird time for me because that was when we were actually getting along. I caught her scent and immediately let go of the memory.

Once again I pushed myself to my limits despite the fact I that I just engulfed the hugest creature I've ever eaten. I felt a little dragged at first but that feeling disappeared quickly. I was on her trail and I was gaining. As I followed her scent up and down and through winding trails, I couldn't help but notice that the scent grew stronger. I must be closer to her than I thought. But that couldn't be it she must know I was coming to find her. Unless, she didn't by some musicale chance.

I was shocked. I thought Leah knew what I was doing when I phased and she was still there. I was prepared for the worst. I thought she would see me coming and make a run for it, but no I had the element of surprise. This was gunna go a lot different than I had planned. She wouldn't see me coming, so would it easier or harder to get her? Before, I was just worried about leaving Nessie, a spasm of pain circulated through my entire body, but now I was worried about what I was going to say to Leah. How was I going to convince her to come back home with me? How would react to just seeing me? She hadn't seen any one of us in a long time. Anxious and nervous, I continued on the path that was stained with Leah's smell. The longer I continued behind her footsteps the more I became hesitant. I was uncertain of what was going to come but I was already so close so I had to continue. The weather suddenly started to change. I felt a northern chill run threw my hair. I was glad I hadn't cut my hair yet, even though Nessie didn't like the length anymore. My longer hair was quite practical in the wintery months and now I was glad it was long.

The sun was setting and the only thing I could think of was Nessie, Renesmee, my Nessie. Ouch. Ow. I winced in pure pain but I deserved it. I couldn't help but keep my thoughts surrounded by Renesmee. I had not seen her all day and it was so hard to not think of her. Tomorrow would be even harder.

I decided to phase back to human form before the sun was completely set I didn't want to relive the mishap of yesterday. When I phased I was so exhausted, I could barely keep my eyelids apart. I stumbled a few steps forward then passed out on a nearby shrub.

When I awoke the sun just barely rising, I took in the light grey scene. I captured the scene surrounding me, it looked untouched, as if no one had ever this part of the forest. I also liked that part of being a werewolf, I got to see places most humans would never see. I got up lazily and stretched. Even though the ground I lied upon was soft the position my body slept in was awkward. My shoulder blade and arm felt a little stiff. I was glad I had a high tolerance for pain because if I was human that would have really hurt. I wandered around and found a nearby stream. I drank from it and then decided to refresh myself in it. I was cool but the contrast felt good against my always warm skin. As soon as the sun officially rose I took a bath and phased.

I looked around for Leah's scent. When I found it, I noticed it had faded since I last smelled it. I could still catch her scent but I hoped she hadn't too far away from me since last night. After all she slept during the day and roamed around during the night. I hoped she hadn't gone too far because this chasing afterher was staring to become a drag. When would this end?


Oh!. Hey Seth. He took me by surprise. For some reason I thought it might be Leah even though it was the middle of the day and she was probably fast asleep.

I just wanted to do a little check up. You know she how things are doing but don't worry I'll be the only one disturbing you today. Let me just say it is really hard for the guys not phase. They're just dying to know what's going on and if you've found Leah yet.

Well I haven't. I'm still on her trail. I'm glad you decided to phase and talk to me. It gets pretty boring and kind of lonely doing nothing all day.

Well besides the fact that your running like hell all day long, I swear I think you might be running even faster than Leah.

No I'm not. I reassured him. I was the second fastest in the pack but she was the first.

Well it seems like it…and you never know things can change.

I laughed. I highly doubted that idea. If I was faster than Leah I think I would have figured that out a few years back. Don't you think?

Yeah I guess. Man, but you didn't think that you would ever be the alpha a few years back did ya?

Hmmm. I guess you have a point there. Touché. I guess you just influence my thoughts more and more these days.

Are we referring to three days ago? Seth asked curiously.

Yes I am.

Um Jake if you forgot I'm in your head, I can clearly see that I was not the one who made you change your mind about rescuing Leah.

His accusation was right.

I didn't reply to him. Instead I thought of the memory.

Sam did a pretty good job of convincing you. I'lI take tips for next time when I try to get you to do something.

O great I can't wait until you test out your skills. If he spoke like Sam and on top of it acted like he did the other day I would never be able to say no to him. He would be a double wammy. No he would be an unstoppable force. Let's hope that never happens.

Oh, so I see. I will cry next time too if that's what I need to do.

If you do that you'd be able to get anything you want and you'd probably end up ruling the world making everyone you're personal slaves.

Hmm the idea is intriguing but I think I can use my skills toward other things. The idea was never intriguing to Seth but he just went along with the conversation. Global domination didn't appeal to him. I should go now everyone is getting anxious to hear about your updates, Unless you want ten other people in your head.

I get it. Good bye Seth. I'll talk to you soon.

Bye Jake. His words faded away.

I was glad Seth had talked to me. It was refreshing from my continuous routine of running. Anything that helped my mind become preoccupied helped the time to fly by. Everything in the forest got boring after awhile. So occasionally, my mind wandered from subject to subject until it chose just one.

The entire day the only thing I could think of was Nessie. No matter how many times I tried to change my course of thought it came back around, like a boomerang, to her. I wanted to go home to her. I knew she didn't want me to leave but I had to. It was my duty. Part of me just wanted to bail and go home, but the other part told me to stay and continue. The opposing voices in my head had the same amount of authority, which made it harder to choose a winner but in the end I kept following Leah's tracks west. I had absolutely no idea where I was? When I had run of on my own a few years back, I ran eastward. The scenery here was different then where I had been. It was colder here and there were no human landmarks or signs anywhere. Not even a sign marking forest trails. Was she heading to Alaska? Was I heading to Alaska? Were we even in Canada anymore? Had I crossed the border unknowingly?

I started paying closer attention to my surroundings since I had made that assessment. The trees were large, the animals were abundant, everything was normal. I tried to look for markings anywhere that would reveal my location to me but there was nothing, just nature in it's purest form. Since my investigating wasn't working, I set all my focus on Leah's trail. I tried to push myself past my limit. I was doing good, I kept my limit speed constant for hours. The rush of cool air against my face helped me focus on tracking the scent. Her scent led to a wide stream. I was thirsty so I drank from the stream. While I was swallowing the refreshing water, I realized her scent disappeared. Her tracks ended right at the streams edge. I searched up and down along the side of the river for her scent. It was nowhere to be found. I returned back to the place where her scent disappeared and sniffed the air. I hoped her scent was still somewhere in the air. I sniffed again facing towards the vast river. I caught something. A faint something but I had no other leads so I followed it. The river was wide but shallow. I ran across it with little trouble due to the lazy current. I smelled for her and found her trail. I once again was running my limit, faster than sprinting. Her scent had gotten stronger when I reached the other side of the river. I supposed she cooled off in it, like I had done in the morning. The water here was cooler it felt nice.

Her scent was really fresh. She must be only a few hours ahead of me. Would I be able to make to her before she phased. The sun was lowered in the sky and I pushed myself faster. I once again reached my bullet like speed. I was flying through the air push my nails into the cold dirt below. I came across a dead moose. So I guess Leah didn't mind the taste of raw flesh anymore. Leah only ate half the carcas what a waste. I guess some other creature will have an aasy meal ready for them. Damn that moose was huge, if she wasn't going to eat it all why didn't get a smaller one?

Her trace grew stronger with every stride I took. She was near me, she was somewhere, I could feel it. The sun was setting and I could tell she was close. I didn't want to phase back and risk losing her. This game of cat and mouse was getting tiresome. I just wanted to go home. I tried to make my strides longer. The sun was casting little light now. It was getting dark and her scent was so alive. It was all I could smell. She had to be close I felt my body getting giddy. I knew in my gut she was around here. Then I heard something in the distance it was movement. Was that her? I was sure of it. She must have just woken up. If I could hear her, she must be able to her me approaching. I was scatterbrained I still had no idea what I was going to say to her when we spoke. I guess I would have to hope that it all came to me in the moment.

My eyes searched for her, there was barely any light but I should still be able to find her easily. I was happy my tracking was over. The sooner I found her, the sooner I would be able to return to my Nessie. The name brought pain to me, but I didn't relish it long. I looked around again, my eyes scanned the surrounding trees. I saw something in the distance dash behind a rock. It was Leah she was still in her human form. I was approaching the boulder when suddenly Leah jumped from behind the boulder in her wolf form.

Jake? Why the hell are you here? A flash of emotions ran through her as she saw me. She was completely bewildered, mostly. However the emotions like anger, fear, happiness and awe also flowed through her.

I hoped the words would come to me. They didn't . I'm here to ask you something. I attempted to hide my thoughts from revealing what I was here to do.

It worked Leah was still had no clue why I was standing in front of her. Why are you here? She asked me puzzled and defensive.

I wanted to ask you something

Yes! Ask me. She was nervous and impatient. She waited badly to know what I was about to say. She hated knowing things last.

Jake if you don't tell me why you are here, I'm going to find out from your thoughts…soon enough She added with a bitter tone.

First, Leah, I want you to take a chill pill with me. Just settle down and breathe with me. I took a big breath in and waited for her to do the same. Once she did, I let it out slowly with her.

Okay okay I'm calm now. You just arrived like the big bad wolf when I was sleeping so of course

I was a little on edge. You looked suspicious.

Would you like to have this talk in human form? I asked a little puzzled.

Yeah I guess. That would take a little of the edge off my back.

Wait we can't I don't have any clothes.

Oh. Leah tensed up again, wondering if her suspicions were true.

Oh whatever I'll phase and stand behind tree or something…

Okay. She ran behind the boulder to get her clothes but before she phased I could see her picture me standing behind a tree naked peeking my head around to talk to her. She thought it was funny but I certainly did not.

I looked for a nearby tree to phase behind but instead I found a knocked over dead tree. I assumed it died from old age since nobody had ever walked these lands. I went over behind and phased. I was the perfect height it covered everything on the lower half of my body that I did not want Leah to see. Even though she had seen me naked before, I was not comfortable with her seeing me again. With the guys it was different because they were dudes but with a girl it just felt odd.

Leah walked from behind the boulder fully dressed in jean shorts and a tank top. When she caught full sight of me a smirk appeared across her face. I must have looked dumber than I thought. I suddenly wished I found different tree to stand behind. I felt a little embarrassed, but there was need for those emotions now. I was on my mission and it was halfway done. What did it matter what she could she could see and couldn't see it was dark anyways. The only light source produced in the sky was from the infinite number of stars. The night was cloudy and the moon was temporarily hidden behind one of them. Her smile disappeared as she grew anxious for what I was going to say to her.

"I wanted to know first and foremost if you're all right?" I said as I remembered Seth's request.

"Um sure I'm okay. Can't you see that?" I examined her outward appearance she looked alright but a lot thinner than I remembered her.

"I wasn't asking about your physical appearance." I stated.

"Oh." She understood what I meant this time. "I'm fine." Leah replied. I was doubtful, however she did seem fine mentally. She hadn't killed herself and it seemed so far that she hadn't turned crazy so maybe she was alright. But why was she running to Alaska?

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah." She answered irritated by my question.

"Why were you running all the way to Alaska then?"

"We're in Alaska?" She asked pleasantly surprised. Then she let her mouth run. "I actually wasn't sure where I was going, but I knew it had to be getting closer to Alaska. After all it was getting colder and I had never been here before and I looked totally deserted but I wasn't sure." She stopped talking when she saw my bored reaction. Leah probably hadn't talked to anyone in years so she probably had a lot she needed to say. But if that were the fact, didn't people go crazy if they didn't have anyone to talk to. I reevaluated her, checking for any unusually quirks she had picked up since she'd last seen anybody.

"Leah, when's the last time you have talked to someone or had human contact?"I was suddenly scared to hear her answer.

"Not too long ago, maybe a week. Why do you ask?" Her eyebrows furrowed together.

"So do you interact with humans on a regular basis?

"Yeah I do. Or I did until last week. It's a long story."

Oh phew. She hadn't gone crazy. I was almost staring to doubt her mental stability. "Okay well I'm here to ask you another question."

"Another one? You said you wanted to ask me one question. You've aleady asked me like twenty."She seemed frustrated.

"Well this is the real question I came here to ask you."

"Okay go on but this better be the last one."

I ignored her demand and tried to put together the words what I wanted to say. The question had to be perfect so that she wouldn't be able to say no. My entire journey relied on this question and her answer. "Leah come back with me to the res to be your mom's bridesmaid."

"That wasn't a question" She said as she took a step away from me from making the ten foot gap between us wider.

"I know" I said in a calming voice. I didn't want her to phase and run away from me.

"Well the answer is no" She said in a trembling voice.


"Hey you said only one more question!"

"I know and this is my question the other one was a statement. So answer it."

"Jacob Black you know very well why I can't go." She waited for an answer but I did not give her one. So she started again, "I can't go because Sam is there with a pregnant Emily and I…I can't stand it even if I'm there for my mom and Charlie. I can't stand going back and living in a place where I see their family grow and thrive, while I sit in the shadows envying Emily for the rest of my bitter life."

"I never said you have to stay I just want you to be there during the wedding cermonoy."

"Why do you want me to come back? You never liked me much you only tolerated me."

"Leah everyone wants you back. They want you to be at the wedding. Your mom misses you to pieces and so does Seth. They just want to see you again, it's been so long and even Sam wants you back. We all want you back it's been years since anyone has seen you and just come back with me. You'll only have to stay until the reception is done. And we all really miss you."

I saw her go over what I said and think about it. "Everyone?" She said stunned. "And just until the wedding is over? No one will make me stay longer?"

"No one will make you stay longer than you want just come back with me to be the bridesmaid at your mom's wedding. Please Leah. You got to do it for me…I mean you got to do it for your mom and your brother."

She thought and then replied, "I guess I can do that."

A smile came across my face and I couldn't help it. I tried to close my mouth to hide my satisfaction but this was the best news I heard today. The hardest part of my journey was done. Now all I had to do was return back the res with Leah.

"Jake are you smiling because if you are its really scary. So stop it."

"Okay. Whatever you say." I wiped the smile from my face. I would do whatever she said since she made the part that I was apprehensive about the most simple. I was glad Leah was so compliable could she really be this agreeable. I wondered how long this attitude would last.

"Let's just get going before I change my mind."

"Uh okay." I was tried from the entire day of running through miles of forest but I had to run. She might change her mind if we didn't start. I needed her to come back with me and I wouldn't lose that chance just because I was sleepy. I would just have to push through it. Subsequently I yawned after the thought.

Leah went to go phase and I did the same and we were off. We traveled back the way we came and it was pretty easy because my scent was fresh. Leah noticeable was running faster than me but no matter how hard I tried to keep up I couldn't. She soon saw that I was tried so she slowed down her pace to one that was agreeable with mine. We were still running faster but compared to Leah's untouchable speed we were slow. She wanted to go faster but she controlled herself for my sake. She read through my thoughts easily. Since I was half asleep, I didn't have enough control to keep her out. I got bored of her reading my thoughts and playing them in her head so I decided it was my turn to ask her some questions.

What type of interaction with humans did you have?

I was teaching a yoga class every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday if you must know.

Yoga! Wait what you were actually teaching a yoga class to other people? I couldn't believe it Leah teaching yoga she was always the one with uncontrollable temper besides Paul. Leah did seem to be calmer today then I remembered her was the reason behind it?

Yes I was teaching to Yoga to other people. After a while of running in the forest alone it got to be boring and lonely and the food options were getting more and more tiresome. So I stopped in a town and found a yoga place. It was night and that seemed to be the only place that was still open. They were having a late class. The owner, who was also the teacher at the time, saw me and she felt pity for me. I was wearing my dirty cutoff jeans and a raggedy tank top. She walked up to me after the class and asked if I was new in town because she never seen me before. I told her I was new in town and this was my first day here. She asked if I wanted to join in to the class but I told her I couldn't afford it. I actually didn't have any money but she didn't need to know that. So she said she would let me take classes there for free on the condition that I would clean her yoga studio every night after I took a yoga session. I agreed and the next day I showed up for my first session. She then noticed that I had no yoga clothes only the clothes I was wearing. She again felt pity for me but she didn't ask me what happened to all my clothes. She helped buy me clothes on the condition that I took more responsibility and cleaned her studio every night with the exception of Sunday. I agreed again. So I saw her a lot and took classes there. We became good friends soon and I was actually making some money. Not a lot but I had enough money to go out to eat when I got bored of forest creatures. I also had enough money to pay for my own yoga classes and I was able to buy clothes for everyday of the week. My life was going good. I had a good friend for the first time in a long while and I was almost happy. My stress and anger tantrums were easier to control. I was calm for once and it was easy to do. After about two years working for her I took more responsibility in the studio, I started to teach my first class. Raquel kept giving more responsibility until I taught the morning classes six days a week. It's kind of funny the more responsibility I got the more tranquil I felt. Yoga of course was pretty easy for me, flexibility was not a problem. So I excelled in it easily. Everyone in town started to notice me yet none of them knew where I lived, not even Raquel. I told her I lived a little out of town but she never knew where. She was sometimes curious about what my situation had been previous to meeting her, but she never really pushed the subject. I told her I was in a volatile relationship and I had to escape from him. She believed me and never questioned details about it. But I knew she wanted to know more. Then recently I told her I had to go home because a family member had died and I had to go to the funeral and deal with the will. But in truth, I was going back to the res to attend my mom's wedding and you know the rest of the story.

Wow. That's one incredible story. Who would have ever thought Leah Clearwater would be a yoga instructor. Volatile relationship and funeral nice lies, I'm impressed.

Thanks. It was fun to keep up a fake charade. There was something changed with Leah. She was definitely changed, she was calm tranquil and she wasn't hostile. I liked this Leah. Maybe everyone should do Yoga.

We traveled like this for the rest of the trip we got along perfectly sleeping during the day and traveling during the night. She never got on my nerves once. I was completely surprised. Her thoughts which I thought would still be bitter had barely any trace of bitterness. She looked at everything from a different point of view. There were barely any similarities between these different Leahs. I wondered if the old Leah was even in there or if she just disappeared all together. But more importantly I was almost home, I had found Leah and I was going to see Nessie soon.

Another chapter done! Thanks for reading everybody!