KITT: Knight Industries Three Thousand
Kitt: Knight Industries Two Thousand

Journey of a Knight

Prologue: May 15th, 2010

Everything was dark. It would have been completely black if it were not for the first quarter moon hanging in the sky, casting everything it touched in an eerie white glow. Across a lake sat an isolated cabin, hidden by the trees on the shore. The windows allowed a harsh unnatural light to pass through, piercing through the soft radiance of the moon. Raised voices echoed throughout the cabin's interior and quickly made their way outside for all to hear, confident they were alone.

"We can't wait any longer, Rory," A female voice was saying, her voice gradually rising with her shortening temper, "We have to move now. If we just pack up and leave right now, she'll never be able to find us!"

A second voice made itself known. It was male, and his voice was calm, despite the other's impatience, "She'd find out, Tracy, when we didn't meet her with the car. Then she'd hunt us down and kill us like dogs for leaving. We will leave, just not right now."

"But if we don't leave now-"

"I know, Tracy. Trust me, I know. But we can't. Not yet, at least. We need to get the car back to Wren first. Then-"

"Then what, Rory?" her voice was growing frantic, "We can't leave after that. Right now she doesn't know where we are. We have to meet her to give her the car, and she can have us followed then. She might not even be done with us yet! We can't leave after we go back to her, Rory. We're lucky she doesn't know about the cabin anyway."

"But we can leave, if we cooperate. If she's done with our… services, then we'll leave after we're paid. If we're followed, we'll get away. We've been in this situation before, Tracy, and we've always made it out. We can make it out this time too, if we play the game right."

Tracy sighed and pushed the hair out of her face, holding her hand above her brow. She turned her back to Rory and watched the waves on the lake retreat before once again lapping at the shore. What he said made sense. They have done similar things before on other occasions, but this one was different. She didn't know how just yet, but there was something about the car sitting in their garage… Something important about it Wren didn't tell them. Rory put his arm around her as she stared out the window. A moment passed before she asked one of the many questions that, if she thought of a possible answer to one, only left more in its wake, "What does she even want with that stupid car?"

Rory shrugged and blew air through his nose, "Maybe she's a collector. Trans Ams were pretty nice in their day. Still are."

The waves crashed again and again on the rocks, calming her enough so she could think without her fear and anger blurring logic, "I guess. But there's got to be more to it than that. Why would she want that specific one? There are plenty of others out there. And why was it being guarded?"

"It's either one hell of a car, or there's more to it than she's telling us."

Her eyes narrowed, "Knowing Wren, I'd take the latter."

"Same here," He placed a kiss on her cheek before squeezing her in a half hug, "'Come on, go get some sleep. We've got a long day ahead of us."

Tracy sighed before walking away from his outstretched arm and into a bedroom. She closed the door behind her, the click of the door reaching Rory's ears down the hall in the living room where she left him. He turned and walked through the small kitchen, the entryway, and finally the door connecting the cabin to the garage. His shoes made a tapping noise on the concrete floor as he passed his Tracy's 2001 Explorer, a vehicle she claimed was about as inconspicuous as it gets, and stood in front of the Trans Am at the far end of the garage. He felt… strange. Almost like he wasn't alone. Rory looked back at the door, expecting to see Tracy, but it remained closed and the room silent. He stared at the Trans Am for a while, waiting for it to give him the answers to all the questions scraping away at his mind. One of them escaped his lips before he could stop it.

"What are you?" His eyebrows scrunched together, puzzled. He didn't mean to ask the question. He didn't even know he'd thought it. What did he mean, "What are you?" It was a car. He knew that. But something was off with it. Something made him feel like he was standing before a stranger. He shook his head and smiled humorlessly, "I'm going insane, is all."

But he didn't care about the feeling he had. He told himself he didn't, at least.

Unable to shake the feeling that he wasn't alone, he pulled out his phone, which was just a simple black flip phone. He took a few pictures of the dark Pontiac, from nose to spoiler, making sure he caught the unlit light on the nose and the bizarre dash inside. He wouldn't tell Wren, but he wanted mysterious car, the thing that Wren nearly lost sleep over. He wanted to push every button on the strange dash, to know what they were for, though Wren gave both himself and Tracy strict orders not to touch anything but the steering wheel and the accelerator.

He placed his hand on the hood and ran it back down the side to the tail lights, every inch of the metal silky smooth underneath his fingertips. Oddly enough, it was almost soft... must be some kind of new high gloss coat, he decided. Rory turned and walked back to the front of the car, trying to understand everything he knew. When he couldn't, he strode past the Explorer to the door and hesitated with his hand on the silver knob.

He stole one last glance at the black and grey Trans Am before walking into the cabin.