Harry Potter and the Return to Hogwarts

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Part One:

Author's Notice

I've wanting to do a continuation of the Harry Potter series for awhile now, but I'm doing it two different ways: a HarryCho version and a HarryGinny version. This is the HarryCho version so if you guys and girls read Deathly Hallows and the whole 19 Years Later chapter, that doesn't happen here, in fact, the battle ends slightly differently. Don't worry, I'm doing another series where if follows it perfectly. The main difference is that when the curse nearly hit Ginny, it actually does, so yeah, Ginny's dead here. Don't kill me! I'm a Ginny fan, but I'm a Cho fan too.

So yeah, this follows IMMEDIATELY after The Deathly Hallows. Also, if anyone here can help me convert my dialogue into a more British dialogue, I would be delighted for guidance! I would appreciate the help very much, and you'll get a look at each chapter before anyone else does! Another thing, this is going to be split up into 'books', each one being a year long. Many chapters for each book, then start another story as a continuation. Simple as that.

BTW: I decided to cut this chapter off before I reached 5,000 words. If you think that this is too short, then let me know and I will be willing to extend each chapters to 7,000+ words, but I'll try to limit it to no more than 10,000 words. Take a look at my other fanfic, Naruto to Hanabi no Kuronikuru. The chapters there shows my usual length. ENJOY!

Part Two:


I don't want to give too much away, so I'll give you a lame summary, lol.

With the Wizarding World finally gaining peace after the 'Era of Voldemort', you would think everything would be ok for Harry, but not when he's haunted by the memory of seeing Ginny die at the Battle of Hogwarts. What about the dark creatures that rallied with Voldemort to gain freedom and revenge upon the wizards? Will the 'Boy Who Lived' ever have a normal year? And with the return of a familiar face, will the heart of one scarred by the death of a loved one rekindle his old flame?

Part Three:

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Part Four:

Chapter One

The Fidelius Charm

*Date: May 3rd, 1998/Time: Half Past Six A.M./Location: Gryffindor Tower*

Beads of sweat rolls down his face as he twists and turns, moans and groans in his slumber, minute by minute, second by second, recalling the events of the battle that happened a few hours before.

Swiftly, he scanned the room, noticing two major battles happening: Voldemort facing against McGonagall, Slughorn and Kingsley all at once; Bellatrix against Hermione, Ginny and Luna; each of them battling their hardest against their foes. Suddenly, he caught a streak of green striking a red-haired maiden in the chest, her body falling to the ground to never move again.

With rage and passion, he moved swiftly under his invisibility cloak to attack Bellatrix. He was only able to take a few strides before being shoved aside unknowingly by Mrs. Weasley, her faced bewildered with righteous hatred.

Unable to look any longer, unable to hear the tearful screams from the mother, he turned his attention to his true enemy. With hot tears streaming down his face, he knew that be must bury his emotions for now, only for a little longer. He walked in strides towards Voldemort, until realizing that he was screaming in anger, for his last and most faithful lieutenant, Bellatrix, has fallen dead.

With rage, he compacted his emotions into a dark sphere, compressing his more and more until it finally burst, throwing McGonagall, Kingsley and Slughorn backwards with force. He raised his arm with the Deathstick, pointing it directly to Mrs. Weasley.

He pulled out Malfoy's wand and yelled with all his might. "PROTEGO!"

His dream phased into a different scene, merely taking place moments later after the shield charm was cast.

Looking down at the hollow shell of the worst dark wizard of all times, holding the famous Deathstick, he broke down, crying, streams of hot tears poured forth, weeping for Ginny Weasley. After long moments, he finally stood up, shifting away his friends and slowly making way to the Headmasters office, Ron and Hermione following behind.

After stepping numerous stairs, his footsteps making hollow echoes, he finally reached the Headmasters office. Instantly, the trio was greeted with cheers, cheers which he felt he didn't deserve. Slowly, he lifted his swollen eyes to meet the piercing blue eyes of Dumbledore.

"What's wrong Harry? Surely you defeated Voldemort?"

"I did, but it doesn't matter. The girl who I fell in love with died… Ginny died because I wasn't quick enough."

The room fell silent for several long moments, until Ron finally spoke. "Harry, you can't go blaming yourself for this-"

"BUT IT IS MY FAULT!" Without warning, Harry dropped, weeping for the lost of his love in his life. With great effort, he rose back up, staring at Dumbledore's portrait with his own set of piercing green eyes. "Please… Please, is there any way to bring her back? ANY WAY? I'll do anything!"

"I'm sorry Harry there is no way to bring back the dead-"

"What about the stone? I could go out to the forest and-"

"It won't work-"

"How would you know!"

"For I have tried to bring back my sister…"

The room fell silent once again. Felling that not even the Hallows could help him, there were only one thing left to do. Staring at the wand the Voldemort was seeking so badly, he raised it up to the portrait. "I don't want it."

With a shout from Ron, asking if he was mental, Harry shot out of bed, panting, ending the dream. Slowly, he raised his hands to his eyes and began to cry once again.

*Date: Same/Time: Eight A.M./Location: Hogwarts' Dining Hall*

After a full hour of crying, Harry finally took a shower, hoping to ease the pain throughout his body. After repairing his clothes, he followed Ron and Hermione downstairs after convincing him to get some breakfast.

As they walked through the halls, he noticed that the extensive damage done to the castle was almost completely repaired. Amazed by this, he barely caught Hermione mention something about the castle being able to repair itself.

As the rounded the corner to the dining hall, Harry caught sight of the remaining Weasley family, still mourning over the death of Fred and Ginny, and froze in place. Ron took a few steps passed Harry and noticed that his best mate wasn't budging. With a stern look, Ron grasped him by the arm and pulled him to the family, forcing him closer and closer before receiving a rough shove, sending him stumbling towards Mr. and Mrs. Weasley.

"Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, I'm sorry about Fred and Ginny dying… It's all my fault they died-"

"Harry," Mr. Weasley interrupted with soft tone, obviously strained from crying. "It's not your fault, so don't even begin to blame yourself."

"But it is my fault. I should've done it sooner-"

Suddenly, Mrs. Weasley stood up and slapped him severely as everyone in the hall stared silently at the two. "Fred nor Ginny wouldn't… They wouldn't want you… To be blaming yourself for their death… You didn't kill her… Bellatrix did… So don't even DARE blame yourself… And that goes for everyone else who died here!" She spoke sternly, a bit louder than she meant to between her dry sobs.

"Now… Just stop this foolishness…" She wrapped Harry tightly in her arms, slowly suffocating him just before releasing him. "Just sit down… And eat with us…"

Harry turned to Ron and received a 'just do it' look from him. With slight hesitation, he sat down with them, knowing they were right for him not to blame himself, but none-the-less, it didn't help. Before he dug into some kippers, he noticed Hermione making way across the tables.

Hermione quickly made way towards a familiar face, knowing that this plan of her might help Harry in the long run. Though she didn't like her too well after what happened last time, she knew that SHE was the best one amongst them who could relate and therefore comfort Harry.

Slowly, she made her way up the Ravenclaw table, finally leaning over to whisper into a girl's ear. "Cho… I need to talk to you. Please follow me to the Entrance Hall."

Immediately, Cho shot up, nearly spilling all her food over the table, causing very little laughs and giggles at her expense. She turned and was immediately set her eyes upon a large amount of bushy, brunette hair. "Oh, it's Hermione, Harry's friend… What does she want with me? I thought she hated me after what happened…"

"Uh… Yeah… Sure…" Cho stammered out, clearly confused from this random development. She quickly stood up and brushed the crumbs off her clothes before following Hermione.

Moments later, they arrived into the entrance hall and Hermione quickly spun on her foot, facing Cho. "I want to get one thing straight Cho, even though I don't like you that much after what happened between you and Harry, I'm doing this for Harry."

"I knew she didn't like me…" Cho straightened up and fixed her eyes up Hermione. "Exactly what are you doing for Harry?"

"Harry just lost a loved one, so you're the only one I know of that could relate to it… So… Would you mind just being there for him?"

"So that's what the argument between that red-haired lady and Harry was all about? He was blaming himself for the death of Ginny?"

"And Fred, but mainly Ginny since he fell in love with her…"

"Oh… I see…"

"I'm aware this might reignite the love he had for you," Hermione tone became serious, showing a side which no one has ever seen before. "So I'll warn you just this one time; Harry deserves to be happy after everything he's been through, so if you break his heart again, I promise you'll regret it." Hermione finished after emphasizing on the 'again'. "So will you help Harry move on?"

Cho sighed deeply. She always continued to like Harry, even after they broke up. She knew she was being a complete prat, always bring up Cedric when they were dating and she regretted it since. "Ok, I will help Harry as long as you won't hate me if we end up dating."

"I will only hate you if you unjustly break his heart Cho… And thank you…" Hermione replied stiffly as she turned on her foot and walked away, making her way back to Harry and Ron.

Harry just finished drinking some marmalade as Hermione dropped herself next him him. "So who were you talking to?" Harry asked as he wiped the drink from his lips, unable to catch the face of the girl she was talking to.

"Oh, no one really. Now eat up Harry, I bet you're hungry." Hermione replied a little to quickly.

Harry simply tilted his head at her sudden change of topic, but decided to leave it is, deciding it was Ron's job to start fights with Hermione, not his.

*Date: Same/Time: Noon/Location: Headmistress Office*

Several hours passed since breakfast and all the students were sent back home via Hogwarts Express, ending the school year early yet again. Only a few students, mainly Ron, Hermione, Harry, Neville, Cho and Malfoy stayed behind, waiting the Headmistress' Office. As they sat around, waiting for McGonagall to come back, Harry was the only one speaking, and it was to Dumbledore.

"About the gift in the snitch… I dropped it in the woods."

"Does anyone else know where it is?"

"No sir, just me. Though I might move it to where it would be safe."

"If you so wish. Just don't get attached to it. It's not good to dwell on the dead."

"I know sir. And about Ignotus's present, I wish to keep it."

"So you should, for it's rightfully yours."

"And the wand… Should I really just leave it in the tomb?" Harry whispered, afraid the others might hear which indeed they did.

"I take it you are afraid that it's not safe enough? I'm sure Mr. Kingsley will be able to put the best of barriers around my tomb, especially since he's the Minister now."

"And I'll be sure to make that one of the first things I do Dumbledore." A slow, deep voice replied from behind Harry, scaring him.

"Oh, Mr. Kingsley, I mean Minister! I didn't-"

"Just call me Kingsley, Harry."

Harry shuffled his feet lightly and noticed McGonagall came back. "I'm sure you're all wondering what you are doing here? Well, I decided to let a few of our older students back to complete their final year." McGonagall observed the trio plus Malfoy and Cho.

"And Mr. Longbottom a job here at Hogwarts."

"Wait, what?" Neville asked nervously, glancing from side to side before focusing back upon the new Head Mistress.

"You have a passion for Herbology, correct? I'm sure Professor Planks would love to take you on as an Assistant Teacher." The former Gryffindor Head of House turned her attention towards the Scottish-Chinese girl in the room. "As for you Mrs. Chang, am I correct to believe that you never finished your seventh year because your parents pulled you out of school before Dumbledore died?"

With a silent nod from Cho, McGonagall continued. "So do you guys wish to finish your final year?"

Everyone in the office nodded except for Malfoy. "I don't think I will be able to attend, seeing how I'll probably be going to Azkaban with the rest of my family…"

"What are you talking about? It's because of you, your mother and your father that I'm even alive!" Harry shouted, wanting his voice to be heard. "Please Mr. Kingsley, you can't let him go to Azkaban! I owe him and his family! They were-"

"Murderous, traitorous bunch…" Ron grumbled lowly, shying away after being on the receiving end of Harry's glare.

"They were victims of circumstance, correct Harry? They didn't fight in the battle at all. If I recall correctly, I saw your parents running through the halls, calling for you. Am I right boy?" Kingsley asked slowly.

Malfoy blushed lightly at the embarrassment and nodded slightly. "I can't guarantee anything Harry since this will have to be done in court, but you're more than welcome to be their witness if you so wish to repay back your debt to them."

"I will!" Harry replied righteously.

"Well, now that matter is dealt with, we have another matter to tend to. I'm afraid we won't have enough room for you guys, along with the other returning seventh year students, to sleep here at Hogwarts. After much discussion with Kingsley this morning, we decided to open up the fireplaces so you may floo yourself to your homes at night if you wish, and nice versa in the morning. I trust you three be staying at Grimmauld Place?"

Ron and Hermione glanced at each other, realizing that she was asking them to watch over Harry. Instantly they nodded.

"Good… Kingsley, I believe this is where you step it."

The temporary Minister of Magic nodded silently, only stepping forward when McGonagall side-stepped. "We will need to remove and replace the Fidelius Charm on your godfather's place, but until then, you'll be staying at the Weasleys. Understood Harry?"

Cho focused her gaze upon Harry, seeing sadness and a hint of defeat in his eyes as the mood in the room became heavier. He slowly nodded. "I guess he's still blaming himself for the death of Ginny and probably everyone else who died…"

"Finally, the last part, we decided to bury everyone who died here on the grounds where we laid Dumbledore. We think it's only proper that those who sacrificed their lives for Hogwarts be buried here. That includes the parents of Ted Lupin, your godson: Nymphadora Lupin and Remus Lupin."

Cho simply looked at Harry, but not in amazement, but in pity. "He has to take care of his godson by myself? Oh Merlin, how much does he have to go through! This, this just isn't fair. He lost so many and now he has to raise his godson?"

"The funerals will take place in three days. I'm sure everyone would like it if you would give a speech. I know this is hard for you but-"

"It's ok…" Harry spoke between each sob. "It's the least I can do… for them… and their families…"

"We'll contact you at the Burrows. Until next time Harry." Kingsley gave a slight bow and left swiftly, McGonagall following behind.

Malfoy quickly followed, leaving only the famous trio and Cho. Slowly, she noticed Ron and Hermione turning, catching her eyes slightly. Ron stomped loudly out of the room as Hermione simply looked at her with plea in her eyes. Quietly, she left, leaving her and Harry alone.

"What should I do? I don't know how to help him Hermione? Should I just talk to him?" She noticed in time that Harry was also leaving. Just before he reached the door, Cho called out sweetly. "Harry…"

Harry froze in place and his head shot up at the sound of her voice. Fear froze his body for he didn't want to deal with love, not now, but his legs wouldn't move. He couldn't run away from Cho, not when she called his name like that. He turned his head, hot tears streaming down, only to see a flash of black before being constricted.

With the sight of Harry crying, Cho couldn't take the sight anymore. She bolted from her spot and flung her arms around him, squeezing him tighter than she meant to. Releasing her grip slightly, she stood on the tips of her toes to speak in Harry's ear. "I know how you're feeling right now Harry, so if you need someone to talk to, I'll be here for you, I promise. So please, talk to me…"

Cho separated from Harry and stared into his green piercing eyes and noticing a small hint of happiness buried in the sadness. "I'll owl you ok?" With a gentle smile, she gave Harry a swift kiss on his cheek and bolted out of the room, leaving him with a small smile but strong conflicting emotions.

*Date: Same/Time: Half Past Two P.M./Location: The Burrows*

"I still don't see why you asked her to do that 'Mione! Don't you remember what happened between them?"

"Ron! I've told you again and again! She's the ONLY one that we know of that has the slightest clue what he's going through! Why can't you just do this for your best friend?"

"Because I don't want to see him get hurt again 'Mione!" Ron shoved a roll in his mouth to stave off his ever present hunger.

"Can't you stop stuffing your mouth every chance you get!"

"Gwa? E 'ungry!" With a loud thud, Hermione slammed a tome against her boyfriend and stood up.

"Can't you just realize this is best for Harry?"

With a hard swallow and a small pant, Ron furiously replied. "I don't want to see my best mate get hurt again! He's been through enough as it is 'Mione! He deserves someone better!"

"She's the best for him right now Ron!"

"And why's that? What could possibly make her best for Harry!"

"Because, unlike you and I, she understands the pain Harry's going through!"

"You think she understands him better than me? His best friend?"

"Well I don't know Ron, am I dead?" With that retort, Ron silenced himself, shifting his gaze down to the floor. "Whether we like it or not, and trust me, I don't like it that much, we have to put our feelings aside for Harry. He's always done his best to help us and it's about time we return the favor by actually doing something instead of just being there for him."

With a loud pop, Mrs. Weasley and Harry appeared outside the front gate of the Burrows, carrying bags of groceries into the house.

"Thank you Harry for helping me out today!"

"No problem Mrs. Weasley. It's the least I can do…" Harry trailed off, still seeming depressed. Mrs. Weasley simply decided it was for the best to ignore and continued on.

"Ron, Hermione, if you wouldn't mind, please come help with the groceries!"

In an instant, the two were in the kitchen and whipping their wands around, sending supplies of food in every direction, towards their destinations. Moments passed by and a faint pop echoed out. Swiftly, Kingsley and Mr. Weasley walked through the door, motioning everyone to follow into the living room.

One at a time, as the trio entered the living room, more and more Order members apparate one by one outside the front gate and made way into the living room.

"Ok Harry, now that all the approved Secret-Keepers of number twelve, Grimmauld Place, we can remove the Fidelius Charm and reset it for obvious reasons. So now, let's begin." Kingsley pulled out his wand and drew a circle in the air, pulling out a bright blue orb out of everyone present and those who weren't, each orb converging to the center of the circle. As he finished, the orbs combined into one and flickered into nonexistence.

"Ok Harry, now it's your turn. Who do you wish to be your Secret-Keeper?"

Harry scanned the room, though his eyes only rested on two people. "Can I myself be the Secret-Keeper?"

"No Harry, there can't be. The secret must be told to at least one person."

"Can there be more than Secret-Keeper at the beginning?"

"Yes, you can have more than one Secret-Keeper, even thought it's unwise to have more than one, again, for obvious reason. Though, I see wise it would be smart to have two Secret-Keepers. For when Dumbledore died, all of us became Secret-Keeper, but if Ron or Hermione dies, there will still be a Secret-Keeper left to prevent all of us becoming Secret-Keepers. Very smart of you Harry."

"I didn't even think about that… I just trust them both equally and can't choose…" Harry scratched the back of his head nervously before choosing. "Then I choose Ron and Hermione."

"Ok then, Ron, Hermione, and step up." Kingsley demanded slowly with his deep voice. "Now Harry, take your wand out. You have to point your wand at your heart, whisper the location of the secret into each of their ears and tap them where their hearts are. Understood?"

Harry nervously nodded and proceeded. He placed the end of his Holly Phoenix core wand against where his heart was beating and whispered 'Number twelve Grimmauld Place' into his best friends' ears and slowly tapped them on their hearts. Instantly, a similar light blue orb burst forth from his chest, separated into two, and floated into Ron and Hermione's chest, filling them with warmth.

"Ok, with that, the Fidelius Charm is now completed. If you wish to, either one of you can just tell us the location so that we may find Harry whenever we need him."

As if on cue, both Ron and Hermione said 'Number twelve, Grimmauld Place' at once, so that everyone present could know find the location, thus allowing the whole Weasley family, including Fleur Delacour, Kingsley Shacklebolt, Alberforth Dumbledore, Minerva McGonagall and Rubeus Hagrid.

"Ok. Now it's safe to go to number twelve, Grimmauld Place." Kingsley stated.

"But what if there was a Death Eater in the place when we did the charm?" Hermione asked quickly, worried that there might still be unwanted guests waiting for them.

"They would be thrown out of the house and have no recollection of anything that happened in the place, no matter how hard they try to remember."

"Wow… So not only does saying a taboo name not affects the charm, but anyone unwanted in the place can't bypass it. Plus with it being unable to be connected to the Floo Network unless consented by the Secret and/or the Secret-Keepers themselves, no one can get in. Not even through apparition." Hermione analyzed the situation thoroughly and was pleased. "Yeah, I guess that works everything out."

"One question Kingsley, will I be able to make anyone else a Secret-Keeper at anytime?"

"Very careful aren't you? To replace a Secret-Keeper before the other could be killed? Yes, yes you can. Just follow the same procedure, that's all."

Again, Harry rubbed the back of his head nervously. "Well then, I guess I'll head to Grimmauld Place now… Fix all the damage that would've been done to it. Maybe even call Kreacher back since its safe."

"But Harry, certainly you want to stay with us at least until the funeral service?" Mrs. Weasley called out, pleading him to stay.

"No Mrs. Weasley. Thank you for letting me stay here, but I really can't stay… I just need… Some time to myself… If you need me, just owl me." Harry stated emotionlessly, taking a step towards the front door.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, an eagle owl flew into the house threw a window, dropping a familiar handbag in Hermione's arm, causing everyone to raise eyebrows. "I-I don't believe it! This is the handbag that we left behind after we were snatched by those snatchers, but how?"

Hermione looked at the eagle owl and pulled a letter from its beak. Immediately, she ripped it open and read the letter aloud.

"'After we looked in the handbag and noticing all the books, I could only come to the conclusion that this belonged to you. Consider it my way of saying 'Thank you' to Potter.

Draco Malfoy.'"

"Not really much to it. I guess it's because you said you'll stand for him and his family…"

"I guess he's not a complete ungrateful git after all… Just a really big git…"

Hermione fiercely pulled out a book that must've weighed at least ten pounds and started to beat Ron half-to-death with it. "Why – do – you – have – to – be – so – MEAN! He's – just – trying – to – say – 'SORRY'!"

"Ow – Ow – OUCH! Quit it – 'Mione!" Ron pleaded, covering his body with his arms.


With a few laughters from everyone in the room, Harry silently stepped out of the house and disapparated before anyone noticed.

Part Five:


Protego – Shield Charm – A charm that deflects minor curses and hexes.

Fidelius Charm – A charm to hide the presence of a house.

Part Six:


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